grief stages-hope

Hope / Acceptance

Hope emerges...That's the best way to describe it. It is so subtle that you might not be aware of its presence. You start to notice that your good days start outnumbering the bad which can have a dual effect. You may feel guilty for feeling good while at the same time you feel encouraged that you will get better. Things like shopping (which had been so painful before), painting the living room, looking forward to events, etc., all eventually become a part of you life again. You become more effective at work and home. Your are able to make decisions and handle problems more easily. Slowly, your eating and sleeping habits return to normal. You begin to realize that you are moving forward and can once again enjoy life. You smile and laugh (yes, it will be possible to find your sense of humor again) and are rewarded with the smiles of family, friends and strangers.

You will always miss your loved. Special family events, such as holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or other sights or sounds will trigger the feelings of longing for your loved one. You can't help but wish your loved one were alive. But through it all you will find that life is worth living. And yes, eventually you will be able to think and talk about your loved one with happiness and a sense of peace. You will learn to accept the death and will see options and possibilities for the future. You may experience renewed meaning in life. There is definitely a possibility for emotional, spiritual, and personal growth. You will definitely be a different person - stronger, more involved, wiser, more compassionate, concerned, understanding and aware. Our loved ones have entered a beautiful new life without pain and problems. We will be reunited someday. Meanwhile, they would want us to live, love and appreciate this life and the people that are still here with us to the fullest.

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