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The title listed below are just a small sampling of those available. Unless noted otherwise, the titles listed can be purchased from Amazon.com.


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Grandparents Cry Twice
by Mary Lou Reed 
Help for Bereaved Grandparents is a book about grandparents' dual sorrow when a grandchild dies. They cry for their lost grandchild and they also cry for the terrible grief they see their own child having to bear. The author, Mary Lou Reed, writes of her experiences when her beloved grandson, Alex, died. Through her personal story she touches the universal in all grandparents' grief. The author make suggestions for memorials, and personal rituals as well as how others may assist or hurt. The closing chapter is an overview of the author's journey through grief. Appendices include selected poems, a list of resources, and a bibliography.


  • Workbooks/Journals 

Wrap Myself in a Rainbow
The colors of the rainbow are taken and turned into affirmations and meditations that allow you to calm yourself, gently recognize and finally release your grief and come to know yourself in a most loving respectful way.

Expressions of Healing
This offers 20 exercises on finding closure in your grief. There are charts, pages for drawing, & places for writing. You learn to deal with frightening feelings, find new roles, and heal.


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