grief info sites
  • www.hannah.org
    Hannah's Prayer Ministries, Inc.
    An international Christian support network for couples facing infertility, pregnancy loss or early infant death. They offer a quarterly newsletter, local care/support chapters (most within the US), and an extensive web site including an e-mail pals program, chat room, and resources.
  • http://members.tripod.com/~abier/sidstalk.html
    A site devoted to providing support to parents facing the issues associated with a SIDS death.
  • www.geocities.com/Heartland/Woods/4671
    A site devoted to healing for those faced with childbearing loss.
  • www.sids.no
    This is the Norwegian SIDS Society's homepage containing lots of information in Norwegian as well as some in English.
  • www.journeyofhearts.org
    This site, created by physicians is for anyone who has ever experienced a loss. It has plenty of information as well as stories and poetry.
  • www.Griefworks.com
    A site with several types of loss, resources and personal stories etc. by a member of ADEC and also a bereaved parent.
  • www.pregnancyandinfantloss.com
    Support, Education and Awareness for grieving parents, families and friends. Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, October 15th.
  • www.angelfire.com/nj3/conor11
    A site to honor Conor, who suffered brain injury due to a syndrome called "Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. There's also information about this syndrome for parents who would like to know more.
  • www.tttsfoundation.org
    The Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation
    "... dedicated to providing educational, emotional and financial support to families and caregivers before, during, and after pregnancies diagnosed with twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Dedicated to saving the babies, improving their future health and care, and keeping families together."
  • http://communities.msn.com/ChildreninHeaven
    A support group site for anyone who has ever lost a loved one. Members express their feelings through writing, poetry, and graphics. We have a relaxing music room and also a photo album to post pictures of our angels.
  • www.angelfire.com/mt2/grieving/index.html
    Arms of Love
    An online, uniquely-Christian, support group for grieving moms. E-mail groups (currently two, but we are growing rapidly) maintained with 20 or few moms, to provide daily support and encouragement. Two online prayer sessions provided in our chat room each week, and considering a third to accommodate our moms in foreign countries.
  • www.pain-heartache-hope.com
    A site dedicated to supporting parents coping with miscarriage, infertility, stillbirth and the loss of a child.
  • www.angels4ever.com
    Angel Babies Forever Loved
    Support grieving parents of infants. Whether from miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal loss, or SIDS, we all share in the loss of our babies.
  • www.compassionconnection.org
    We offer comfort and hope to the crushed, grieving and brokenhearted who have suffered loss. We also offer a wonderful Compassionate Links page.
  • www.handsupport.org
    HAND of the Peninsula
    is a volunteer group of parents who have experienced the loss of a baby before, during or after birth. Their site provides information about their organization as well as some information for grieving parents.
  • www.babysteps.com
    The BabySteps Children's Fund
    A site, beautifully put together, to offer support and services for parents who have lost a child. The BabySteps Children's Fund is devoted to raising funds to support research into childhood illnesses and their treatment.
  • www.angelfire.com/ms/DonorMoms
    "Our children have given the ultimate gift...THE GIFT OF LIFE. Scroll through our lives by visiting our websites, not only of our children, but the wonderful moms who are left behind to carry on our children's legacy."
  • www.cotlife2000.com
    Cot Life 2000 Campaign web site. Dr Jim Sprott's Cot Mattress Wrapping Campaign in New Zealand, "saving tens of thousands of babies from SIDS."
  • www.childloss.com
    A grief support site for all types of child-loss. Do you have a prayer request? Do you need to talk to someone, new and raw in your grief, and would like someone to email you with support? This page is set up just for special requests that our families may be in need of.
  • www.angelfire.com/mo2/shoneskids
    A support group for parents facing heart defects in their child. This site is centered around Shones complex but we offer support to any family affected by a heart defect in a child or infant....Shones Kids Heart Foundation.
  • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SIDSLife/join
    An online support group for parents who have lost a child to SIDS. It requires registering to participate.
  • www.angelfire.com/id2/unitedprayer
    This is a place where all people can come and post a prayer request. There are also Bible studies, sermons, inspirations and many other resources for everyone.
  • www.missinggrace.com
    This site offers helpful information for parents searching for answers after a pregnancy loss. It has answers to some hard questions such as, coping after a loss and medical issues. It's also a place for parents who are pregnant and want to take a proactive approach to their pregnancy. This site was created to honor Cindy McVicar's daughter, Grace who was stillborn on 12/20/2001.
  • www.marlasloane.com/grief-counseling
    This site is for the Sloane Center for Well-Being located in Los Angeles CA. "When you lose someone very close to you, grief counseling can start the grieving process immediately. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. The intention is to heal, come to terms with the death and finally accept the outcome."
  • www.MyForeverChild.com
    My Forever Child - Artisan Handcrafted and Personalized Jewelry and Memorial Keepsakes to comfort those touched by the loss of a Child.




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