grief info sites
  • www.angelfire.com/or/angelhugs
    This site was constructed by a bereaved mom and author. There's a place to post your 'angel' story as well as some information about her book.

  • www.journeyofhearts.org
    This site, created by physicians is for anyone who has ever experienced a loss. It has plenty of information as well as stories and poetry. It is a place for enhancing physical and mental well-being.

  • www.AngelChild.com
    We all leave a legacy. This is a compilation of the legacies of Angel Children who left their footprints on our earth and on our hearts.

  • www.misschildren.org
    Site called Mothers in Sympathy & Support (M.I.S.S.). Another great resource for bereaved parents.

  • www.Griefworks.com
    A site with several types of loss, resources and personal stories etc. by a member of ADEC and also a bereaved parent.

  • www.Guidelinepub.com
    Site for parents who would like to acquire literature on how to explain death to their children.

  • www.therapistunlimited.com
    TherapistUnlimited.com is a National directory of centers and counseling related services for those seeking treatment for substance abuse and more.  Therapist Unlimited includes listings for therapists, drug rehabs, counseling centers, non-profit orgs and more.  The listings in this directory are broken down by state and then by city and provide Information about the services offered by each organization.

  • http://communities.msn.com/ChildreninHeaven
    A support group site for anyone who has ever lost a loved one. Members express their feelings through writing, poetry, and graphics. We have a relaxing music room and also a photo album to post pictures of our angels.

  • www.angelfire.com/mt2/grieving/index.html
    Arms of Love
    An online, uniquely-Christian, support group for grieving moms. E-mail groups (currently two, but we are growing rapidly) maintained with 20 or few moms, to provide daily support and encouragement. Two online prayer sessions provided in our chat room each week, and considering a third to accommodate our moms in foreign countries.

  • www.TheBereavementJourney.com
    A support site for all bereaved parents with chat services, memorials and e-mail support.

  • www.compassionconnection.org
    We offer comfort and hope to the crushed, grieving and brokenhearted who have suffered loss. We also offer a wonderful Compassionate Links page.

  • www.babysteps.com
    The BabySteps Children's Fund
    A site, beautifully put together, to offer support and services for parents who have lost a child. The BabySteps Children's Fund is devoted to raising funds to support research into childhood illnesses and their treatment.

  • www.angelfire.com/ms/DonorMoms
    "Our children have given the ultimate gift...THE GIFT OF LIFE. Scroll through our lives by visiting our websites, not only of our children, but the wonderful moms who are left behind to carry on our children's legacy."

  • www.childloss.com
    A grief support site for all types of child-loss. Do you have a prayer request? Do you need to talk to someone, new and raw in your grief, and would like someone to email you with support? This page is set up just for special requests that our families may be in need of.

  • www.angelfire.com/mo2/shoneskids
    A support group for parents facing heart defects in their child. This site is centered around Shones complex but we offer support to any family affected by a heart defect in a child or infant....Shones Kids Heart Foundation.

  • www.KwMap.com
    This is a search site that links sites by relevant keywords. If the other sites above don't provide the information you need then try this search site.

  • www.goodgriefresources.com
    This is a grief referral directory only. It will provide you with complete contact information to find the products and services that will help you on your grief journey or, if you are a caregiver, to help you discover excellent support resources for all kinds of loss.

  • www.doorsofhope.com
    This site gives extensive support information for victims of child and adult abuse, domestic violence, sudden death, school bullying, etc.

  • www.angelfire.com/ga4/ffos/Suicide_Discussion_Board.html
    "It is our hope that you will find this board to be a good place to exchange information and theories relating to suicide. We also hope that you will find help if you seek healing after your loss of a friend or loved one to suicide. We are not counselors or professionals. All Board monitors are people walking the path to healing after our own personal losses. We offer you understanding and sympathy based on our own experiences."

  • www.MemoryTrees.org
    "This is a Christmas-time outreach to comfort those who grieve the loss of a loved to suicide. Where there was once joy in celebrating the birth of Christ, many of us find it overshadowed with our sorrow. Visit this site to locate a Memory Tree Coordinator in your area".

  • www.healingafterloss.org
    This is a site dedicated to helping those who have lost a loved one to death. The site offers a safe, secure environment for people to share their thoughts and feelings. The site includes Chat rooms and Message boards for sharing.

  • http://childsuicide.homestead.com
    This supportive non-profit site, established on 29 April 2003, is for those who have suffered the tragic and indescribably painful loss of a child to suicide. This site is also here to support young people who feel depressed or isolated in their problems and those who self-harm. You are not alone. Somebody cares very much.

  • www.groww.com
    "On GROWW, you will find your partners in pain sharing their experience and strength. We have message boards, resource listings and secure chat rooms hosted by the most loving people on the internet for all who are grieving."



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