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July/August 2014 Cast your cares upon the Lord & He will sustain you;... Psalm 55:22 Subscribe to Healing Hearts News!!

...From the Editor

There’s a couple of things on my mind as I sit down to write this. Both thoughts come to mind because of the recent death of my dad from congestive heart failure.

First, it’s about how every loss is different and the way it affects us will depend on many factors such as the relationship you have with your loved one and the circumstances of their death. In my dad’s case, I could see his slow decline over the last few years and especially during the last several months. We had always been very close and each time I would visit with him, I would notice that his mind was not as sharp as it used to be and the normally very social man was withdrawing from social situations more and more. So, his passing was not a surprise -- only the timing of his death shortly after the July 4th holiday. So, I’m now living through an example of how one grief experience can be so different from another. This one is far less intense than what I experienced with my son’s death. Not easier -- just different.

The other thought that I had is also related to my dad’s death but it is more about my brother’s reaction. He has expressed to me how he is failing at being “strong” for his family. This is not the first time someone has expressed this expectation & my reaction is always that the best thing we can do for our family is to express your grief openly in order to let them know that it’s okay for them to do it, too. If we don’t show it, how can anyone know what sort of support we might need? So, my plan is to find ways to give my brother “permission” to grieve in any manner that he needs to so he can work through whatever he’s feeling.

On another note... I have received a few requests by families to be listed on the Prayer Page and I wanted to let our readers know that the policy is to list families on our mailing list during months of the issues where the birth or death dates occur for each family. If you have ever asked us not to have your family appear, that would be the only reason we would intentionally omit someone & we would need to be notified by email, phone or mail if you have changed your mind & would like your family to appear in future issues of the newsletter. So, no request to appear would be necessary.

Thank you to all who have visited & posted on the Healing Hearts page on Facebook!! We hope that everyone will continue to visit and share their thoughts and memories. For those who have not checked it out -- you can visit the Healing Hearts web site and click on the badge at the bottom of the home page or use the search on Facebook and put in ‘Healing Hearts.’ Feel free to post your thoughts and feelings or pictures of your loved one. We love having the opportunity to put faces to the names and stories of the people on our mailing list.

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    Another thought on a different subject, as more families are using e-mail and finding “spam” to be a greater and greater problem, more of us are using filters in order to keep their inboxes uncluttered. I definitely understand the need for this but need to ask a favor. If you are currently receiving your newsletters via e-mail and are using a filtering service, please make sure to include us on your “friends” list so that your newsletter messages won’t be blocked. The e-mail address we have used to send newsletters from is newsletter@healingheart.net. Thanks for your help.

Saving for a Rainy day

        ...Future Printing Equipment

With an eye to the future, we at Healing Hearts started thinking and planning for our possible growth and the options for keeping the newsletter presses rolling.

     We currently own the printing equipment that's used each month. The machine that we are using is still in great shape even after using it for the past several years and should keep right on chugging for several more to come.

     But like any machine, some day it will either have to be replaced or another option for printing considered. If  we buy new replacement equipment it is our thought that growth will mean that the replacement will need to be up to a greater volume of print and the cost will likely be the same or more than our original investment for the current printer.

     With all of this in mind, we have decided to set up a fund to start saving money for our future publishing needs—whether for new equipment or other printing option—so that Healing Hearts News will be able to continue. The goal amount we have in mind is $15,000.

     So...if you choose to sponsor an issue of Healing Hearts News as mentioned above, a portion of the money will be set aside in the printer fund for this purpose. Donations directly to the printer fund will also be accepted. Just include a separate note with your payment payable to Healing Hearts to let us know that you would like to support Healing Hearts in this way. The donation button found on the Healing Hearts web site can also be used to donate to the fund. Just put 'Printer Fund' in the comment section of the checkout form on the Paypal site.

    Feel free to contact us at
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Love Gifts

Thank-you to the following families for their gift given in memory of their precious loved one(s).

A special thank you goes to…

Max & Sharon Stewart
parents of Heather C Stewart
(8/12/1974 - 2/3/1995)

For their generous support!

  • Elizabeth Boenig
    mother of Miles T Wilson
    (9/8/1982 - 7/18/2004)

  • David & Vicki Priester
    parents of David A Priester II
    (11/29/1974 - 3/29/2013)

  • Varda & Arnie Wendroff
    parents of Lauren M Wendroff
    (1/24/1974 - 6/29/1998)

  • Stephanie Butka
    mother of Michael D Butka
    (4/14/1987 - 1/29/2004)

  • Rich & Cheryl Radomski
    parents of Nicholas Radomski
    (2/11/1982 - 7/3/2006)

  • Ronald & Maria Faller
    parents of Christopher R Faller
    (5/7/1990 - 3/24/1998)

  • Cathleen Fitzgerald
    mother of David Fitzgerald
    (7/3/1992 - 6/4/2012)

    Their generous donation makes it possible to continue reaching out to hurting families through this newsletter, the group sessions, and the web site. Thank-you!!

New Subscribers...

Below is a list of families who have joined the Healing Hearts family since our last issue. Please remember each in prayer.

Christine Handy, Longs SC
G Loki Cornelow, Anaheim CA
Jessica Keegan, Fairfield OH
Doreen Deramo, Rehoboth Beach DE
Stacey Hawk, Seattle WA
Debra Fox, Mount Pleasant IA
Tammy Prentice, Memphis TN
Melissa Herrin, Michie TN
Cathy Warner, Tucson AZ
Ginny Bandelean, Chesapeake VA
R Dickson, Whitney Point NY
Donna Reeder, Lawrence MI
Kathy Rath, Rye NY
Veronica Owens, Arlington TX
Stephanie Rodriguez, Houston TX
Mary Turano, Matawan NJ
Morag Richardson
Tanaya Williams, Germantown MD
Judith Dearborn, Ventura CA

.......Welcome to each of you.

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May the Lord wrap you in His abundant love and peace and may He put caring and understanding people in your path as you continue this journey we call grief.

Love in Christ…..Pat Mankle

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