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These families have special days in April. Please remember in Prayer….

The family of Andrew Windham
(Hunter syndrome)
6/17/1990 - 4/22/2005
His mother Kathy Anderson
His sisters Amber & Casey
The family of Baby Mongo
4/15/2002 - 4/15/2002
Mother Tameki Mongo
Sister Tytiana Mongo
The family of Branden Hancock
(Motorcycle accident)
4/4/1977 - 10/26/2003
His father Bob Hancock
His sisters Bronwyn, Autumn & Elisabeth
His brother Bobby
The family of Billy Young
(Accidental drowning)
7/14/2003 - 4/17/2006
His father William Young
His sister Ashley
The family of Berkeley Garrison
(Struck by car while in crosswalk)
4/22/2002 - 11/18/2005
His mother Koby Reeder
His sister Gwynedd Connors
His brother Cianan Conway
The family of Blake Cord
4/21/1986 - 4/25/2005
His father Michael Cord
His sister Melissa Cord-Brunke & Shannon Cord
His brothers Sean, Justin & Chase Cord
The family of Derek Sneed
(Motor vehicle  accident)
4/16/1998 - 1/5/2004
His mother Jennifer Sneed
His sister Kayla
His brother Daniel
His grandmother Maureen Teeter
The family of Brian Bondahl
(Motorcycle accident)
4/17/1960 - 3/13/2000
His parents Donna & Gary Bondahl
His sister Alys Rodal
The family of Brandon Spoon
(Auto accident)
8/6/1987 - 4/9/2005
His mother Kim Key
His sisters Janelle, Jennifer, Mary, Sarah & Angela
His brothers Timothy Kubisak & Mark Spoon
The family of Ezra Trzeciak
(Kidney failure from abdominal infection)
4/9/1973 - 11/19/2003
His parents Clare & Ed Trzeciak
His sister Heloise Trzeciak
The family of Derek Hauff
(Auto accident)
8/15/1980 - 4/22/2000
His mom & stepdad Toni & Vance Schauer
His brother Darin Hauff
The family of Crawford Roney
(Complication of tonsilectomy)
4/3/1999 - 6/14/1999
His parents Margaret Clarkson & Peter Roney
The family of Candace Parker
(Auto accident)
3/11/1977 - 4/5/2005
His mother Louise Brown
His brother Mack Parker
The family of Catherine FitzGerald
4/4/1913 - 3/10/2006
Her daughter Lizzie Wolkoff
The family of Charity Blaser
(Severe brain trauma)
4/12/1988 - 2/18/2005
Her mother Candi Zingis
Her sister Bethany
Her brothers Thomas, Zacharia & Travis
The family of Deon Kirchner
4/16/2005 - 4/20/2005
His mother Felicia Manser
The family of Daniel Gooler
(Auto accident)
4/26/1982 - 6/4/2005
His girlfriend's mother Emma Compton
The family of Chuck Collier Jr
(Auto accident)
11/12/1984 - 4/2/2005
His mother Kimberly Collier
The family of Colby Sousa
(Auto accident)
1/18/1984 - 4/1/2005
His mother Debra Sousa
His brothers Zack & Tyler
The family of Clint Eubanks
(Motorcycle accident)
4/27/1976 - 8/3/2005
His father's girlfriend Shari Garrett
His brothers Joey, Lauren & Paige
The family of Emily Mewes
(Car/bike accident)
4/20/1994 - 11/8/2004
Her mother René Mewes
Her brothers Trey & Clay Mewes
The family of Kara Kaniewski
4/24/1997 - 4/24/1997
Her mother Leslie Masciovecchio
The family of Gavin Huskey
4/3/1987 - 1/4/2006
His mother Constance Freeman
His sister Cherish
His brother Ryan
The family of Derek Seiler
4/13/1995 - 4/13/1995
His mother Sylvia Seiler
His sister Taylor
The family of Marc Eldridge
(Undiagnosed heart defect)
4/27/1973 - 12/26/2001
His mother Carol Eldridge
The family of Jesse Levey
(Injuries from auto accident)
8/4/1981 - 4/12/2002
His mother Elizabeth Levey Shelton
His sister Kerry Walters
The family of Marla Ellis
(Car/truck accident)
4/9/1976 - 5/10/2000
Her parents Tom & Pat Ellis
Her brother Mark Ellis
Her sister-in-law Kristi
Her niece Summer
The family of Gavin Udall-Dougherty
4/21/1981 - 2/4/2006
His mother Simmer Dougherty
His brothers David & Ryan
The family of Tommy Richardson
His mother Pamela Richardson
His sister Melissa
The family of Jordan Luddeke
(Auto accident)
4/1/1988 - 6/29/2005
His mother Pamela Etheridge Luddeke
His sister Chelsea
His brother Justin
His aunt Jo Ann Nalley
His grandmother Rose Tacy
The family of Heath Hall
(Head-on two vehicle accident)
4/1985 - 6/1/2003
His friend Bruce & Rhonda Kneifl
The family of Kathy Sanks
7/1/1957 - 4/19/2004
Her mother Marge Hudnall
Her sisters Linda, Donna & Paula
Her daughter Lisa Sanks
Her son Jason Sanks
The family of Kathy Schmelzle
(Motorcycle accident)
9/15/1986 - 4/19/2005
Her parents Pat &  Patty Schmelzle
Her sister Cynthia
Her brothers Jeremy & Jim
The family of Joseph DeLeo
1/28/1976 - 4/20/2005
His mother Patricia DeLeo-Renesch
His brother Wes DeLeo
The family of Kaylyn Miketa
(Tree broke and fell on her while on trampoline)
9/4/1998 - 4/18/2002
Her mother Kelley Miketa
The family of Kerry Welborn
(Auto accident)
4/1/1979 - 9/16/2003
His parents Harold & Sheila Reece
His sister Beth
The family of Joseph Siemons
(Car crash caused by drunk driver)
9/25/1981 - 4/25/2003
His parents Carol & Glenm Siemons
His sisters Karen & Amanda
His brother Michael
The family of Jason Gledhill
(Accidental drug overdose)
4/24/1980 - 1/23/2000
His mother Cherie Gotham
His sisters Kristi & Kara
The family of John Watt
5/18/1982 - 4/28/2003
His mother Jeanne Francoette Watt
His sisters Timene & Rejeanne
The family of Pamela McFarland
(Cardiac arrest)
12/18/1973 - 4/2/1979
Her mother Joceill McFarland
The family of Philip  McFarland
7/12/1971 - 4/7/2004
His mother Joceill McFarland
The family of Kameron Zurbrick
4/20/1984 - 1/4/2006
His sister Kristin Olufs
The family of Kasandra Cruz Barajas
(Choked on piece of carrot)
5/16/2005 - 4/3/2006
His aunt Ana Hernandez
The family of Kathy Ramirez
4/15/1988 - 7/23/2005
Her mother Anna Wade
Her sisters Brianna, Ashley & Susan
Her brothers Matthew, Christopher & Ronnie
The family of Victoria Fain
4/9/2003 - 4/8/2003
Her parents Jason & Andrea Fain
Her sisters Lesley, Morgen & Shelbee
praying girl image The family of Kenny Norris Jr
5/26/1999 - 4/6/2004
His mother Bonnie Norris
kneeling girl
The family of Teague Pope
(Heart defect/sepsis)
11/12/2003 - 4/23/2004
His mother Barbara Arnold
The family of Michael Haines
(Pulmonary embolism)
4/15/1980 - 6/3/2005
His mother Sheri Lammers
His sisters Sarah & Necole
His brother David
The family of Rob
7/29/1968 - 4/8/2006
His fiancé's friend and son's babysitter Donna Barfield Seay
The family of Michael Stangl
(Auto racing accident)
4/20/1975 - 4/24/2004
His mother Norma Stangl
His brother Andrew
The family of Phillip Turnpaugh
4/19/1987 - 10/19/2005
His mother Niki Turnpaugh
His sister Rachel Turnpaugh
His brother Bryan Davis
The family of Ryan Marshall
4/24/1980 - 7/18/2004
His mother Laura Stephens
His brother Christopher
The family of Robby Jenkins
(Died while in police custody)
4/5/1981 - 5/24/1999
His mother Cindy Jenkins
His sisters Kristen & Alysa
His brother LJ
The family of RoseAnne Simonsen
10/4/1984 - 4/2/2004
Her mother Danielle Simonsen
Her sisters Elizabeth & Allie
Her brothers Jesse & Drew
The family of Sara Corbett
(Drug overdose)
4/25/1988 - 8/8/2004
Her mother Robin DeBaise
Her sister Sabrina
The family of Sofia Buxton-Anderson
(Sudden bacterial infection)
4/27/1992 - 12/17/2005
Her mother Molly Buxton
The family of Shadrick Vickers
(Complications of pancreatitis)
4/13/1976 - 3/31/2005
His parents Garry & Helen Vickers
His sister Sarah Ousley
The family of Shelley
(Heart failure)
2/24/1961 - 4/10/2005
Her sister Shannon
Her brothers Mike & Patrick
The family of Trevor Webb
(Potter's syndrome)
4/29/2005 - 4/30/2005
His grandmother Gaylynn Rankins
The family of Valerie Castaneda
(Auto accident)
4/1/1979 - 9/16/2003
Her mother Cathie Castaneda
Her sister Stephanie
Her brother Jesse
The family of Adam Kane
(Plane crash)
9/26/1988 - 4/27/2006
His aunt Marian Kane
His sister Bernadette, April & Tara
His brothers Paul & Tom
The family of Albert Naranjo
1/4/1971 - 4/20/2002
His sister Lizette Vega
The family of Alicia Lloyd
(Hit in stomach)
4/11/2000 - 9/20/2001
Her mother Rachel Rohrbach
Her sister Jordan
Her brothers Jeremy, Joshua & Raymond
The family of Alija Ferhatovic
(Auto accident)
4/27/1983 - 10/21/1995
His mother Ervina Dizdarevic
His sister Andrea Dizdarevic
The family of Andrew Collingwood
10/31/2005 - 4/21/2006
His mother Rochelle Collingwood
His sister McKenzie
His brothers Anthony & Joshua
The family of Anjelique Augustin
1/23/2006 - 4/7/2006
Her parents Christopher & Elizabeth Augustin
Her brothers Ramzees & Isaac
The family of Audra Kimble
4/25/2007 - 4/25/2007
Her mother Danielle Cole
The family of Aviana Sulick-Addawoo
(Stillbirth-Unknown cause)
4/23/2006 - 4/23/2006
Her mother Arianne Sulick
The family of Brandon Cunningham
8/14/1984 - 4/22/2006
His parents Dennis & Gloria Cunningham
His sisters Hilary & Carolyn Cunningham
The family of Brent Levy
?/191977 - 4/21/2002
His mother Peggy Wilkey
The family of Cassie Freet
(ATV accident)
1/19/1985 - 4/22/2006
Her mother Tanya Penning
Her sister Melissa
Her brothers George, John & Kyle
The family of Daniel Garcia
(Accidental drowning)
8/11/2003 - 4/28/2006
His mother Loyola Garcia
His sister Leslie
The family of David Ford
(Auto accident)
4/17/1988 - 4/12/2005
His mother Terri Lancaster
His brothers Bryan & Erik Nikirk
The family of David Murphy
7/9/1963 - 4/9/2003
His mother Dana Murphy
The family of Davinia Jones
(Died in womb when mother died)
4/5/2007 - 4/5/2007
Her grandmother Mary Kuhn
The family of Eva Jones
(Massive coronary)
7/13/1975  - 4/5/2007
Her mother Mary Kuhn
His sisters Becky & Jennifer
His brother Adam
The family of Duncan Cooper
4/20/1995 - 11/16/2006
His mother Mandy Cooper
The family of Elijah Swafford
4/22/2007 - 4/22/2007
His grandparents Russell & Cynthia Whary
His sister Callie Grace
His brothers Josiah
The family of Elizabeth Smith
(Auto accident)
10/9/1983 - 4/26/2006
Her parents Dr Dan & Jeanie Smith
Her sisters Heidi & Mary K
Her brother Peter
The family of Emma Mae Lockwood
4/9/2003 - 2/7/2006
Her parents Kim & Gloria Lockwood
Her sister Elena
Her brother Vincent
The family of Gary Adkison
(Auto accident)
3/26/1962 - 4/10/2007
His mother Dolores Adkison
His sister Barb
His brothers Mike & David
The family of Gary Larson
(Improper care at hospital)
3/21/1954 - 4/1/2005
His parents John & Bernice Larson
The family of Georgie Hesser
(Auto accident)
7/18/1996 - 4/8/2006
Her mother Trish Hesser
Her sister Megan Hesser
Her brother Jeremy Hesser
The family of Infant Girl
4/24/2007 - 4/24/2007
Her mother Ashley Kohls
The family of Grayson Duncan
4/19/1979 - 4/2/2006
His mother Sharon Walton
The family of Herbert Francis
4/3/1928 - 10/6/2006
His adopted daughter Patricia Wentling
The family of Isaiah Gonzalez
(Spina bifida)
6/30/2005 - 4/18/2006
His mother Melissa Gonzalez
The family of Jade Gilmore
11/11/2005 - 4/24/2006
Her grandmother Edweena Gilmore
Her sister Jalaya Gilmore
The family of Jake Williams
4/13/1981 - 10/4/2005
His mother Peggy Williams
His sisters Lisa & Jennifer
The family of James Meier
11/22/1966 - 4/27/2006
His mother Peggy Meier
His sisters Lynne & Jennifer
The family of Jan Peart
(Auto accident)
11/22/1957 - 4/6/2000
Her sister Penny Maroldo RN BSN
The family of Jared Miller
(Auto accident)
4/10/1975 - 10/26/2003
His mother Verbie Miller
His brother Jodie Miller
The family of Jason Korn
(Friendly fire-Iraqi Freedom)
9/19/1971 - 4/3/2003
His mother Sally Davenport
His brother Jerry White
The family of Jason Miller
4/12/1983 - 7/17/2004
His mother Norma Cole
The family of Jere Headrick
(Drug overdose)
4/13/1963 - 3/10/2007
His mother Judy Green
His sisters Lois, Tammy & Melissa
The family of Jesse Gochez
(Auto accident)
6/24/1987 - 4/26/2001
His mother Susan Morley
His brother Will Gochez
The family of Jessica Maytidu
12/19/1985 - 4/13/2002
His mother Kathi Bender
His sisters Patrice, Nicole & Tara
The family of Jody Emerson
(Car crash caused by drunk driver)
4/30/1981 - 5/11/2006
His sisters Patricia & Jennifer
His brothers Jonathan & Greg
The family of John Cervantes
(Fetal demise @ 36wks)
4/13/2006 - 4/13/2006
His mother Bianca Cervantes
His sister Arianna, Bethany & Julia
His brother Isaiah
The family of Jose Luis
5/2/1989 - 4/23/1990
His mother Judith Anderson
The family of Joseph Purvis
(Cardiopulmonary arrest/pneumonia)
4/10/1989 - 5/8/2006
His mother Linda Turner
His brothers Joey & Joel Turner
The family of Joshua Jerdo
4/9/1981 - 2/24/2005
His parents Douglas & Deborah Jerdo
His sister Melanie
His brother Brent
The family of Jotham Roberson
(Complications of spina bifida)
4/5/1984 - 4/27/1994
His mother Kay Roberson
His brothers James, Jeffery & Jon
The family of Justin Burger
4/29/1982 - 7/30/2005
His parents Scott & Mary Ellen Burger
His brother Scott
The family of Justin Scancarello
(Adverse reaction to drugs)
6/9/1982 - 4/17/2004
His mother Linda Scancarello
The family of Kaitlyn Watson
(Auto accident)
12/20/1988 - 4/17/2006
Her parents Arlin & Alice Watson
Her brother Ean
The family of Kenneth Baker
(Accidental drug overdose)
12/4/1972 - 4/24/2001
His mother Carol McQuade
His sister Lori
The family of Kevin Barto
(Cystic fibrosis)
4/9/1976 - 6/8/1997
His mother Marilyn Barto
The family of Kevin Kears
4/16/1977 - 5/31/2006
His mother Judy Sancho
His sister Andrea Kears
His brother Jason Kears
The family of Lauren Lushko
4/12/2006 - 4/12/2006
His mother Wendy Lushko
The family of Laurent Carden
4/16/2006 -4/16/2006
His mother Joleen Carden
His sister Biaca-Lee
His brothers Benjamin & Zacariah
The family of Laurie Hines
(Natural causes)
3/3/1971 - 4/24/2006
Her mother Joyce Pineau
Her sisters Melissa & Lisa
Her brother Travis
The family of Leandro Mata
4/24/1999 - 7/18/2006
His mother Janet
His sister Janetlee
His brothers Daniel & Stephan
The family of Linda Barton
(Lung cancer)
6/8/1942 - 4/20/2006
His sister Gale Clark
The family of Makenzie Murphy
(Auto accident)
2/6/2000 - 4/27/2006
His mother Dana Murphy
His sister Madison Murphy
The family of Markie Falzone
(Drug overdose)
10/19/1980 - 4/17/2006
His mother Dorisanne Falzone
His sister Danielle
His brothers Joseph & Michael
The family of Marla Rodger
(Auto accident)
4/27/1958 - 3/17/1987
Her mother Karen Haines
Her sister Leslie Cooley
Her brother Lester Richard Jr
The family of Michael Bernardo
(Accidental drug overdose)
4/17/1954 - 2/1984
His mother Deborah Cyr
His sisters Michelle, Lynn, Lois & Deborah
The family of Michael Bouthot
(Roadside bomb-Iraq)
6/13/1986 - 4/22/2006
His sister Amy Bouthot
His brothers Joseph & Eddie
The family of Michael Higgins
(Possible aneurysm)
6/17/185 - 4/6/2006
His father Robert Higgins
The family of Michael Ramos
(Auto accident)
7/6/1981 - 4/5/2007
His aunt Yvonne Deleon
His sisters Rebekah, Annissa & Jennifer
His brother Matthew
The family of Michaela Harding
(Cystic lesions on the brain)
4/14/1999 - 7/6/2006
Her mother M Harding
Her sister Meagan
Her brothers Tristan & Deven
The family of Michael Moore
(Cardiac arrest after surgery)
7/19/1995 - 4/12/2006
His mother Deidra Moore
His sister Paige
The family of Mike Hargnett
(Auto accident)
4/29/1985 - 4/24/2007
His mother Joann Hargnett
His brother Kevin
The family of Muge Kucuksahin
(Auto accident)
6/17/1985 - 4/7/2006
Her father Levent Kucuksahin
Her brother Emre Kucuksahin
The family of Nadia-Louise van der Mewe
4/19/1979 - 10/29/1997
His mother Zanna van der Mewe
Her sister René
Her brothers Jacques & Johan
The family of Nathan Rice
(Drug overdose)
4/29/1978 - ?
His mother Linda Rice & Patricia Ficenec
His sister Stephanie
His brother Matthew
The family of Richard Durrant
4/9/1982 - 5/15/2006
His mother Lorna Kay Durrant
His sisters KaDe & TeraLe
His brothers Jonathan, Bradley, Thomas, Brian, Greggory & Jason
The family of Robert Walker
(Reaction to chemical at work)
3/2/1982 - 4/1/2003
His mother Donna Helms
His sisters Jennifer Walker
The family of Roger Kane
(Plane crash)
4/22/1951 - 4/27/2006
His sister Marian Kane
The family of Ryan Aschenbach
4/7/2006 - 4/6/2006
His mother parents Corey & Courtney Aschenbach
His grandparents Dave & Linda Boyer
The family of Sara Cunningham
(Oxycodone poisoning)
4/4/1981 - 8/18/2006
His mother Nancy Cusack Smith
Her sister Colleen Cunningham
Her brother Ryan Cunningham
Her grandmother Jane
The family of Sarah Dean
(Auto accident)
4/20/1985 - 11/10/2005
Her mother Wanda Dean
Her sister Rose Charlton
Her brothers Logan & Isaac Dean
The family of Savannah Jones
4/5/2006 - 5/4/2006
His mother Beth Jones
His sisters Emily, Brianna & Hannah
The family of Tera Canales
(Congestive heart failure)
1/16/1984 - 4/3/1987
Her aunt Debra Holler
Her brother Richard Miguel
The family of Zachary Springer
(Jet ski accident)
1/4/1991 - 4/16/2006
His mother Claudia McCassie
His brother William Bailey


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