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These families have special days in August. Please remember in Prayer….

The family of Amanda Page
(Asthma attack)
8/22/1987 - 3/18/2005
Her mother Monica Page
Her sister Courtney
The family of Andrew Mistler
(Auto accident)
10/22/1986 - 8/7/2004
His parents Greg & Michele Mistler
His brothers Michael & Chad
The family of Anna Harzewski
(Epileptic seizure)
2/8/1986 - 8/12/2005
Her mother Rebecca Harzewski
Her sister Elizabeth
The family of Arthur Miller
(Accidental residential fire)
7/27/1978 - 8/3/2005
His mother Mrs Robert Miller
His brothers Wilton & Gordon
The family of Aubrey Miller
(Accidental residential fire)
5/10/2002 - 8/3/2005
Her grandmother Mrs Robert Miller
The family of Jarrod Miller
(Accidental residential fire)
2/22/2001 - 8/3/2005
His grandmother Mrs Robert Miller
The family of Billy Ray Pearson
(Truck wreck)
8/11/1968 - 12/21/2004
His mother Marcella Harmon
His sisters Brittany & Tammy
His brother Michael 
The family of Blake Scymanski
(Cancer/Brain tumor)
3/24/1988 - 8/16/2004
His parents Dean & Kathy Scymanski
His sister Chelsea Scymanski
His brother Kody Scymanski
The family of Bobby Mehlberger
8/18/1980 - 7/22/2005
His mother Michele Mehlberger
His brothers James Jr & Keith Mehlberger
The family of Brett Blanton
(Asthma/cardiac arrest)
7/15/1973 - 8/31/2000
His mother Ron & Barb Blanton
His sister Sheryll Reznack
The family of Elise Grasso
(Glioblastoma multiforme/brain tumor)
8/1/1975 - 8/19/2001
Her parents Mary & Tony Grasso
Her brother Anthony Grasso
The family of Elizabeth Kneebone
8/31/2001 - 8/31/2001
Her mother Bobbi Kneebone
The family of Sabrina Garate
(Auto Accident)
8/10/1996 - 4/12/1999
Her mother Judith Apodaca
The family of Valentine Garate
(Auto Accident)
8/6/1993 - 4/12/1999
Her mother Judith Apodaca
The family of Brandon Spoon
( Auto accident)
8/6/1987 - 4/9/2005
His mother Kim Key
His sisters Janelle, Jennifer, Mary, Sarah & Angela
His brothers Timothy & Mark
The family of Brian Kapko
2/26/1986 - 8/28/2005
His father Rick Kapko
His brothers Mat & Adam
The family of Bryan Ober
(Accidental Overdose)
8/25/1980 - 7/7/2006
His mother Donna Duncan
The family of Cameron Townsend
8/3/1976 - 9/30/2001
His father Bob Townsend
The family of Chandra Blood
(Auto accident)
5/11/1980 - 8/25/2002
Her parents Barb & Bob Blood
Her sister Tasha
The family of Chip Sawyer
8/23/1968 - 2/4/2006
His sister-in-law Heather Keeler
The family of Chloe Dator
(Blood clot in lungs)
6/19/1988 - 8/12/2006
Her mother Dani Dator
The family of Jon R Johnson
(Auto Accident)
10/31/1976 - 8/22/1999
His parents John & Shirley Johnson
His aunt Kathy Gustafson  
His brother Dustin Johnson
The family of Heather  Stewart
(struck by bus in Spain)
8/12/1974 –2/4/1995
Her parents Max & Sharon Stewart
Her sister-in-law Kim Stewart
Her brother Bob Stewart  
The family of Laurie Anderson
10/10/1987 - 8/12/2000
Her parents Teddy & Norman Anderson
Her sisters Rhonda & Leslie Anderson
The family of Christopher Kimbrew
5/30/1987 - 8/2/2004
His mother Becki Kimbrew
His brother Dakota 
The family of Christopher Wright
5/23/1981 - 8/17/2005
His mother Charlene Carnell
His sister Sharon Stanton
His brother Daniel Wright 
The family of Clint Eubanks
(Motorcycle accident)
4/27/1976 - 8/3/2005
His father Ernie Eubanks
His father's girlfriend Shari Garrett
His brothers Joey, Lauren & Paige
The family of Crystal Houser
(Accidental overdose)
8/4/1982 - 5/22/2004
Her mother Hope Anderson
Her sister Jasmine Houser
Her brother Dalton Anderson 
The family of Daniel Dopps
(Rodeo accident)
9/14/1985 - 8/7/2005
His mother Ramona Dopps
His sisters Shannon & Stephanie
The family of Daniel Garcia
(Accidental drowning)
8/11/2003 - 4/28/2006
His mother Loyola Garcia
His sister Leslie
The family of Danny Vasquez
(Auto accident)
8/27/1986 - 7/4/2004
His mother Aida Vasquez
His sister Stephanie
The family of David Santos
5/2/1997 - 8/1/2005
His mother Marisol Santos
His sisters Stephanie & Serena Santos
The family of Debbie Fanean
8/4/1964 - 1/27/2006
Her mother Carol Pizzi
Her brother Bobby
The family of Eric Carr
8/24/1972 - 6/25/2005
His mother Cheryl Carr
His sister Eteirrah Bowman
His brothers Kyle & Edgar
The family of Gabriela Vazquez
(Complications of spina bifida)
8/16/2005 - 9/30/2005
His mother Mandy Vazquez
His sister Anastasia
The family of Hunter O'Donnell
(Choked on pancakes)
8/22/2001 - 8/7/2005
His mother Shannon O'Donnell
His sister Makayla
The family of Matthew Soular
(Accident in driveway)
8/16/2003 - 8/1/2004
His parents Roger & Veronica Soular
His sister Sara
His brother Zach
His aunt Mary Ann Soular
The family of Jessica Mangus
(Medical malpractice)
8/5/1991 - 5/25/1995
Her mother Teresa Mangus
Her sister Sarah Mangus
Her brothers Cassidy Conrad & Jeremiah Mangus
The family of Connor Dunn
9/14/2001 - 8/31/2002
His parents Kirk & Kathy Dunn
His sisters Lauren, Megan & Faith
The family of Isaiah Alley
(Pit bull attack)
5/8/1997 - 8/31/2003
His mother Katie Alley
The family of James Te Whaiti
(Auto accident)
8/5/1987 - ?
His mother Shirley Te Whaiti
His sister Melanie Te Whaiti
The family of Jamison Lister
(Passenger in an auto accident)
6/23/1986 - 8/29/2004
His mother Glory Lister
His sister Janelle
His brother Jonathan
The family of David Spaugh
2/28/1985 - 8/21/1996
His parents Catherine & John Spaugh
His sisters April Rios & Jeannifer Spaugh
His brother John Spaugh
The family of Derek Hauff
(Auto Accident)
8/15/1980 - 4/22/2000
His mother Toni Hauff
His brother Darin Hauff
The family of Joseph Tocco
6/2/1979 - 8/29/2003
His parents Susan & Joseph Tocco
His sister Jodi
The family of Jay Pressley
8/29/1982 - 3/31/2006
His mother Janice Pressley
His sister Caty 
The family of Baby Krueger
8/30/1993 - 8/30/1993
His mother Amy Krueger
The family of Jennifer Adair
2/7/1975 - 8/7/2006
Her mother Deborah Geer
The family of Jeremy Burk
6/9/1979 - 8/27/2005
His mother Mary Harding
His sister Leslie Preston 
praying The family of Jesse Levey
(Auto Accident)
8/4/1981 - 4/12/2002
His mother Elizabeth Levey Shelton
His sister Kerry Walters 
The family of Jim Meints
8/15/1959 - 7/5/1997
His wife Janice Meints
The family of Joe Henden
(Auto Accident)
? - 8/2005
His daughter-in-law Crystal Stricklett
The family of John Bauerlein
(Heart attack)
1/28/1966 - 8/23/2005
His parents John & Jean Bauerlein
His sister Leslie
His brothers Karl & Mark
The family of Joseph Reaves
(Brain cancer)
4/18/1985 - 8/21/2005
His mother Bobbie Thomas
His brothers Michael, Chuck, Allen & Lloyd
The family of Paul Graczyk
(Leukemia/blood clot in brain)
12/2/1986 - 8/10/2002
His parents Dennis & Weney Graczyk
His sister Jessica Graczyk
The family of Joseph Stafford
(Drowned while on vacation)
5/1/1999 - 8/13/2001
His parents Joe & Stephanie Stafford
His sisters Sarah & Emily
The family of Brian Mullin
(Auto accident)
8/7/1979 - 6/30/1995
His parents Kevin & Donna Mullin
His sister Diana Mullin
His brother Pete Mullin
The family of Josh Vanis
2/14/1979 - 8/19/2004
His mother Mel Vanis
His sister Jenni
His brother Jason 
The family of Joshua Eberle-Martinson
7/17/1999 - 8/29/2004
His mother Kris Eberle
The family of Josiah Wolfinger
(Preterm stillbirth)
8/20/2005 - 8/20/2005
His mother Janell Wolfinger
His brother Pierson 
The family of Michael Casebolt
(Pancreatic cancer)
12/30/1974 - 8/18/2003
His parents Frank & Cheryl Casebolt
His sisters Angela Casebolt
His brother Anthony Casebolt
The family of Michael Garcia
(Cardiac arrest)
8/14/2003 - 8/27/2003
His mother Michele Marrero
The family of Matthew McClelland
(ATV accident)
9/19/1981 - 8/18/2000
His parents David & Joyce McClelland
His sister Marcia McClelland
The family of Justin Davis
3/6/2005 - 8/29/2005
His parents Robert Davis & Kristrina Stevens
His brothers Christian & William
The family of Karl Paulsen
(Front-end collision)
3/23/1979 - 8/22/2004
His mother Kristeen Dureck
His sister Kate
His brother Daniel 
The family of Kenny Smith
(Auto Accident)
12/20/1984 - 8/18/2003
His mother Linda Smith
His sisters Vanna & Linette
His brother Ronald 
The family of Shannon Campbell
(Auto accident)
7/22/1975 - 8/5/2000
Her father Ken Campbell
Her sister Lisa Campbell
Her brother Todd Campbell
The family of Robert Ketcham
8/24/2000 - 1/15/2001
His parents Lisa & Rob Ketcham
The family of Nickolas Risner
(Acute coronary/pulmonary arrest)
10/8/1986 - 8/20/1999
His mother Patty Risner
His father Tim Risner
His brother Rex Risner
The family of Kody Scarborough
8/3/1987 - 6/5/2006
His mother Sherrie Scarborough
His sister Kala 
angel with harp
The family of Kylee Leagjeld
(Run over by trailer while riding bike)
8/31/2000 - 6/19/2005
Her parents Joe & Kami Leagjeld
Her sister Dani Jo
The family of Kyler Martin
8/4/2004 - 7/12/2006
His grandmother Bonnie Hopkins
His sister Kaylee 
The family of Lainie Hutson
8/30/2004 - 8/30/2004
Her mother Jennifer Hutson
The family of Larry Grigsby
8/1/1975 - 5/7/1998
His mother Barbara Grigsby
His brother Andy 
The family of Lauren Zinsavage
(Gunshot to heart)
9/5/1988 - 8/18/2004
Her mother Beverly Brooks
Her brother William Zinsavage Jr 
The family of Maree-Claire Glanz
(Heart defects)
8/9/2002 - 1/23/2003
Her mother Laura Glanz
Her sisters Sara, Mari-Jayne & April 
The family of Marlize de Villiers
(Congenital heart disease)
8/27/2004 - 10/19/2004
Her father Francois de Villiers
The family of Wayne Jonas
(Auto accident)
8/19/1962 - 10/26/1990
His parents Skip & Jerry Mudge
The family of Travis Flinchum
(Auto accident)
7/17/1985 - 8/21/2002
His mother Deb Flinchum
His sister Tiffany Flinchum
His brothers Jacob, Cody, & Garrett
The family of Tina Wilcox
8/5/1979 - 8/5/1979
Her mother Charlotte Payne
His brother Chad
The family of Matthew Stanton
5/23/1983 - 8/13/1983
His mother Gina Stanton
His brothers Keith & Joe Stanton
The family of Michael Beck
(Virus attacked heart)
2/12/1983 - 8/28/1998
His mother Kathleen Beck
His brother Jimmy Beck 
The family of Michaela Oestrick
8/6/2006 - 8/13/2006
His grandfather Lawrence da Silva
His brother Devan 
The family of Monica Fuhrken
(Auto Accident)
8/17/1983 - 12/5/2002
Her mother Christine Fuhrken
Her sisters Caroline & Susan 
The family of Morgan Hanson
8/27/2004 - 8/27/2004
Her godmother Kelley Garrity
The family of Nathalia Rude
8/11/2004 - 12/17/2004
Her grandmother Sandi Rude
The family of Paige Stovall
(Auto Accident)
8/13/1988 - 8/5/2005
Her mother Tonja Price
Her sisters Alexa & Shayla 
The family of Quana Watson
(Sickle cell anemia)
2/14/1980 - 8/19/2005
Her mother Valerie Harris
Her sister Latrisha
Her brother Levi 
The family of Randy Berger
(Drug overdose)
10/10/1978 - 8/6/2004
His mother Tammie Hughes
His brother Matt Felgenhauer 
The family of William Seelbach
(Boating accident/drowning)
8/9/1978 - 5/26/2002
His mother Linda Linger
His brother Ryan Seelbach
The family of Rhonda Estep
(Auto Accident)
8/26/1966 - 6/16/2005
Her mother Jolene Rochelle
Her brother Randy Rochelle
Her husband Mike
Her daughter Brittany
Her son Josh 
angel with harp The family of Richard Turem
(Trench collapse)
8/19/1968 - 9/11/2003
His brothers Barry & Adam Turem
The family of Robert Lillard
(Died while in detox)
11/5/1975 - 8/29/2004
His mother Sande Lillard
The family of Robert Ketcham
8/24/2000 - 1/15/2001
His parents Lisa & Rob Ketcham
The family of Ryan Dudick
8/1/2005 - 8/1/2005
His mother Tammy Dudick
His sister Sarah & Megan Dudick 
The family of Ryan Murphy
12/15/1975 - 8/2/2004
His mother Danna Murphy
His sister Rene Nicholson
The family of Brandon Cunningham
8/14/1984 - 4/22/2006
His parents Dennis & Gloria Cunningham
His sisters Hilary & Carolyn Cunningham
The family of Sara Corbett
(Drug overdose)
4/25/1988 - 8/8/2004
Her mother Robin DeBaise
Her sister Sabrina 
The family of Sarah Thursby
6/27/1979 - 8/4/2004
Her parents Alan & Karen Thursby
Her brothers Jonathan & Daniel 
The family of Savannah Lee
(Hit by car)
5/5/2004 - 8/4/2005
Her mother Rachel Lee
Her sister Laney
Her brothers Nathan & Elijah 
The family of Sean Loughery
3/14/1978 - 8/28/2006
His mother Sallie Loughery
His brother Brian 
The family of Seth Roberts
8/3/1988 - 3/25/2004
His mother Tam Miller
His sisters Nealy, Chasa, Claire & Hannah
His brother Josh 
The family of Shaun O'Reilly
(Auto Accident)
11/11/1986 - 8/22/2006
His parents Pat & Susan O'Reilly
His brother Patrick 
The family of Stephen Langston
(Injuries from accident)
2/10/1987 - 8/14/2005
His parents Johnny & Teresa Langston
The family of Terri Kelley
(Complications of elective surgery)
3/25/1970 - 8/10/2005
Her sister Christina Visconti
His brothers Pete & Brian Franz
The family of Thomas Panetta
2/22/1961 - 8/5/2005
His parents Martin & Martha Panetta
The family of Thomas Schneider
(Overdose-undetermined drug)
1/24/1973 - 8/8/2006
His sister Lisa Louis
The family of Tikaila Allen-Kane
5/12/1999 - 8/6/1999
Her mother Christina Allen-Fernandez
Her sister Eliana
Her brothers Ezekiel & Frankie Jr 
The family of Timmy Morse
(Auto Accident)
8/22/1987 - 12/28/2004
His parents Tim & Holly Morse
His brothers Matthew & Noah
The family of Tommy Childress
(Freon inhalation)
6/30/1987 - 8/4/2005
His mother Betty Childress
His sisters Heather & Destiny Childress 
The family of Tony Gordon
(Carjacked and murdered)
2/24/1976 - 8/6/2003
His parents James & Phyllis Gordon
His sisters Tracy Shilt & Michelle Gordon 
The family of Richard Montenes'
8/21/1973 - 7/26/1997
His mother Karen DiMarco
His brother Jason Montenes' 
The family of Tracy Fien
(Auto Accident)
8/21/1983 - 8/27/2005
Her boyfriend's mother Linda Fisher
The family of Kyle Miran
(Auto Accident)
8/16/1990 - 10/7/2005
His mother Theresa Miran
His brother Sean Miran 

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