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These families have special days in December. Please remember in Prayer….

The family of Angel Jesus Ruiz
(Genetic disorder)
11/12/1990 - 12/31/1990
His mother Blanca Llamas-Varga
His sisters Arantxa & Amaya
The family of Brian Reese
7/8/1964 - 12/5/2001
His parents Kathy & Fred Reese
His brother David Reese
The family of Cheri Holz
(Melas.-severely rare)
Her parents Ron & Diane Holz
Her brother Gary Holz
The family of Gene Adkins
(Auto accident)
12/22/1985 - 10/23/2001
His mother Lori Pierce
His sister Shayla Pierce
The family of Callum Hughes
(Auto accident)
1/31/1987 - 12/17/2003
His mother Roseanne Kay
His sister Charlotte Hughes
His brother Connor Fyfield
The family of Kenneth Macauley
(Auto accident)
12/19/1981 - 6/5/2001
His mother Jenny Macauley
His brother Craig Macauley
The family of Paul Graczyk
(Leukemia/blood clot in brain)
12/2/1986 - 8/10/2002
His parents Dennis &  Wendy Graczyk
His sister Jessica Graczyk
The family of Jill Outinen
(Car/pedestrian accident)
Her mother Sherry Outinen
Her brother Kevin Outinen
The family of Sean Kukoleck
(Heroin overdose)
5/1/1981 - 12/19/2001
His mother Patti Kukoleck
The family of John Clyde
12/8/2003 - 12/8/2003
His parents Nate & Cathy Clyde
The family of Brent Shoemaker
(Toxic effects of prescription drug)
6/30/1965 - 12/15/1997
His parents Larry & Tootie Shoemaker
The family of Marc Eldridge
(Undiagnosed heart defect)
4/27/2002 - 12/26/2001
His mother Carol Eldridge
The family of Kenny Smith
(Auto accident)
12/20/1984 - 8/18/2003
His mother Linda Smith
His sisters Vanna & Linette
His brother Ronald
The family of Timothy Croker
(Auto accident)
12/7/1979 - 10/3/2000
His parents Sheila & Ron Croker
His sister Melissa McManus
The family of Kimlan Le
(Congenital heart defect/cardiac arrest)
12/10/2002 - 5/21/2003
Her parents Loc & Carolyn Le
Her brothers Liem & Connie
The family of Shawn Walker
(Suicide by hanging)
9/14/1974 - 12/29/1999
His mother Capri Walker
His brother Phillip Walker
The family of Michelle Turner
7/25/2003 - 12/19/2005
Her mother Kristy Turner
Her brother Austin
The family of Matthew Mikolaichik
(Auto accident)
12/27/1986 - 10/4/2003
His parents Barbara & Terry Mikolaichik
The family of Michael Casebolt
(Pancreatic cancer)
12/30/1974 - 8/18/2003
His mother Cheryl Casebolt
His sister Angela Casebolt
His brother Anthony Casebolt
The family of Michael Bowen
12/9/1977 - 1/26/2004
His mother Bonnie Bowen
His brother Jeff Bowen
His daughter Danielle
The family of Pamela McFarland
(Cardiac arrest)
12/18/1973 - 4/2/1979
Her mother Joceill McFarland
The family of Tiffany Wilcox
(Severe brain trauma)
12/24/1980 - 3/26/2003
Her mother Charlotte Payne
Her brother Chad
The family of Alana Burnett
(Auto accident)
10/1/1984 - 12/20/2003
His sister Amanda Burnett
His brothers Jeremy & Justin
The family of Alex DeLong
(Stillbirth due to birth defects)
12/17/2005 - 12/17/2005
His mother Sarah Delong
His sisters Lauren & Kathryn
The family of Allen Stout
(Auto accident)
12/29/1990 - 10/21/2006
His mother Jennifer Taylor
His sister Jessica Taylor
The family of Andrew Hooker
12/10/1996 - 1/9/2001
His mother Doris Hooker
His sister Megan
The family of André van der Schyff
12/5/1978 - 10/13/2005
His parents André & Annette van der Schyff
His sister Amanda & Sonja van der Schyff
His Wife Jolene
His son Eugene 
The family of Angelina Britto
12/23/2005 - 12/23/2005
Her mother Andrea Britto
The family of Anya George-Svahn
(Pulmonary vein stenosis/sepsis)
6/6/2005 - 12/31/2005
Her mother Lisa George Svahn
The family of Armando Garcia
(Auto accident)
6/26/1949 - 12/5/1998
His daughter Bianca Cervantes
The family of Arwen Coady
(Complications of birth)
12/13/2003 - 1/12/2004
Her mother Jenne Loveall
Her sisters Brittany & Jonavan
Her brother Alex
The family of Ashley Knight
(Hypo plastic left heart syndrome)
12/9/2004 - 6/22/2006
Her mother Teri Knight
Her sisters Danielle, Brittany & Jessica
Her brother Michael
The family of Ashley Medlin
(Blood clot to heart)
12/31/1989 - 12/1/2006
Her mother Rhonda Medlin
Her sister Sara
The family of Baby Krueger
12/3/1993 - 12/3/1993
His mother Amy Krueger
The family of Barbara
(Intentional overdose)
12/8/1967 - 12/6/1992
Her sister Susan Iglesias
The family of Billy Pearson
(Truck wreck)
8/11/1968 - 12/21/2004
His mother Marcella Harmon
His sisters Brittany & Tammy
His brother Michael
The family of Bob Starr
(Heart attack)
12/20/1952 - 5/18/2005
His mother Dorothy Starr
His sister Linda
His brothers Bill & Jim
The family of Bobby Terry
(Brain Tumor/cancer)
1/21/1998 - 12/2/2006
His grandmother Patricia Grunewald
His sisters Nicole & Rachel
His brother Shawn
The family of Brianne Valenzuela
(Illness after bone marrow transplant)
12/29/1998 - 9/30/2005
Her parents Mike & Kathy Valenzuela
Her brothers Christopher & Matthew Valenzuela
Her grandmother Susan Leal
The family of Caleb Ayers
12/5/1991 - 6/22/2006
His mother Kim Reynolds
His brother Joshua
praying The family of Charles Garrett
3/2/1959 - 12/26/1990
His sister Cathy Heidenreich
The family of Chelsea Bragg
(Auto accident)
12/2/1989 - 5/3/2006
Her mother Phyllis Bragg
Her brother Justin
The family of Chad Miller
12/27/1985 - 11/29/2004
His mother Melanie Miller
His brother Randy
The family of Melissa Gennusa Rodriguez
(Liver failure-Tylenol toxicity
12/8/1976 - 7/15/2006
Her mother Rose Gennusa
Her brother Paul Gennusa III
The family of Christopher Proctor
(Cerebral palsy/pneumonia)
12/29/1981 - 5/13/1998
His mother Brenda Riley
His sisters Angela & Kimberlee
The family of Christian Gennusa
12/30/2004 - 5/8/2005
His father Paul Gennusa III
His brothers Paul, Nicolas, & Mark Gennusa
The family of Cody Horse
12/24/1990 - 4/10/2005
His mother Velia Salas
His sisters Sarah, Thalia, Violet & Tierra
His brothers Taylor, Sage & Tristen
The family of Daronte Thomas
(Stabbed to death)
5/28/1981 - 12/26/2005
His aunt Marva Smith
His sister Alandria
His brothers Johnathon & Jason
The family of Clay Lizer
12/11/1977 - 5/4/1978
His mother Lisa Anspacher
The family of Davida Theorgood
(Natural cause)
12/1/1990 - 2/9/2004
His mother Shelly Theorgood
The family of Dimitrious Scott
(He was shot)
12/22/1989 - 7/30/1997
His mother Despina Scott
His sister Annastasia Scott
His brother Adonis Scott
The family of Elizabeth Hanft
(Complications of RSV pneumonia)
1/5/2001 - 12/30/2003
Her mother Mary Hanft
Her sister Kathryn Hanft
The family of Emma Zwierz
12/16/2005 - 12/16/2005
Her mother Amy Zwierz
Her sister Katie
Her brother Joey
The family of Frances Fields
12/3/1950 - 11/30/2005
Her sister Yvonne Gathers
The family of Elijah Lobato
(Brain injury during birth)
12/21/2004 - 12/24/2004
His cousin Laura Glanz
The family of Girl Broady
4/7/2003 - 12/29/2002
Her mother Gabriella Broady
Her brothers Logan & Brendan Broady
The family of Christopher Pons
(Drug overdose)
12/7/1982 - 5/7/2005
His mother Annie Colura
His brother Matthew Cordeiro
The family of Hector Martinez Jr
12/29/1970 - 5/11/1996
His parents Hector J & Rosemary Martinez
His sister Priscilla Martinez
His brother Jacob Martinez
The family of Hunter Collins
(Backed over by truck)
12/3/1990 - 5/26/2006
His mother Joyce Collins
His sister Jennifer
His brothers Joshua & Todd
The family of Ildefonso Gonzalez
(Given meds by medical staff  that stopped his heart)
9/6/2004 - 12/14/2005
His mother Yolanda Ramos-Gonzalez
His sisters Kaytie, Ingrid, Cynthia & Victoria
The family of Hiram Greer
2/24/1980 - 12/11/2004
His parents Hiram & Alice Greer
His sisters Kristina & Katherine
His nephew Brandon Greer
His niece Elizabeth Teran
His brother-in-law Fred Teran
His girlfriend Emily Genard
The family of Jack McKinnon
5/3/1983 - 12/10/2005
His mother Valerie McKinnon
His sister Amy
The family of Jacob Carpenter
11/10/1982 - 12/7/2005
His mother Jeorganne Darling
His brother Brendan Carpenter
The family of James Riley
3/16/1980 - 12/30/2004
His mother-in-law Michelle Rayner Thompson
The family of Jason Mach
6/2/1976 - 12/25/2003
His mother Kelly Ross
The family of Jenny Chase
(Seizure in sleep)
12/2/1979 - 12/15/2005
Her parents Harlan & Susan Nielsen
Her sister Patty Johnson
The family of Jessica Maytidu
12/19/1985 - 4/13/2002
Her mother Kathi Bender
Her sisters Patrice, Nicole & Tara
The family of Joanna Rosser Sims
(Auto accident)
6/19/1968 - 12/3/1997
Her father James Rosser
Her sister Elizabeth Rosser Smith
Her brother James Rosser Jr
The family of Joey Starling
(Aortic aneurysm)
12/22/1963 - 11/19/1983
His mother Pat Moser
His sisters Kelly & Stacy
The family of Jonathan Reeves
12/26/1986 - 12/26/1986
His mother Charlene Reeves
The family of Jonathan Sellars
10/25/1986 - 12/3/2005
His mother Deborah Brown
His sister Erica
His brother Julius
The family of Joshua Wall
12/27/1979 - 5/1/2006
His father John Wall
His sisters Tabatha & Heather
The family of Kaitlyn Watson
(Auto accident)
12/20/1988 - 4/17/2006
Her parents Arlin & Alice Watson
Her brother Ean
The family of Karen Dunn
6/4/1963 - 12/7/1977
Her mother Paige Green
Her sister Teresa
Her brothers Troy & Todd
The family of Kassandra Hedlund
(Ebstein anomaly)
12/24/2005 - 12/29/2005
Her parents Andy & Katie Hedlund
Her brother Nicholas
The family of Kenneth Baker
(Accidental drug overdose)
12/4/1972 - 4/24/2001
His mother Carol McQuade
His sister Lori
The family of Kenneth Freibott
(Heart stopped)
12/31/1982 - 11/1/2003
His mother Kathleen Freibott
His sister Lisa
His brothers Lenny & Kevin
The family of Kerry Maki
(Athersclerotic cardio disease)
12/4/1970 - 2/6/2006
His aunt Paulie Boyland
His sister Kelly
The family of Kevin Jones
7/17/1987 - 12/19/2000
His mother Ranonda Jones
His sister Keyara Jones
His brother Kevon Jones
The family of Kimberlee Murphy
(Fire/smoke inhalation)
12/24/1967 - 6/28/2005
Her mother Sheila Behrend
The family of Kyle Clare
(Severe asthma attack)
2/4/1990 - 12/7/2003
His parents Scott & D'Anna Clare
His sister Andee Clare
His brothers Scotty & Nicholas Clare
The family of Lindsey Graves
(Heart failure/auto accident)
10/2/1983 - 12/15/2003
Her mother Lorie Graves
Her sisters Mariah, DezaRae, Meaghan & Savannah
Her brother Chris & Samuel
The family of Louveri Wages
11/21/1985 - 12/8/2004
Her mother Velvia Lane
Her sisters Camella & Janell Scott
The family of Luz Serrano
12/20/1925 - 9/15/1994
Her daughter Linda Brown
The family of Madeline Cox
(Positional asphyxiation)
12/21/2005 - 6/6/2006
Her mother Michelle Cox
Her sister Anderson Louise
The family of Madelyn Sapp
(Bacterial meningitis)
12/21/2004 - 12/28/2005
Her mother Leeanne Sapp
Her sisters Daphne & Ayiana
The family of Madison Blankenship
12/29/2005 - 12/29/2005
Her mother Myrena Blankenship
Her brother Conner Farmer
The family of Megan Berg
(Preterm labor)
12/22/2005 - 12/23/2005
Her mother Terri Berg
The family of Harlan Fransen
(Auto accident)
7/5/1929 - 12/21/1962
His daughter Cathy Heidenreich
The family of Monica Fuhrken
(Auto accident)
8/17/1983 - 12/5/2002
Her mother Christine Fuhrken
Her sisters Caroline & Susan
The family of Natalie Smead
(Hit by train)
12/15/1987 - 8/5/2006
Her father Peter Smead
The family of Natasha Fisher
(Cerebral palsy)
1/6/2004 - 12/9/2005
Her mother Julie Fisher
The family of Rob Schuppert
(Pulmonary embolism)
12/23/1972 - 1/21/1997
His mother Bobbie Schuppert
His sister Tiki
The family of Ryan Murphy
12/15/1975 - 8/2/2004
His mother Danna Murphy
His sister Rene Nicholson
The family of Ryan Zimmerman
(Auto accident)
12/3/1987 - 12/24/2005
His mother Shwn Zimmerman
His sisters Dawn & Jennifer Zimmerman
The family of Saoirse Ferris
(Fluid around pericardium)
12/30/2005 - 12/30/2005
Her mother Melanie Ferris
Her brothers Devin, Dustin, Aslin, Logan,
Savannah, Kiara & Levi
praying angel The family of Shawn Washington
? - 12/26/2005
His uncle Sylvester Ware
His sister Kiara
The family of Sofia Buxton-Anderson
(Sudden bacterial infection)
4/27/1992 - 12/17/2005
Her mother Molly Buxton
The family of Sebastian Bossart
(Carbon monoxide poisoning from Bipolar med)
12/14/1977 - 7/21/2005
His mother Rosalie Bossart
His sisters Tiffani, Heather & Erica
His brother Zachary
The family of Stan Collins
(Auto accident)
7/31/1970 - 12/15/2004
His aunt Louise Brown
The family of Stephen Wilson
12/22/1990 - 2/18/2005
His mother Tracey Wilson
His sisters Alicia & Carley
The family of Sophia Belghazi
12/20/2004 - 1/17/2005
Her mother Astria Moore-Belghazi
The family of Tanner Moore
12/1/1989 - 5/16/2006
His mother Tamara Moore-MInor
His sister Terra
His stepbrothers Andrew, Christopher & Daniel
The family of Timmy Morse
(Auto accident)
8/22/1987 - 12/28/2004
His parents Tim & Holly Morse
His brothers Matthew & Noah
The family of Steven Basham
12/29/2005 - 12/29/2005
His parents Brent & Kim Basham
His sister Isabelle
His brothers Bailey & Jarrett
His aunt Shirley Close
The family of Tyler Cerise
(Hit and run auto accident)
12/24/2004 - 2/25/2006
His mother Erin Cerise
The family of Zachary Manos
(OxyContin overdose)
12/27/1985 - 5/23/2004
His mother Rhonda Manos
His brothers Jim & Cole
The family of Tristan & Grayson Van Dyke
(Immature lungs at birth)
12/25/2005 - 12/25/2005
Their mother Rachel Van Dyke
Their brother Ethan Van Dyke
The family of Will Evans
(Possible undiagnosed genetic condition)
8/25/2006 - 12/6/2006
His mother Joilyn Evans

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