february prayer page

These families have special days in February. Please remember in Prayer….

The family of Brian Kapko
2/26/1986 - 8/28/2005
His father Rick Kapko
His brothers Mat & Adam
The family of Cassie Wine
(AML leukemia)
6/10/1994 - 2/14/2003
Her mother Tina Wine
Her sisters Brittany, Keeleigh & Hailee
The family of David Spaugh
2/28/1985 - 8/21/1996
His parents John Jr & Catherine Spaugh
His sisters April Rios & Jeannifer
His brother John
The family of Heather Stewart
(Struck by bus in Spain)
Her parents Max & Sharon Stewart
Her sister-in-law Kim
Her brother Bob
The family of James Landry
(Complications of pneumonia/heart defect)
2/17/1966 - 7/30/2003
His parents Robert & Virginia Landry
His brothers Robert & Steven
The family of Janet Berggren
(Auto accident)
Her parents Robert & Donna Berggren
Her brothers Jason, Brent, Joel, Zachary
& Seth
The family of Jason Wentworth
(Heart attack after surgery)
5/4/1975 - 2/11/1999
His mother Cathi-Lou Wentworth
His brother Travis
The family of Kenny Brisby
3/11/1979 - 2/18/2005
His mother Shelly McSweyn
His sisters Amy, Tandell, Briana & Noet
His brother Payton
The family of Lestie Brewer
(Auto accident)
9/4/1978 - 2/8/2005
Her parents Gene & Carol Cook
The family of Lisa Petro
2/17/1987 - 5/18/2004
Her mother Diane Petro
Her sister Diana
The family of Michelle DeMello
2/24/1969 - 3/25/2000
Her parents Ed & Patricia Santos
Her sister Nichole
Her brother Chad
The family of Nicholas Radomski
(Auto accident)
2/11/1982 - 7/3/2006
His parents Richard & Cheryl Radomski
His sister Renee
His brother Steve
The family of Syd Norwood
2/10/1966 - 6/8/1993
His mother Gloria Norwood
The family of Tony Gordon
(Carjacked & murdered)
2/24/1976 - 8/6/2003
His father James Gordon
His mother Phyllis Gordon
His sisters Tracy Shilt & Michelle
The family of Tracy Burford
2/16/1978 - 5/12/2005
His parents Rodney & Debra Burford
His brother Jason
The family of Veronica Hagman
9/5/1982 - 2/21/2005
Her parent Erland Hagman
Her sister Melissa
The family of Charles Rosenblum
2/8/1953 - 3/11/2007
His mother Moe Clavin
His sisters Nancy & Gyl
The family of Charlotte Walker
(Auto accident)
3/14/1998 - 2/20/2008
His mother Lynn Walker
The family of Daniel Adams
(Head injury)
2/3/1975 - 1/17/2006
His mother Connie Adams
His brother Jay
His sister-in-law Chandra
His sons Jarrett & Levi
The family of Elyse Cannon
(Hit by car)
2/16/1989 - 10/7/2007
Her parents Ron & Libby Cannon
Her brother Andy
The family of Emily Hansen
12/17/2008 - 2/6/2009
Her mother Steffanie Hansen
Her grandmother Elaine Sauceda

The family of Ethan Ullery
(Kidney failure)
2/28/1998 - 8/28/1998
His parents Raymond & Tina Ullery
His grandparents Norm & Deborah Standfield

The family of Joslyn Kejr
(Auto accident)
10/31/1986 - 2/3/2008
Her mother Carolyn Kejr
Her sisters Jessica & Graci
Her brother Andrew
The family of Julia Horbelt
(Cord accident)
2/17/2009 - 2/17/2009
Her parents Chris & Ana Horbelt
The family of Lisa McLaughlin
7/19/1975 - 2/9/2006
Her mother Patriicia Jose
Her sisters Jennifer & Heather
Her brother Kevin

praying angel

The family of Riley Lenik
(Alpers syndrome)
4/4/2007 - 2/16/2008
Her mother Ashley Cooper
Her grandmother Dianne Cooper
The family of Alex Sabados
2/26/1996 - 3/24/2010
His mother Julia Sabados
His sister Mia
The family of Alissa
(Accidental drug overdose)
2/19/1982 - 11/22/2009
Her sister Nicole Rice
Her brother Christian
The family of Andrew Gott
12/10/1994 - 2/2/2011
His mother Tina Severn
His sister Jessica
The family of Anthony Dohme
(Accidental drug overdose)
5/19/1981 - 2/7/2005
His mother Amy Dohme
The family of Avery Draughon
(Herpes meningitis encephalitis)
2/23/2009 - 3/22/2009
Her mother Caroline Draughon
Her sisters Jada & Vivian
The family of Barbara
1/9/1956 - 2/4/1971
Her sisters Bonnie, Elizabeth, Trisha & Kathy
The family of Brad Davis
2/25/1964 - 11/12/1982
His mother Rita Davis
The family of Bradley Petersen
(Chronic kidney disease/heart failure)
11/14/1983 - 2/28/2007
His mother Mary Ann Petersen
His brother Matt
The family of Brianna
2/6/2002 - 11/10/2008
Her mother Veronica Duran
Her sisters Christy, Carla, Candace & Valentina
The family of Caroline
(Accidental overdose)
2/8/1994 - 3/4/2010
Her mother Melissa Wilson
Her sister Carter
Her brother Eric
The family of Charles Dennard
(Auto accident)
? - 2/11/2011
His mother Kelly Parker
His brothers Michael & Nicholas
The family of Chloe
2/22/2010 - 2/22/2010
Her mother Connie Eagle
Her brother Christian
The family of Chloe Houseye
2/28/2011 - 2/28/2011
Her mother Kimberly Wilkey
The family of Christian Berry
2/21/1998 - 10/1/2009
His mother Kelli Berry
His sister Mackenzie
The family of Christopher Snider
(Accidental overdose)
2/26/1986 - 6/15/2009
His parents Rick & Sheila Snider
His brother Steven
The family of Cody Hendrickson
5/24/1987 - 2/22/2011
His parents Jeff & Kitty Hendrickson
His sister Katlin
The family of Colby
(Heart attack)
2/1/1983 - 7/19/2010
His mother Lori Bjerrum
The family of Draven Meininger
2/26/2010 - 2/26/2010
His mother Laura Smith
The family of Dylan
(Ran over by semi trailer truck)
6/4/2007 - 2/1/2010
His grandmother Audrey Stokes
His brother Chase
The family of Glindy
(Auto accident)
2/15/1979 - 9/14/1999
Her mother Nel Hat
Her sister Michelle
The family of Eli Alderson
(Congenital heart defect)
2/25/2011 - 2/26/2011
His mother Ellisa Aldeson
His brother Isaac
The family of Eric Alexandre
2/8/1993 - 11/3/2006
His mother Shirley Alexandre
His sister Brianna
The family of Jamie Hicks
(Accidental overdose)
2/21/1981 - 8/3/2002
His mother Denise Hicks
His brother Jason
The family of Gustavo Reyes
2/15/2011 - 2/15/2011
His parents Johan & Janice Reyes
The family of Iteoluwakisi Omole
(Severe sepsis & jaundice)
2/22/2011 - 3/13/2011
His father Kolawole Omole
praying_kids The family of Jan
(Miller-dieher syndrome)
2/6/2006 - 3/6/2010
Her mother Elizabeth Duffy
Her sister Sarah
Her brother Paul
The family of Jennifer
2/22/1983 - 11/30/2009
Her mother Jamie Rathjen
Her sister Jessica
Her brother Joseph
The family of Jera Machuca
(Synovial sarcoma)
1/1/1993 - 2/28/2011
Her mother Mandy Machuca
Her sisters Myra & Jessica
The family of John
(Lung cancer)
2/24/1954 - 7/25/2009
His sister Marilyn Hezlep
The family of Jordan Johnson
2/27/1990 - 4/23/2009
His mother Peggi Johnson
His sister Claire
The family of JT Chisum
(Premature birth)
2/24/2010 - 2/24/2010
His mother Joannie Chisum
The family of Kaiden Spain
2/20/1997 - 8/24/2010
His mother Amy Spain
His sister Maurissa
The family of Kali-Anne
(Caught in couch while sleeping with uncle)
5/13/2009 - 2/13/2010
Her grandmother Tina Marie Mizzero
Her sister Aleandra
The family of Kasey
(Hit by car)
12/23/1999 - 2/8/2007
Her mother Robyn Pringle
Her brothers Tyler, Caleb & Scott
The family of Kaylee Watson-Mendez
(Congestive heart failure)
10/9/2009 - 2/2/2011
Her mother Lindsay Watson
Her sisters Isabel, Jaylin & Monika
The family of Kerri
2/26/1983 - 7/8/2010
Her mother Patti Biela
Her sister Meg
Her brothers Patrick & Garrett
The family of Kristin Miller
(Accidental overdose)
7/14/1981 - 2/8/2007
Her mother Jennifer Miller
Her sister Mandi
The family of Larry
11/30/1975 - 2/25/2010
His mother Arlene Rossi
His brother Anthony
The family of Landon & Paige
6/22/2006 - 2/24/2006
Their mother Brittani
The family of Landon Barstow
2/28/1995 - 4/13/1995
His mother Tina Williams
His brother Blade
The family of Micah
10/28/1975 - 2/2/2009
His mother Melinda Palmer
The family of Lorelai
(Stopped breathing)
2/19/2009 - 4/10/2009
Her mother Erica-Marie Doria
Her brother Cameron
The family of Makayla
(Auto accident)
4/19/2007 - 2/24/2010
Her mother Sheena Torrey
The family of Mike Dunnam
(Auto accident)
2/24/1987 - 9/5/2009
His mother Valerie Fourtunia
The family of Michael Fallacaro
(Auto accident)
6/24/1983 - 2/7/2006
His mother Diane Fallacaro
His sister Janine
The family of Michael Sage
(Cardiac arrhythmia)
7/2/1980 - 2/5/2010
His parents Russell & Lauren Sage
His sister Christina
His brother Adam
The family of Ricky Brierly III
(Premature birth)
2/25/2010 - 2/28/2010
His grandmother Candi Gilbert
His sister Patience
The family of Nigel Coates
(Severe anoxic brain injury)
2/7/1989 - 5/18/2008
His mother Cynthia Perry
His sisters Cheyenne & Shawnee
His brothers Elias, Cameron & Hunter
The family of Nikirah
(Brain tumor)
8/4/1997 - 2/28/2008
His mother Marie
His sisters Shartaga & Latavia
His brothers Preston, Zahir & Nazhir
The family of Sarah
2/16/1983 - 12/4/2010
Her sister Jane Stephenson
The family of Robin
(Birth difficulties)
2/10/2010 - 2/11/2010
His mother Chikita Adonis
His brother Dylan
The family of Robyn Tempfer
(Viral encephalitis)
2/16/2003 - 9/11/2009
Her mother Jennifer Tempfer
Her sister Megan
Her brothers Aidan & William
The family of Spencer Krebs
12/30/2004 - 2/26/2006
His mother January Krebs
His brothers Dallas, Zackery & Tristen
The family of Stephen Wilson
12/22/1990 - 2/18/2005
His mother Tracey Wilson
His sisters Alicia & Carley
The family of Sienna Smithson
2/23/2010 - 3/26/2010
Her mother Shannon Smithson
Her brother Evan
The family of Steven Woods
(Auto accident)
? - 2/14/2009
His mother Kim Woods
His sister Michele
His brother Ronnie
The family of Takai Haynes
2/12/2009 - 1/1/2010
His mother Katrina Mann
His sister Tyasia
His brothers Tygee & Syeed
The family of Steven
5/6/1986 - 2/3/2009
His step-mother Melissa Wilson
His sister CarterRiley
His brother Eric
The family of Taylor Matthews
11/1/1991 - 2/22/2008
His mother Susan Matthews
His brothers Ryan & Corey

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