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These families have special days in January. Please remember in Prayer….

The family of Brian Burke
(Morphine/alcohol overdose)
   1/3/1982 - 10/9/2005
    His parents Rich & Mary Burke
His sister Melissa
The family of Chad Chambers
(Auto accident)
    6/24/1978 - 1/4/1997
    His parents Woody & Irene Chambers
His sisters Anne & Amy
The family of Dana Waddell
(Viral encephalitis)
    7/26/1985 - 1/7/2002
    Her parents David & Sally Waddell
   Her sister Danielle Waddell
The family of Benjamin Darr
(Trisomy 9, mosaic)
    His mother Pennie & Rich Darr
His sisters Hannah, Hailey  & Bethany Darr
The family of Daniel Adams
(Head injury)
   2/3/1975 - 1/17/2006
    His parents Dave & Connie Adams
His brother Jay
The family of David Taylor
   1/15/1958 - 10/12/2006
    His parents Al & Connie Taylor
His brothers Bill & Mark
The family of David Ujenski
(Colon cancer)
    1/24/1972 - 3/18/2003
    His parents Raymond & Priscilla Ujenski
His sister Lisa
The family of Joshua Ammermann
   1/31/1989 -3/5/2006
    His mother Sandy LaPera
His brother Tyler
The family of Jessica Norelius
(Auto accident)
    9/2/1984 - 1/7/2002
    Her parents Tammy & Roger Norelius
   Her sisters Jennifer Taylor & Jodell Johnson
Her brother James Norelius
The family of Lauren Wendroff
(Auto accident)
    1/24/1974 - 6/29/1998
    Her parents Varda & Arnie Wendroff
   Her brother Jason
The family of Paula Normore
(Ski-doo accident)
  9/10/1986 - 1/19/2001
    Her mother Betty Normore
Her brother Brent Normore
The family of Samantha Otte
(Failed liver xplant)
    1/6/1990 - 3/5/2000
    Her parents Chuck & June Otte
   Her brother Christopher Otte
The family of Sophie Lowry
(Complications of Trisomy 18)
   1/16/2003 - 1/14/2004
    Her parents Mark & Amy Lowry
Her sisters Jessica, Katie & Libby
The family of Spencer Death
   11/2/1982 - 1/17/2004
    His parents Wayne & Noreen Death
His sisters Shannon & Mikylah
The family of Arwen Coady
(Complications during birth)
12/13/2003 - 1/12/2004
Her mother Jenne Lehnerd
Her sisters Brittany & Jonavan
Her brother Alex
The family of Bridget O'Connor
(Accidental overdose)
1/31/1984 - 4/4/2008
Her mother Brenda O'Connor
Her sister Sabrina Moxley
Her brother Phillip O'Connor
The family of Caroline Voelcker
(Premature birth)
1/20/2009 - 1/20/2009
Her mother Tifani Voelcker
Her brother Christian Voelcker
The family of John Lanca
1/1/1968 - 1/16/2007
His mother Mary Lanca
His sisters Lucille & Laurie
His brother Mark
The family of John-Micheal Martin
(Accidental drowning)
1/6/1988 - 7/23/2006
His parents John & Diane Martin
His brothers Matthew, Adam & Zachary
praying The family of Joshua Stockert
(Aortic aneurysm)
11/9/1989 - 1/21/2008
His parents Kenneth & Yvonne Stockert
His sister Haley Stockert
His brother Nathan Stockert
The family of Michael Butka
4/14/1987 - 1/29/2004
His mother Stephanie Butka
His sister Erica Butka
The family of Adam Dixon
(Flu & sepsis)
7/22/1993 - 1/30/2009
His parents Joe & Pam Dixon
His sister Paige
His brother Cole
The family of Alex
1/15/1974 - 8/18/2009
His mother Paloma Navarrete
His sister Marilupe
His brother Christian
The family of Bella Blehr
(Aveolar capillary dysplasia)
12/21/2009 - 1/12/2010
Her mother Maryann Blehr
The family of Blaine Barstow
1/3/1996 - 1/3/1996
His mother Tina Williams
His brother Blade
The family of Cory Piehl
(Car/train accident)
6/14/1991 - 1/27/2010
His mom & stepdad Cindy & Matt Breeden
His brothers Kaleb & Dylan
The family of Dylan Russell
1/11/2008 - 1/11/2008
His mother Louise Russell
The family of Ernest Moir
9/23/1920 - 1/27/2011
His granddaughter Sherene Briggs
The family of Garrett Hunter
(Undiagnosed heart condition)
12/16/2008 - 1/28/2010
His parents Kent & Amy Hunter
His brother Landon
The family of Gary Dupont
(Drug overdose)
11/23/1982 - 1/9/2009
His mother Brenda Dupont
His brother Paul
The family of Hector Rivera III
1/19/1982 - 3/16/2010
His mother Janet Torres
His sisters Carmen, Janitza & Siomara
His brothers Andres, Mark & Matthew
The family of Henry
(Multi-organ failure/Mitochondrial disease)
10/6/2007 - 1/7/2010
His father Matthew Stocker
The family of Jacob Kruwell
1/17/1996 - 9/27/2008
His parents Brad & Christine Kruwell
His sister Rachel
The family of Jaylon
(Potter's syndrome)
1/24/2002 - 1/24/2002
His mother Sabrina Gerling
His sisters Emily, Anna & Mattie
His brother Michael
The family of Jeremy Woodruff
(Blunt force trauma)
9/19/1986 - 1/26/2002
His mother Paula Magraw
The family of Jeremy Jutz
1/30/1975 - ?
His father David Jutz
His brothers Jason & Joshua
The family of Justin
(Given wrong meds)
1/28/1982 - 8/18/2005
His parents Greg & Jody Millington
The family of Kaitlyn
1/19/2000 - 1/24/2006
Her parents Rich & Kory Hassard
Her sister Kelsey
Her brother Kevin
The family of Landon Dube
(Whooping cough)
12/8/2009 - 1/28/2010
His father Daryl Dube
His grandmother Cindy Dube
His brother Zachary
Jesus The family of Landon Rademann
(Sudden Unknown Infant Death)
12/18/2008 - 1/30/2009
His mother Gidgett Combs
His brothers Stevan & Bryson
The family of Lori Breese
(Jumped from 2nd floor window to escape fire)
1/7/1972 - 11/23/2009
Her sister Susan Breese
Her daughter Tiffany
Her son Matthew
The family of Madaline Westley
7/1/2007 - 1/11/2008
Her mother Elizabeth Lower
The family of Melinda Silva
(Pneumonia & sepsis/ER malpractice issues)
5/13/1976 - 1/6/2005
Her mother Joanna Rose-Murray
Her brothers Chris, Carlos & David
The family of Melissa Lyle
1/29/1972 - 6/3/1989
Her mother Constance Martin
Her sister Tammy
The family of Patrick Lee
1/24/2007 - 7/7/2009
His mother Amanda Walls
The family of Phenyo Mmereki
7/17/1996 - 1/25/2010
His mother Bonang Mmereki
His sisters Tsholofelo, Lumbidzani & Katlego
His brother Tefo
The family of Ramsey
1/15/1981 - 1/8/2005
His mother Rebekah King
His sister Shelly
The family of Ricardo Ignacio III
(Struck by car while crossing street)
1/8/1987 - 7/9/2007
His mother Debbie Centeno
His sister Jacqueline
His brother Daniel
The family of Richard Zelinger
(Heart attack)
? - 1/14/2009
His daughters Crystal & Julie Zelinger
The family of Ricky Baumgardner
(Massive stroke)
1/4/1973 - 12/15/2008
His mother Nancy Mathews
The family of Riley
1/28/2010 - 1/28/2010
Her mother Nicole Miller
The family of Robert Fraley
(Heart ailment)
1/13/1991 - 7/31/2009
His mother Dixie Fraley
His sister Whitney
The family of Takai Haynes
2/12/2009 - 1/1/2010
His mother Katrina Mann
His sister Tyasia
His brothers Tygee & Syeed
The family of Tyler Murray
(Hypoplastic left heart syndrome)
1/21/2006 - 3/11/2006
His mother Michelle Murray
His sisters Kendra & Jocelyn
The family of Wikus
1/26/1945 - 11/7/1992
His wife Nel Hat
The family of William Ankney
(Father rolled onto him while taking nap)
10/20/2008 - 1/20/2009
His mother Leila Schillero
His grandfather Dennis Johnston
angel_harp The family of Wyatt Davis
(Sireomila/mermaid syndrome)
1/30/2010 - 1/30/2010
His mother Reva Davis
His brother Ethan & Owen Davis
The family of Abby Halford
(Mitochondrial disease)
12/1/2006 - 1/6/2011
Her mother Jennifer Halford
Her brother Ethan
The family of Alainnah Stock
7/23/2000 - 1/27/2006
Her mother Cindy Stock
Her brothers Cody, Aeon & Casey
The family of Alexis Palmer
(Accidental overdose)
8/29/1987 - 1/8/2011
Her mother Krissi Keppler
Her brother Colin
The family of Barbara Gavagan
1/9/1956 - 2/4/1971
Her sisters Bonnie, Elizabeth, Trisha & Kathy
The family of Ben
(Mother's water broke at 21wks)
1/4/2011 - 1/4/2011
His mother Melissa Brown
The family of Brandie Carlton
(Vehicular homicide)
1/1/1987 - 10/2/2010
Her mother Carolyn Poppell
Her sister Jamie
The family of Cecilia Balma
(Sudden cardiac death)
1/5/2006 - 4/7/2009
Her mother Jennifer Allen
Her sisters Pheonix & Shai
Her brothers Raekwon & Joaquin
The family of Chad White
10/23/1996 - 1/23/2011
His mother Juli White-LaFontaine
His brother Derrik
The family of Chelsea Brack
(Severe hypoglycemia)
4/24/1985 - 1/24/2010
Her mother Anne Brack
Her sister Bryony
Her brothers Ben, Frankie & Jake
The family of Daniel
(Cord infarct at term)
1/27/1995 - 1/7/1995
His mother Tamara Sannar
His sister Megan
His brothers John, Brendan & Alexander
The family of Emily
(Amniotic band syndrome)
1/30/2011 - 1/30/2011
Her grandmother Barbi Kyser
Her sisters A & K
The family of Ethan Keith
(Premature birth)
1/24/2005 - 1/24/2005
His mother Paula Keith
His sister Kayla
His brother Cameron
The family of Jacob
1/15/2011 - 1/15/2011
His grandmother Pam Pankala
His brother Patrick
praying_girl The family of James
(Co-arctation of aorta/epilepsy)
12/26/1992 - 1/17/2011
His mother Sherene Briggs
His sister Victoria
His brothers Daniel Lachlan
The family of Jeff Thomas
(Auto accident)
5/9/1980 - 1/4/2009
His mother Linda Thomas
His brother Joe
The family of Jera Machuca
(Synovial sarcoma)
1/1/1993 - 2/28/2011
Her mother Mandy Machuca
Her sisters Myra & Jessica
The family of Jessica Brackett
10/6/1985 - 1/5/2011
Her mother Joanne Brackett
Her sisters Caroline & Catie
Her brother Wayne
The family of Jordan Brunger
1/9/2010 - 1/9/2010
His parents Robert & Debbie Brunger
His sisters Janet, Victoria, Lisa & Julianna
His brothers Anthony, Jaden & Johnny
The family of Jerry Thompson
(Brain tumor)
3/22/1958 - 1/29/2011
His mother Mary Ann Thompson
The family of Lana
1/1/2011 - 1/19/2011
Her mother Belinda Ives
Her sister Ever
The family of Marilyn O'Brien
1/11/1937 - 3/9/1999
Her daughter Anne Brack
The family of Micah Poston
(Heart failure)
9/30/2009 - 1/7/2011
His mother Shelly Poston
His brothers Ryan & Kolton
The family of Michael Peterson III
1/11/2008 - 1/31/2008
His grandmother Sharon Peterson
His sister Nijah
The family of Omahni Omogbemi
1/4/2010 - 10/7/2010
His mother Christmas Morgan
The family of Richard Everett
(Drug overdose)
1/24/1966 - 8/14/2010
His mother Barbara Everett
His brothers Gregg & Mark
The family of Sarah DeWeese
(Auto accident)
3/8/1984 - 1/14/2008
Her mother Stephanie DeWeese
Her brothers Joel & Matthew
The family of Shawn Crabb
(Burned in car fire)
1/6/1992 - 8/7/2010
His mother Penny Oldenburg
His sister Tabytha
His brothers Jared & Kyle
The family of Timothy McClard
5/21/1977 - 1/25/2002
His parents Bert & Mary McClard
His sister Kristen
The family of Victor Hrabal Jr
8/18/1986 - 1/19/2011
His mother Julie Hrabal
His sisters Kristen, Mariah & Sarah

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