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These families have special days in July. Please remember in Prayer….

The family of Abigail Anderson
7/11/2003 - 9/29/2004
Her mother Nicole Anderson
The family of Alan Bray
(Fell off water slide at park)
7/1/1988 - 7/14/2005
His parents Jeffrey & Elise Bray
His sisters Julie & Leanne
The family of Alan Hein
(Severe asthma attack)
7/1/1989 - 11/25/2005
His mother Maria Goodson
His sister Marissa Treadwell
His brother Matthew Treadwell
The family of Alayna Robinson
(Hit by truck)
5/25/1994 - 7/14/2005
Her parents Ken & Lisa Lassey
Her sister Erin
Her brother Colin
Her aunt J Marie
The family of Brian Reese
7/8/1964 - 12/5/2001
His parents Kathy & Fred Reese
His brother David Reese
The family of Dana Waddell
(Viral encephalitis)
7/26/1985 - 1/7/2002
Her parents David & Sally Waddell
Her sister Danielle Waddell
The family of Brett Blanton
(Asthma/cardiac arrest)
7/15/1973 - 8/31/2000
His parents Ron & Barb Blanton
His sister Sheryll Reznack
The family of Amada Finch
3/11/1982 - 7/7/2003
Her parents David & Lynn Finch
Her sister Lisa
The family of Cary Walker
(Premature birth)
7/3/1972 - 7/3/1972
His mother Capri Walker
His brother Phillip Walker
The family of Arthur Monroe
7/15/1983 - 2/17/2005
His mother J Monroe
His brother James Monroe
The family of Kaysy Price
(Undetermined-viral infection?)
7/9/1970 - 3/30/2002
Her parents Jack & Sue Newsom
Her sisters Deana & Marci
The family of Joshua Walker
(Heart surgery)
7/9/1977 - 9/28/1977
His mother Capri Walker
His brother Phillip Walker
The family of Baby "T" Honor
7/12/2005 - 7/12/2005
Mother Ruth Honor
The family of Billy Young
(Accidental drowning)
7/14/2003 - 4/17/2006
His father William Young
His sister Ashley
The family of Bobby Mehlberger
8/18/1980 - 7/22/2005
His mother Michele Mehlberger
His brothers James Jr & Keith Mehlberger
The family of Brian Isham
7/25/1986 - 3/26/1997
His mother Rhonda Isham
His sister Rebecca
His brothers Robert & Matthew
The family of William Altman
(Pneumonia/heart failure)
7/13/1927 - 3/22/2006
His daughter Vickie Altman Phillips
The family of Charles Bauman
(Auto accident)
7/27/1982 - 10/28/2005
His mother Grace Bauman
His sisters Brianna & Melanie
The family of Christopher Nadle
7/16/2002 - 6/12/2004
His mother Jill Nadle
His brother Kyle
The family of Danny Vasquez
(Auto accident)
8/27/1986 - 7/4/2004
His mother Aida Vasquez
His sister Stephanie
The family of Darryl Tucker
7/31/1988 - 3/3/2005
His mother LaRonda LaMothe
His brother Daniel Stringfellow
The family of Dimitrious Scott
12/22/1989 - 7/30/1997
His mother Despina Scott
His sister Annastasia Scott
His brother Adonis Scott
The family of Evan Lewis
(Auto accident)
6/8/1987 - 7/28/2005
His mother Heidi Laws
His sister Shannon
His brother Brian
The family of Georgie Hesser
(Auto accident)
7/18/1996 - 4/8/2006
Her mother Trish Hesser
Her sister Megan Hesser
Her brother Jeremy Hesser
The family of Nathan Freeborn
(Auto accident)
7/23/1981 - 6/12/1995
His mother Lisa Frost
His brother Matthew Freeborn
The family of Aniya Redd
(Stomach injury)
Her mother Tikeena Israel
Her great-grandmother Lorraine DeShields
The family of Gracelyn Tekstar
(Cord prolapse)
7/9/2005 - 7/15/2005
Her mother Rose Tekstar
Her sisters Stephanie & Emma
The family of Helen Anderson
(Heart attack)
1/12/1984 - 7/18/2004
Her parents Jim Jr & Cora Frazier
Her sisters Brooklyn, Francine & Latoshia
Her brother Jimmie
Her son Austin Anderson
The family of Johan Erasmus
(Medical negligence)
10/17/1967 - 7/31/2004
His parents Joedie & Francina Erasmus
His sister Elna van Vreden
The family of Philip McFarland
7/12/1971 - 4/7/2004
His mother Joceill McFarland
The family of Tee Nethery
(Pneumonia/complications of quadriplegia)
7/30/1980 - 7/29/1994
His mother Jan Nethery
The family of Kathy Sanks
7/1/1957 - 4/19/2004
Her mother Marge Hudnall
Her sisters Linda, Donna & Paula
Her daughter Lisa Sanks
Her son Jason Sanks
The family of Jim Meints
8/15/1959 - 7/5/1997
His wife Janice Meints
The family of Katherine Ramirez
4/15/1988 - 7/23/2005
Her mother Anna Wade
Her sisters Brianna, Ashley & Susan
Her brothers Matthew, Christopher & Ronnie
The family of Kasey Thomas
(Subgaleal hemorrhage)
7/2/2004 - 7/25/2004
His mother Kelly Thomas
His brother Riley
The family of Justin Bradbury
11/12/1978 - 7/5/2005
His mother Janice Meints
His brother Jesse Meints
The family of Katy Henry
(Road rage)
6/12/1984 - 7/27/2003
Her mother Gail Henry
Her sisters Sarah, Emily & Allison
Her brothers Erik & Frankie
The family of Keith Mullins
(CHF/enlarged heart due to viral pneumonia)
10/9/1978 - 7/11/2004
His aunt & uncle  Melissa & Randy Mays
His foster sister Crystal Stricklett
His brother Jeffery Mullins
The family of Kory Schramm
(Struck by car)
6/10/1981 - 7/16/2004
His mother Wendy Schramm
His sister Karlee
His brother Kristopher
The family of Takoda Spinnie
(Liver failure/hirschpurngs disease/hemorrhaged)
3/6/2002 - 7/3/2003
His mother Shelly Spinnie
His sisters Sarah, Brittni, & Heather Spinnie
The family of Travis Flinchum
(Auto accident/head trauma)
7/17/1985 - 8/21/2002
His mother Deb Flinchum
His sister Tiffany Flinchum
His brother Jacob, Cody & Garrett
The family of Theresa Clyde
(Acute lymphoblastic leukemia)
10/23/2002 - 7/20/2003
Her parents Nate & Cathy Clyde
The family of Lillian Foreman
(Gunshot wound)
2/18/1999 - 7/11/2001
Her mother Elizabeth Foreman
Her sisters Stephanie & Rachel
Her brother Nicholas
The family of Lori Barton
(Auto accident)
10/14/1991 - 7/8/2003
Her mother Pam Barton
Her brother Jesse
The family of Marquee Epperly
(Auto accident)
10/28/1988 - 7/16/2005
Her mother Windy Epperly
Her brothers Brandon Reynolds & Dock Epperly
The family of Matthew Guastamacchia
7/9/1983 - 2/11/2005
His mother Susan Brogan
His father Keith Guastamacchia
His sister Desiree Guastamacchia
His brother Michael Guastamacchia
The family of Megan Phelps
7/25/1977 - 10/30/2004
Her mother Gay Widmer
Her sisters Merry, Veronica & Jennifer
Her brothers Alek & Ray
The family of Michael Dassing
(Motorcycle accident)
5/31/1981 - 7/4/2004
His parents Steve & Terri Dassing
His brother Stephen
The family of Michelle Turner
7/25/2003 - 12/19/2005
Her mother Kristy Turner
Her brother Austin
The family of Nicholas Radomski
(Auto accident)
2/11/1982 - 7/3/2006
His parents Richard & Cheryl Radomski
His sister Renee
His brother Steven
The family of Nathan Holden
(Auto accident)
7/16/1983 - 11/21/2001
His parents Paul & Nancy Holden
His sister Kaley
His brother Alex
praying The family of Orlando Martinez
7/24/1972 - 5/11/1996
His parents Hector & Rosemary Martinez
His sister Priscilla
His brother Jacob
praying nun
The family of Pamela Mays
7/16/1986 - 11/9/1987
Her aunt Angela Mays Westgerdes
The family of Rob
7/29/1968 - 4/8/2006
His fiancée's friend and son's babysitter Donna
The family of Robert Porter
(Vehicle rollover)
11/8/2001 - 7/14/2003
His mother Connie Porter
His sisters Heather Brittany
The family of Ron Phillips Jr
(Premature rupture of membrane)
7/2/2005 - 7/2/2005
His mother Carmen Phillips
His sister Mercedes Phillips
His brother Romel Phillips
The family of Rory Zuba
(Brain cancer)
7/24/1991 - 2/22/2005
His father Thomas Zuba
His brother Sean
The family of Ryan Casteel
9/13/1984 - 7/31/2005
His mother Rhonda Wilhoite
His sister Gina
The family of Ryan Marshall
4/24/1980 - 7/18/2004
His mother Laura Stephens
His brother Christopher
The family of Stan Collins
(Auto accident)
7/31/1970 - 12/15/2004
His aunt Louise Brown
The family of Taylor Burgstahler
2/28/1988 - 7/17/2005
His mother Lori Burgstahler
His sister Brooke
The family of Adam Jordan
9/11/1985 - 7/13/1988
His mother Cathi Jordan
His sisters Jody & Sarah
His brother Nicholas
The family of Angelique Anderson
(Trisomy 13)
6/30/1994 - 7/30/1994
Her mother Mercedes Cunningham
Her brother Matt Saxon
The family of Anna Flores
(Complications of premature birth)
7/14/2004 - 7/18/2004
Her mother Patty Cerasulo
The family of Anthony Milone
(Accidental alcohol poisoning)
7/3/1980 - 1/12/2000
His mother Linda Marziale
His aunt Lynn Marziale
The family of Ashley Smith
(Auto accident)
7/22/1989 - 11/12/2006
Her mother Kim Smith
Her sisters Kaitlyn, Theresa & Lauren
The family of Baby Ruch
7/25/2004 - 7/25/2004
His mother Diana Hill
The family of Becky Cyr-Desnomie
7/30/1976 - 2/21/2004
Her mother Marla Desnomie
Her sisters Jenna & Cheyanne
Her brother Rick
The family of Bobby Resciniti
(Auto accident)
9/9/1984 - 7/13/2006
His parents Bob & Diane Resciniti
His sister Michelle
His brother Nicholas
The family of Bryan Ober
(Accidental overdose)
8/25/1980 - 7/7/2006
His mother Donna Duncan
The family of Bryce Bear
(Hit by car)
3/23/2001 - 7/6/2006
His mother Tina Bear
His sister Addyson Bear
His brother Quinnton Bear
The family of Cameron Echols
(Sudden collapse)
11/11/1992 - 7/31/2006
Her mother Britten Echols
Her sister Ashlen Echols
The family of Celie West-Burnett
5/20/2005 - 7/6/2005
Her mother Mandy West
Her sister Corinne & Aaliyah
Her brother Elijah
The family of Charles Slaughter
1/28/1964 - 7/16/2006
His sister Kassandra Walters
The family of Christopher Allen
(Single car accident)
7/6/1976 - 9/17/2006
His mother Debbie Allen
His brothers Jamie Allen Sr & JJ Allen
The family of David Murphy
7/9/1963 - 4/9/2003
His wife Dana Murphy
The family of Eva Jones
(Massive coronary)
7/13/1975 - 4/5/2007
Her mother Mary Kuhn
Her sisters Becky & Jennifer
Her brother Adam
The family of Faustino Coronado Jr
7/9/1978 - 2/12/2005
His sisters Irene & Rosie
His brothers Guillermo Sr, Arthur, John,
Angel, Fabian & Henry
The family of Guillermo Cordero
Brain tumor/cancer)
7/9/1978 - 2/12/2005
His aunt Irene Cordero
The family of James Landry
Complications of pneumonia/heart defect)
2/17/1966 - 7/30/2003
His parents Robert & Virginia Landry
His brothers Robert & Steven
The family of Jason Miller
4/12/1983 - 7/17/2004
His mother Norma Cole
The family of Jeffrey Dixon
Drug overdose)
7/17/1979 - 1/22/2007
His sisters Monica & Katie
His brother Mike
The family of John Lutz
Complications of cancer treatments)
10/16/1930 - 7/24/2006
His wife Barbara Lutz
The family of John Martin
Accidental drowning)
1/6/1988 - 7/23/2006
His parents John & Diane Martin
His brothers Matthew, Adam & Zachary
The family of Justin Burger
4/29/1982 - 7/30/2005
His parents Scott & Mary Ellen Burger
His brother Scott
The family of Kael Bolton
(Mom's fatty liver disease while in-utero)
7/13/2006 - 7/13/2006
Her mother Elizabeth Kidd
The family of Kassie Hall
(Auto accident)
8/10/1990 - 7/4/2006
Her mother Karen Hall
The family of Kathy Pinkerton
2/18/1982 - 7/9/1997
Her mother Ann Mansur
Her sisters Nicky & Amie
The family of Kelly
(Boating accident)
? - 7/2006
Her father Jerry Brigham Jr
The family of Kevin Jones
7/17/1987 - 12/19/2000
His mother Ranonda Jones
His sister Keyara Jones
His brother Kavon Jones
The family of Kira Arney
(Brain tumor)
7/8/1993 - 6/30/2006
Her mother Katie Arney
Her sister Hannah
Her brothers Nate & Chandler
The family of Kyler Martin
8/4/2004 - 7/12/2006
His grandmother Bonnie Hopkins
His sister Kaylee
The family of Larry
? - 7/24/2006
His wife Carol Schafer
The family of Leandro Mata
4/24/1999 - 7/18/2006
His mother Janet Mata
His sister Janetlee
His brothers Daniel & Stephan
The family of Lisa McLaughlin
7/19/1975 - 2/9/2006
Her mother Patricia Jost
Her sisters Jennifer & Heather Stanhope
Her brother Kevin Burr
The family of Marietta McKinley
(Auto accident)
6/16/2000 - 7/9/2003
Her sister Alice McKinley
Her family friend Benton Johnson II
The family of Mathew Miller
(Drug overdose)
7/3/1978 - 8/17/2006
His mother Teresa Miller
The family of Matthew Mogel
(Drowned in pool)
7/18/2005 - 5/25/2007
His parents Marcus & Becky Mogel
His sister Heather Boddiford
His brother Daniel Boddiford
The family of Melissa Rodriguez
(Liver failure/Tylenol toxicity)
12/8/1976 -7/15/2006
Her mother Rose Gennusa
Her brother Paul Gennusa III
The family of Michael Bernhardt
(Motorcycle accident)
11/22/1978 - 7/31/2006
His mother Diana Bernhardt
His sisters Jacquelynn & Antoinette
The family of Michael Moore
(Cardiac arrest after surgery)
7/19/1995 - 4/12/2006
His mother Deidra Moore
His sister Paige
The family of Michael Ramos
(Auto accident)
7/6/1981 - 4/5/2007
His sisters Rebekah, Annissa & Jennifer
His brother Matthew
His aunt Yvonne Deleon
The family of Michaela Harding
(Cystic lesions on the brain)
4/14/1999 - 7/6/2006
Her mother M Harding
Her sister Meagan
Her brothers Tristan & Deven
The family of Miles Wilson
(Accidental drug overdose)
9/8/1982 - 7/18/2004
His mother Elizabeth Boenig
The family of Nick Page
(Auto accident)
7/22/1992 - 10/30/2006
His parents Rod & Shannon Page
His sister Ashley
His grandparents Dick & Nina Page
The family of Officer Joseph Corr
(Police office killed in line of duty)
7/26/1975 - 2/27/2006
His parents David & Katheen Corr
The family of Patrick Fleury
11/30/1977 - 7/26/2006
His mother Cummings
His sister Peggy
The family of Rita Wagstaff
(Drug overdose)
9/24/1981 - 7/18/2006
Her mother Barbara Wagstaff
Her sister Josette
The family of Sean Stirling
7/25/2006 - 7/24/2006
His mother Angela Stirling
The family of Tavarel Byrd
(Stray bullet)
7/30/1976 - 3/6/1995
His mother Veverly Byrd-Davis
His sister Amber
His brother Ashley Davis
The family of Taylor Castillo
(Cord accident)
7/6/2006 - 7/6/200
His mother Candie Castillo
His brothers Tristan & Tanner
The family of Tiffany Perreca
2/14/1983 - 7/14/2006
Her mother Lori Perreca
The family of Tim Ford
(Drug overdose)
6/28/1985 - 7/9/2006
His mother Gayle Ford
The family of Tyler Clark
10/12/1985 - 7/30/2006
His mother Alise McCall
His brothers Bryce, Kle & Kasey
The family of Tyler Tank
(Boating accident)
1/2/1991 - 7/2/2006
His mother Rochelle Pitzenberger
His sister Victoria Tank
His brothers Tony Tank & Joel Kuehn
The family of Vincenzo
7/11/1928 - 11/12/2006
His son Vincent Centofanti
The family of Wendy Lewis
(Acute pneumonia)
7/25/1954 - 2/4/1996
Her mother Karen Haines
Her sister Leslie Cooley
Her brother Lester Richard Jr
Her daughter Casey Cecil
The family of William Wiggs
6/13/1980 - 7/11/2006
His mother Peggy Apger
His father James Wiggs
His son Keegan Wiggs

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