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These families have special days in June. Please remember in Prayer….

The family of Patricia Jordan
6/23/1962 - 5/6/1999
Her mother Genevieve Jordan
Her sister Christina Jordan
The family of Matthew Smyth
(Auto accident)
6/21/1984 - 10/28/2003
His parents Steve & Mary Smyth
His sister Alison Smyth  
The family of Brent Shoemaker
(Toxic effects of prescription drug)
6/30/1965 - 12/15/1997
His parents Larry & Tootie Shoemaker
The family of Brian Mullin
(Auto accident)
His parents Kevin & Donna Mullin
His sister Diane Mullin
His brother Peter Mullin
The family of Alys Rodal
(Complications of diabetes)
2/21/1965 - 6/20/2001
Her parents Donna & Gary Bondahl  
The family of Crawford Roney
(Complications of tonsilectomy)
4/3/1999 - 6/14/1999
His parents Margaret Clarkson & Peter Roney
The family of Chad Chambers
(Auto accident)
His parents Woody & Irene Chambers
His sisters Anne Chambers Terrell
& Amy Chambers  
The family of Elliott Storey
(Auto accident)
6/9/1983 - 9/24/2001
His mother Sheila Storey
His sister Mindi Storey-Johnson
The family of David Collins
His mother Jennifer Collins
His brothers Brian & Justin Collins  
The family of Danny Myles
His sister Marita Myles
His brother Earl Myles
The family of Cassie Wine
(AML Leukemia)
6/10/1994 - 2/14/2003
Her mother Tina Wine
Her sisters Brittany, Keeleigh & Hailee
The family of David Cano
(Massive heart attack)
3/6/1976 - 6/21/2000
His mother Marilyn Thomen
His sister Kim Newhart
The family of Joseph & Andrew Whited
(Premature birth)
6/15/2002 - 6/15/2002
Their parents Scott & Pauline Whited
Their brother Deven Stout
The family of Douglas Berg
9/17/1983 - 6/1/2003
His mom & stepdad Larry & Andrea Claycamp
His sister Lisa Wallace
His brother Daniel Berg
The family of Dustin Roalson
5/18/1983 - 6/20/1986
His mother Carol Friedman
His father Rick Roalson
His sister Trisha Roalson 
The family of Adam Benson
(Auto accident)
9/5/1986 - 6/15/2004
His mother Angie Benson
His sisters Ashleigh, Amy, Amanda & Abby 
The family of Nathan Freeborn
(Auto accident)
7/23/1981 - 6/12/1995
His mother Lisa Frost
His brother Matthew Freeborn
The family of Lauren Wendroff
(Auto accident)
Her parents Varda & Arnie Wendroff
Her brother Jason Wendroff-Rawnicki
The family of Lauren Weiss
(Auto accident)
6/18/1982 - 3/1/2002
Her father Jeffrey Weiss
Her brother Darren Weiss 
The family of Syd Norwood
His mother Gloria Norwood
The family of Kenneth Macauley
(Auto accident)
12/19/1981 - 6/5/2001
His mother Jenny Macauley
His brother Craig Macauley  
The family of Sumerlyn Streeter
(Auto accident)
6/1/1981 - 10/9/2000
Her parents Jim & Yvette Streeter
The family of Joseph Tocco
6/2/1979 - 8/29/2003
His parents Susan & Joseph Tocco
His sister Jodi
The family of Logan Book
(Head trauma)
6/1999 - 2/11/2001
His parents Melissa & Hippie Book
His brother Luke Book  
The family of Aidan Hunt
(Heart defect)
6/4/2005 - 10/20/2005
Her mother Kathy Hunt
Her brother Abraham 
praying angel The family of Alexander Vincent
(Trisomy 13)
6/8/2006 - 6/27/2006
His mother Samantha Vincent
The family of Andrew Windham
(Hunter syndrome)
6/17/1990 - 4/22/2005
His mother Kathy Anderson
His sisters Amber & Casey
The family of Anya George-Svahn
(Pulmonary vein stenosis/sepsis)
6/6/2005 - 12/31/2005
Her mother Lisa George-Svahn
The family of Andrew Petrokubi
(Auto accident)
6/20/1982 - 9/26/2005
His father Jim Petrokubi
His sister Julie  
The family of Ashley DeLoach
(Pulmonary artresia)
11/18/1998 - 6/12/1999
Her mother Niki DeLoach
Her sister Olivia DeLoach
Her brother Joseph DeLoach 
The family of Benjamin King
(Gun shot)
6/9/2006 - ?
His mother Sandra King  
The family of Armando Garcia
(Auto accident)
6/26/1949 - 12/5/1998
His daughter Bianca Cervantes
The family of Brady Thomas
(Stillbirth-unknown cause)
6/22/2006 - 6/22/2006
His mother Bianca Thomas  
The family of Caitlin Mayes
(Acute lymphocytic Leukemia)
6/30/1986 - 11/27/2005
Her mother Georgia Mayes
Her brother Tristan  
The family of Cameron Blackburn
(Farm accident)
9/6/1988 - 6/18/2003
His S Blackburn
The family of Christy Niece
(Possible SIDS)
6/2005 - 10/20/2005
Her mother Christy O'Reilly
The family of Charles Coyle
6/16/1970 - 6/17/2005
His mother Patricia Coyle
His sisters Kelly & Jennifer 
The family of Christopher Nadle
7/16/2002 - 6/12/2004
His mother Jill Nadle
His brother Kyle    
The family of Cory Hewitt
(Auto accident)
6/21/1985 - 11/5/2005
His mother Marie
His brothers Bryan & Jarod 
The family of Daniel Gooler
(Auto accident)
4/26/1982 - 6/4/2005
The mother of his girlfriend Emma Compton
The family of Cory Brown
6/26/1986 - 2/23/2006
His mother Tammy Brown
His brother Ian  
The family of Evan Laws
(Auto accident)
6/8/1987 - 7/28/2005
His mother Heidi Laws
His sister Shannon
His brother Brian  
The family of Eric Carr
8/24/1972 - 6/25/2005
His mother Cheryl Carr
His sister Eteirrah Bowman
His brothers Kyle Bowman & Edgar Schoffner 
The family of Erica Pilger
(Auto accident)
5/14/1987 - 6/4/2005
Her mother Emma Compton
The family of Heath Hall
(Head-on two vehicle accident)
4/1985 - 6/1/2003
His friends Bruce & Rhonda Kneifl
The family of Jacklynn & Julianna Mercado
(Umbilical cord accident)
6/4/2006 - 6/4/2006
Their  mother Alex Mercado
The family of Grace Miceli
(Suicidal overdose)
10/27/1984 - 6/8/2005
Her mother Diane Mendolia
Her sister Diana Miceli 
The family of Justin Kneifl
(Head-on two vehicle accident)
10/18/1985 - 6/1/2003
His parents Bruce & Rhonda Kneifl
His sister Mandy
His nephew Trinn 
The family of Jeremy Jenkins
(Accidental gunshot)
? - 6/1/2003
His parents Dennis & Darlene Jenkins
The family of James Brozetti
(Auto accident)
6/3/1985 - 2/5/2006
His mother Diane Brozzett
His sister Dina  
The family of Jerome Randolph Jr
11/9/1993 - 6/17/2004
His mother Tabbanetia Ballard
His sister Tamaira Ballard
His brother Anthony Ballard  
The family of Jimmy Sayer
(Infection following tonsillectomy)
6/4/1999 - 3/26/2005
His parents Jim & Stephanie Sayer
His brother Craig Macauley  
The family of James Rivas
(Motorcycle accident)
6/19/1978 - 3/31/2001
His mother Mary Ann Quinn
His sister Michelle Williams  
The family of Joanna Rosser Sims
(Auto accident)
6/19/1968 - 12/3/1997
Her father James Rosser
Her sister Elizabeth Rosser Smith
Her brother James Rosser Jr 
The family of Jodi Mylie
(Ovarian cancer)
6/6/1975 - 1/7/2006
Her sisters Heather Keeler & Erica Messina
Her brother Jarrett Messina 
The family of Jordan Luddeke
(Auto accident)
4/1/1988 - 6/29/2005
His mother Pamela Etheridge Luddeke
His sister Chelsea
His brother Justin
His aunt Jo Ann Nalley
His grandmother Rose Tacy 
The family of Joshua Delaney
6/23/1982 - 6/15/2005
His mother Kay Crawford
His sister Gabrielle
His brother Matthew 
The family of Justin Manning
(Auto accident)
5/29/1979 - 6/13/2004
His mother Linda Manning
His brother Jason Manning  
The family of Justin Walker
6/18/1988 - 1/22/2006
His mother Corinne Walker
His brother Cody 
The family of Kimberlee Murphy
(Fire/smoke inhalation)
12/24/1967 - 6/28/2005
Her mother Sheila Behrend
The family of Karla Leija
6/26/? - ?
Her mother Carmen Leija
The family of Katy Henry
(Road rage)
6/12/1984 - 7/27/2003
Her mother Gail Henry
Her sisters Sarah, Emily & Allison
Her brothers Erik & Frankie 
The family of Kory Schramm
(Struck by car)
6/10/1981 - 7/16/2004
His mother Wendy Schramm
His sister Karlee
His brother Kristopher 
The family of Linda Barton
(Lung cancer)
6/8/1942 - 4/20/2006
Her sister Gale Clark
The family of Kris Peterson
6/4/1967 - 10/12/2005
Her mother Virginia Peterson
Her sisters MaryBeth, Debbie, Christina & Cassandra
Her brothers David & Jonathan
The family of Michael Buthot
(Roadside bomb-Baghdad Iraq)
6/13/1986 - 4/22/2006
His sister Amy Bouthot
His brothers Joseph & Eddie
The family of Mark Markos
6/25/1976 - 11/21/2005
His mother Kathie Markos
His sisters Kelley, Johanna & Krystina
The family of Michael Higgins
(Possible aneurysm)
6/17/1985 - 4/6/2006
His father Robert Higgins
The family of Oliver Harvey
6/19/1988 - 5/28/2005
His mother Beverly Harvey
His sister Rebecca Harvey
The family of Patrick Orsino
(Streptococcal toxic shock following minor surgery)
6/15/1980 - 3/17/2005
His mother Sandra Orsino
His sister Andrea
The family of Phillip Cunnagin Jr
(Auto accident)
3/11/1977 - 6/18/1998
His sisters Mary Cunnagin Maguire
& Kat Cunnagin Albritton
The family of Raul Perez
(Passenger in auto accident)
6/30/1983 - 3/26/2006
His parents Raul & Lisa Perez
His sister Kristell
His brother Alex
The family of Sarah Thursby
6/27/1979 - 8/4/2004
Her parents Alan & Karen Thursby
Her brothers Jonathan & Daniel 
The family of Rhonda Estep
(Auto accident)
8/26/1966 - 6/16/2005
Her parents Wendell & Jolene Rochelle
Her brother Randy Rochelle
Her husband Mike
Her daughter Brittany
Her son Josh 
The family of Shannon Huguley
6/27/1967 - 2/1/2006
Her mother S Garland
The family of Tiffany Vance
(Auto accident)
9/18/1988 - 6/6/2005
Her parents Steve & Lisa Vance
Her sister Stephany Vance 
The family of Scott Silagy
(Complications during surgery)
2/22/1980 - 6/25/1995
His mother Sally Silagy
His sisters Amanda, Carrie & Andrea
His brother Todd
The family of Sharvion Watson
(Premature birth)
5/10/2006 - 6/10/2006
Her mother Sonja Watson
Her sister Sade Johnson
The family of Matthew Friedman
3/11/1986 - 6/16/2003
His mother Carol Friedman
His father Curtis Friedman
His brother Christopher Friedman
The family of Trisha Haggerty
10/29/1970 - 6/13/2005
Her mother Natalie Huber Riggs
Her sisters Carol, Jennifer & Lindsey
Her brother Jeremy
The family of Jarvion Watson
(Premature birth)
5/10/2006 - 6/16/2006
Her mother Sonja Watson
Her sister Sade Johnson
The family of Alexis Packard
9/5/2000 - 6/5/2000
Her mother Mary Ann
The family of Ashley Knight
(Hypoplastic left heart syndrome)
12/9/2004 - 6/22/2006
Her mother Teri Knight
Her sisters Danielle, Brittany & Jessica
Her brother Michael 
The family of Barry Miller
1/13/1987 - 6/28/2006
His sisters Carrie Cadavid & Stephanie Miller
The family of Bart Burris
(Auto accident)
1/24/1987 - 6/17/2006
His mother Susie
His brothers Buck & Blade
The family of Billy Rudd
6/17/1975 - 11/22/2006
His father Bill Rudd
His sister Wendi Marshall
His brothers Josh & Scott Rudd
The family of Braedon Mahlke
(Surgical complications)
6/6/2003 - 5/19/2006
His mother Mindy Mahlke
The family of Brea
(Possible SIDS)
1/19/2005 - 6/20/2006
Her mother Janelle Walton
Her sister Kayla
Her brother Sione 
The family of Caleb Ayers
12/5/1991 - 6/22/2006
His mother Kim Reynolds
His brother Joshua
The family of Charles Carroll
(HUS-Complications of e.Coli)
6/16/1993 - 6/1/2006
His mother Teresa Smith
The family of Chloe Dator
(Blood clot in lungs)
6/19/1988 - 8/12/2006
Her mother Dani Dator
The family of Chris Black
6/24/1982 - 1/30/2006
His mother Kim Allen
The family of Christina Herron
(Advance stage scleroderma)
6/30/1985 - 3/18/2007
Her mother Karen Hinds
Her sisters Megan & Kaitlyn
Her brother Zachary 
The family of Courtney Arnold
(Cystic fibrosis)
9/21/1984 - 6/25/2006
Her mother Joy Everhard
Her brothers Brian Jr, Gregory & Steven 
The family of Dean Guyer
(Brain cancer)
5/3/1967 - 6/27/2005
His friend April Allen
The family of Dorothy Barnes
(Alzheimer's & cancer)
3/17/1901 - 6/10/1986
Her granddaughter Hope Anderson
The family of Jan Sunday
(Complications of diabetes)
6/28/1942 - 1/18/2003
Her daughter Hope Anderson
The family of Eric Nixdorf
(Premature birth)
6/23/2006 - 6/23/2006
His mother Susan Wolf
The family of Garrett Rittenhouse
(Heart condition)
6/21/2005 - 6/27/2006
His mother Angie Rittenhouse
His sister Graci
praying figure The family of Isaiah Gonzalez
(Spina bifida)
6/30/2005 - 4/18/2006
His mother Melissa Gonzalez
The family of Jamison Lister
(Passenger in auto accident)
6/23/1986 - 8/29/2004
His mother Glory Lister
His sister Janelle
His brother Jonathan 
The family of Jason Mach
6/2/1976 - 12/25/2003
His mother Kelly Ross
The family of Jesse Gochez
(Auto accident)
6/24/1987 - 4/26/2001
His mother Susan Morley
His brother Will Gochez 
The family of John Eckman
6/13/1969 - 5/15/1994
His sister Jessica Eckman 
The family of Ginger Plants
6/13/1964 - 3/5/2007
Her mom & stepdad Janiece & Charles Arnold
Her sisters Stacey & DeOnda
Her brothers Charles, Andy, Rod & Rex 
The family of Jeremy Burk
(Auto accident)
6/9/1979 - 8/27/2005
His mother Mary Harding
His sister Leslie Preston
The family of Dustin Kendall
(Killed in action-Iraqi Freedom)
6/30/1984 - 1/15/2006
His mother Penny Kendall
His sisters Courtney, Amber, Lacey & Kayli
His brother Jared
The family of Josh Wenger
(Auto accident)
6/27/1983 - 9/25/2005
His mother Rhonda Alspaugh
His sister Emily Alspaugh
His brother Winston Alspaugh 
The family of Jimmy LeClair
(Auto accident)
5/18/1988 - 6/10/2006
His mother Laurie Creech
His sisters Jamie, Gabby & Stephanie
The family of Justin Scancarello
(Adverse reaction to drugs)
6/9/1982 - 4/17/2004
His mother Linda Scancarello
The family of Justin McLendon
(Arterial venous malformation)
6/1/1993 - 11/16/2005
His mother Tina McLendon
His sister Heather McLendon
The family of Kate Boe
1/30/2006 - 6/28/2006
Her mother Andrea Boe
Her sister Emma
The family of Kevin Barto
(Cystic fibrosis)
4/9/1976 -6/8/1997
His mother Marilyn Barto
The family of Kira Arney
7/8/1993 - 6/30/2006
Her mother Katie Arney
Her sister Hannah
Her brothers Nate & Chandler 
The family of Kody Scarborough
8/3/1987 - 6/5/2006
His mother Sherrie Scarborough
His sister Kala
The family of Luke Meyer
(Auto accident)
6/3/1985 - 6/17/2003
His mother Jane Meyer
His sister Julia
His brother Andrew 
The family of Madeline Cox
(Positional asphyxiation)
12/21/2005 - 6/6/2006
Her mother Michelle Cox
Her sister Anderson Louise
The family of Marietta McKinley
(Auto accident)
6/16/2000 - 7/9/2003
Her family friend Benton Johnson II
Her sister Alice McKinley
The family of Muge Kucuksahin
(Auto accident)
6/17/1985 - 4/7/2006
Her father Levent Kucuksahin
Her brother Emre Kucuksahin 
The family of Nicholas LaPointe
(Auto accident)
2/13/1994 - 6/14/2006
His mother Darla LaPointe
His brothers Chris, Matthew, David Jr & William
The family of Noah Farley
(Genetic disorder)
6/7/2006 - 6/7/2006
His father Kelly Farley
The family of Sabrina Bays
(Medical negligence)
6/6/1996 - 9/17/1999
Her mother Amy Bays
Her brother Logan 
The family of Shannon Cooper
6/9/1999 - 11/16/2006
Her mother Mandy Cooper
The family of William Ruch
6/8/2006 - 6/8/2006
His mother Diana Hill
The family of William Wiggs
6/13/1980 - 7/11/2006
His mother Peggy Apger
His father James Wiggs
His son Keegan Wiggs
The family of Zachariah Barrick
(Accident at work)
6/22/1984 - 1/5/2007
His mother Vicki Hassinger
His brother Nathaniel Barrick 

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