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These families have special days in March. Please remember in Prayer….

The family of Amanda Finch
3/11/1982 - 7/7/2003
Her parents Lynn & David Finch
Her sister Lisa
The family of Amanda Soper
(Heart/lung failure-diabetes)
9/19/1980 - 3/3/2006
Her mother Linda Johnson
Her brother Tony Soper
The family of Ashley Hull
(Vehicular homicide)
3/30/1984 - ?)
Her mother Sandy Lavender
Her brother Christopher Hull
The family of Candace Parker
(Auto accident)
3/11/1977 - 4/5/2005
Her mother Louise Brown
Her brother Mack Parker
The family of Christopher Faller
(Viral tumors after heart xplant)
His mother Maria & Ronald Faller
His sister Rachel Ann Faller
The family of George Warren Jr
3/27/1970 - 12/22/2006
His mother Carol Warren
His sisters Lesley & Meagan
The family of David Ujenski
(Colon cancer)
1/24/1972 - 3/18/2003
His parents Priscilla & Raymond Ujenski
His sister Lisa
The family of David Cano
(Massive heart attack)
3/6/1976 - 6/21/2000
His mother Marilyn Thomen
His sister Kim Newhart 
The family of Danielle Wyckoff
(Complications of spina bifida)
11/21/1986 - 3/12/1999
Her mother Tina Eller
The family of Justin Decker
(Auto accident)
3/19/1988 - 9/23/2004
His parents Marty & Tina Decker
His brothers Jordan & Jeremy
The family of Jimmy Sayer
(Infection following tonsillectomy)
6/4/1999 - 3/26/2005
His parents Jim & Stephanie Sayer
His brother Craig Macauley
The family of Joshua Ammermann
1/31/1989 - 3/5/2006
His mother Sandy LaPera
His brother Tyler
The family of Jimmy Rivas
(Motorcycle accident)
6/19/1978 - 3/31/2001
His mother Mary Ann Quinn
His sister Michelle Rivas
The family of Jill Outinen
(Car/pedestrian accident)
3/12/1979 - 12/30/1993
Her parents Steve & Sherry Outinen
Her brother Kevin Outinen
The family of Kenny Brisby
3/11/1979 - 2/18/2005
His mother Shelly McSweyn
His sisters Amy, Tandell, Briana & Noet
His brother Payton
The family of Michelle DeMello
2/24/1969 - 3/25/2000
Her mom & stepdad Patricia & Ed Santos
Her sister Nichole Watson
Her brother Chad DeMello
The family of Nick Bowen
(Cystic fibrosis)
3/23/1979 - 3/21/2004
His mother Sheri Bowen
His sister Juli
The family of Nicholas Sevigny
(Snowmobile accident)
10/21/1996 - 3/5/2006
His mother Vicky Sevigny
His aunt & uncle Susan & Harlan Nielsen
The family of Samantha Otte
(Failed liver xplant)
1/6/1990 - 3/5/2000
Her parents Chuck & June Otte
Her brother Chrisopher Otte
The family of Serenity Rudd
(Beaten by babysitter)
3/3/2000 - 5/22/2002
Her God grandmother Marita Myles
The family of Tiffany Wilcox
(Severe brain trauma)
12/24/1980 - 3/26/2003
His mother Charlotte Payne
His brother Chad
The family of Sean Loughery
3/14/1978 - 8/28/2006
His mother Sallie Loughery
His brother Brian
The family of Tyler Wilson
(TV tipped over)
3/15/2005 - 9/12/2006
His mother Stephanie Shumaker
His grandparents Pam & Larry Farmer
His great-grandpa Everett Shumaker
The family of Aidan
(Hit by truck while sliding)
3/5/2002 - 4/13/2007
His mother Anita Arualak
His sister Janelle
His brothers Jordan-Lee
The family of Aizik Buno
(Accidental drowning)
6/20/2006 - 3/2/2008
His mother Ernamie Buno
The family of Alex
3/30/2007 - 11/6/2007
His mother Paige Masterson
His sister Cristina
The family of Alexander Gonzalez
(Premature birth)
3/1/2008 - 3/1/2008
His mother Kelly Diaz
The family of Amiyah Barnes
7/11/2007 - 3/19/2008
Her father Mark Barnes
The family of Angela Barnes
3/30/1976 - 1/2/2008
Her parents Thomas & Annette Morosco
The family of Anthony J Palmeri
(Bacterial endocarditis)
3/22/1978 - 4/12/2007
His sisters Gina & Angela Palmeri
His brother James Palmeri Jr
The family of Ashani Riley
(Childhood cancer/rhabdomyosarcoma)
6/7/1999 - 3/21/2008
Her mother Chelees
The family of Ashton Kimball
3/31/2005 - 4/30/2008
His mother Nicole Kimball
The family of Avery Hallows
(Congenital heart defects)
3/10/009 - 3/10/2009
Her grandmother Barbara Pokrin
Her brothers Austin, Colton & Kaden Hallows
The family of Brad Poppe
3/28/2007 - 5/22/2007
His parents Matthew & Katherine Poppe
His sister Katherine II
His brother Matthew Jr
The family of Braden Freiwald
(Complications after tonsil surgery)
10/4/2004 - 3/23/2008
His parents Jason & Billie Freiwald
His sister Alyson
His brother Jacob
The family of Brandon
3/27/1979 - 2/11/2008
His mother Debby Krpec
His sister Kaci
The family of Brent Clark
(Auto accident)
1/18/1984 - 3/31/2007
His mother Nancy Clark
His sisters Ashley & Megan
The family of Brent Neville
(Killed by impaired driver)
10/5/1984 - 3/17/2006
His mother Aleta Neville
His sister Shelley
His brother Ryan
The family of Brian Van Hoorebeke
(Heart complications)
3/7/1970 - 8/5/1995
His mother Joyce Van Hoorebeke
His sisters Amy & Lisa
His brother Scott Van Hoorebeke
The family of Briana
(CP-stopped breathing)
3/22/2003 - 12/25/2006
Her grandmother Sylvie Moise
Her sister Emma
The family of Brittney Van Der Roest
(Auto accident)
10/23/1988 - 3/14/2009
Her parents Larry Van Der Roest Jr & Delissia Workman
Her sister Alisa
The family of Bryce Stewart
(Breathing problems)
3/23/2006 - 4/21/2006
His mother Heather Stewart
His brother Austin
The family of Brycen
3/30/2009 - 3/30/2009
His maternal grandmother Sheila Hammill
His sister Shelby
The family of Carolyn Guido
7/7/1946 - 3/8/2008
Her daughter Debbie Clark
The family of Charles Rosenblum
2/8/1953 - 3/11/2007
His motherMoe Clavin
His sisters Nancy & Gyl
The family of Charlotte Walker
(Auto accident)
3/14/1998 - 2/20/2008
Her mother Lynn Walker
The family of Christopher Carmello
7/10/1984 - 3/5/2008
His mother Naomie Carter
His sister Mary LeJeune
His brother Mitchel Carmello
The family of Daniel
3/2/2005 - 1/6/2009
His mother Alison Starbuck
His sister Alecia
His brother Henry
The family of Daniel Dereere
4/21/1983 - 3/31/2008
His father Daniel Dereere
His brother Mathew Dereere
The family of Darren Knox Jr
3/30/2008 - 3/30/2008
His parents Darren & Joanne Knox
The family of Davin Brown
(Auto accident)
11/4/1988 - 3/28/2008
His mother Tracy Brown
His sister Jaessa Brown
The family of Derek Parker
11/11/1988 - 3/6/2008
His mother Cyndi Parker
His sister Brandi
His brother Aaron
The family of Dexter McGinty
(Premature birth)
3/9/2009 - 3/10/2009
His mother Leslie Matteson
His sister Avery
His brother Ian
The family of Diana Puccio
3/31/2008 - 3/31/2008
Her father Michael Puccio
The family of Donovan Ellison
1/26/2006 - 3/15/2006
His mother Margaret Ferguson
His sister Danielle Ellison
His brother Alek Meek
The family of Dusty Willey
(Health problems)
12/6/2005 - 3/31/2006
His mother Cathryn Elliott
His sister Deborah Elliott
His brothers Westley & James Elliott & Rusty Willey
The family of Eric Wosmek
10/14/1979 - 3/5/1995
His parents William Geronimo & Deb Cross
His brothers Jason Cross & Christopher Wosmek
The family of Ethan
(Developmental problems)
3/13/2008 - 3/13/2008
His mother Tiffany Luoma
His sister Hallie Garcia
The family of Ethan
3/4/2008 - 3/4/2008
His mother Crystal Welden
His sister Hanna
The family of Gabrielle Ravine
(Pulmonary embolism)
3/4/1991 - 6/6/2008
Her mother Deborah Ravine
Her sisters Erika, Tabitha & Renae
The family of Gary Adkison
(Auto accident)
3/26/1962 - 4/11/2007
His mother Dolores Adkison
His sister Barb Adkison
His brothers Mike & David Adkison
The family of Greagory Chavis
(Murder by gunshot)
3/4/1977 - 7/5/2002
His mother Dolores Chavis
His brother Keith & Christopher
The family of Halo Garcia
(Placental abruption)
3/29/2008 - 3/29/2008
Her mother Jenel Garcia
Her sisters Raeann & Braelyn Garcia
Her brother Jayden Garcia
The family of Haylee Alvarez
(Respiratory complications)
3/29/2002 - 7/2/2008
Her mother Lupe Govea
The family of Isabelle
(Cardiac arrest)
3/24/1998 - 8/13/2008
Her mother Michelle Christenson
Her brother Madeline

The family of Isiah
3/29/2008 - 9/21/2008
His mother Brianne Mascher
His sister McKayla
His brothers Aadyn & Christian

The family of Isaiah Ortiz
(Died in sleep)
3/14/2002 - 10/16/2008
His mother Vanessa Collazo
His sisters Sky Ortiz & Layla Maisonet
The family of James Dover
(Auto accident)
3/21/1957 - 8/14/1995
His sister Cecilia Brantley
The family of James Williams
3/13/2007 - ?
His grandmother Emily Smith
His brothers John & Brandon
The family of Jana Shearer
3/26/1986 - 1/5/2008
Her mother Stephine Shearer
Her sisters Becky & Missy
The family of Jason Jenner-Baker
3/18/1984 - 6/26/2006
His mother Lori Jenner-Huckaby
His brothers Kacey, Christopher & Michael
The family of Jason Peck
(Drug overdose)
8/29/1985 - 3/17/2008
His father David Peck Sr
His brothers David Peck Jr & Brian Green
The family of Jeffery Harvey
(Car crash caused by drunk driver)
12/21/1969 - 3/20/1985
His mother Carolyn Canupp
His sisters Rhonda & Dana
His brothers Scott & Kasey

The family of Jeffrey Shetler
3/17/1986 - 11/16/2004
His parents Timothy Sr & Laura Shetler
His brothers Timothy Jr & Dennis Shetler
His aunt Debbie Fox
His grandmother Dot
His (6) nieces & nephews

The family of Jeremiah Rosas
2/17/1989 - 3/21/2006
His mother Celia Cardenas
His sisters Natalya & Karla
His brothers Max & Dante
The family of Jessica Hare
(Brain tumor)
3/21/1967 - 6/29/2008
Her father Gene Hedke
Her sister Jodi Penk
The family of Jordan Adams
3/3/2006 - 10/30/2008
His mother Heather Meyers
The family of Josalina
(Premature birth)
2/10/2005 - 3/14/2005
Her father Johnson Ndelwa
Her sister Mwanajuma
Her brother Lukelo
The family of Joshua Donovan
10/8/1985 - 3/3/2008
The Donovan, Harlow & Rodriguez families
The family of Justin
(Respiratory insufficiency/CP)
4/29/2001 - 3/28/2008
His mother Jen Aldridge
His sister Faith
His brother Nick & Tony
The family of Karina Heald
(Bleeding on brain/premature birth)
3/27/2007 - 3/29/2007
Her mother Deanne Heald
The family of Kayla van der Westhuizen
9/3/2007 - 3/1/2009
Sofia van der Merwe
Her brother Marko & Waldo
The family of Kaylyn Flores
3/24/2009 - 3/24/2009
Her mother Tiara Flores
The family of Kelly Jo Dowd
(Breast cancer)
3/10/1965 - 5/24/2007
Her parents James & Marylnn Dennis
Her sisters Kerri & Kathyr
Her brother Jimmy
The family of Kristin Harkness
(Accidental hanging)
3/19/1989 - 2/22/2008
Her parents Tom & Linda Harkness
Her sister Jessica Harkness
Her brother Eric Harkness
Her grandmother Dorothy Harkness
The family of Kyle
(Roadside bomb in Iraq)
3/2/1985 - 5/26/2004
His mother Dixie Codner
His sister Melissa
The family of Landon Dunn
(Auto accident)
12/14/1992 - 3/24/2008
His mother Tammy Dunn
His brothers Caleb & Ian Dunn
The family of Leticia Rodriguez
(Auto accident)
3/31/1985 - 10/28/2006
Her mother Annette Nesbitt
Her sister Alicia Rodriguez

The family of Lilly Bottorff
3/29/2002 - 3/29/2002
Her parents Clifford III & Barbara Bottorff

The family of Logan Hill
(4-wheeler accident)
12/21/2004 - 3/16/2008
His parents Matt & Brenda Hill
His sister Allie Hill
His brothers Landon & Andrew Hill
The family of Manojlo Manojlovski
3/18/2008 - 3/18/2008
His grandmother Marann Lapp
His sister Sofija
The family of Margaret Hermance
(Breast cancer)
11/25 - 3/16/2007
Her daughter Bridget Szuman
The family of Mark Akira
(Accidental strangulation)
12/17/1996 - 3/13/2009
His parents Mark & Marie Carlsen
His sister Krystal Carlsen
The family of Mark Nogowski
(Complications of pneumonia)
3/22/2003 - 11/30/2007
His parents John & Amy Nogowski
His sister Megan
His brother Jason
The family of Matthew Howrey
(Stillbirth-true knot in cord)
7/16/2008 - 3/29/2008
His mother Marci Howrey
His sisters Miranda & Kairlyn
The family of Matthew Watkins
(Cord death)
3/12/2008 - 3/12/2008
His mother Melissa Watkins
His sister Kylie
The family of Mckenzie Ingle
(Auto accident)
3/19/1988 - 9/23/2004
His mother Colleen Barkman
His sister Savannah Ingle
His brother Graysen Ingle
The family of Mia Rodriguez
(Umbilical cord around neck)
3/5/2008 - 3/5/2008
Her mother Lesly Rodriguez
Her brothers Matthew & Michael
The family of Montel Haney
11/9/1977 - 3/4/1999
His sister & brother-in-law Sonia & Carlos Hill
The family of Nanette Darvai
(Terminal illness)
3/30/1966 - 5/14/2006
Her mother Ayxa Roman
Her sister Natalie
The family of Nathan Windell
(Mother's ruptured uterus)
3/4/2008 - 3/4/2008
His mother Debbi Windell
His brothers Joshua & Jesse
The family of Nicholas Le Van
12/11/2000 - 3/21/2008
His father Lance Le Van
His brothers Hunter & Chris
The family of Owen & Madolyn Martin
(Infection in amnionic sack)
3/3/2009 - 3/3/2009
Their grandmother Sandra Gaston
The family of Pawan
3/18/1990 - 8/18/1997
Kamlender Kumar
His sister Pooja
His brother Deepak
The family of Raymond Knox
3/31/2008 - 3/31/2008
His parents Darren & Joanne Knox
The family of Ricky Hovey
3/10/1998 - 1/9/2002
His mother Cheri Margazano
His sister Katie
The family of Robert Griffith
(Steven Johnson's disease)
3/16/1960 - 2/22/2009
His mother Charlee Griffith
His brother Lance Griffith
The family of Robert Hope
3/27/2008 - 3/27/2008
His parents Jeff & Natashia Hope
His sisters Elaina & Tamara
His brother Tyler
The family of Ryan Sheahy
(Heroin overdose)
5/4/1977 - 3/16/2001
His mother Deborah Sheahy
His brother Michael
The family of Sarah Brummett
3/30/1979 - 8/5/2007
Her mother Becky Walls
Her sisters Gina Scott & Cindy Stierwalt
The family of Seth Bonnett
(HLHS - Complications following 2nd surgery)
3/27/2008 - 10/12/2008
His parents Leland & Kathryn Bonnett
His sister Kayleigh
His brothers Sean & Cary
The family of Sheryl Fosterling
9/1/1984 - 3/30/2008
Her mother Cheiko Fosterling
Her brother Eric Fosterling
The family of Sophia Sianez
(Died in her sleep)
3/17/2008 - 7/3/2008
Her mother Valeria Sianez
Her sister Mia Sanchez
The family of Stefan Erasmus
(Auto accident)
3/14/1981 - 10/21/2008
His mother Amy Wilcocks
His brother Hein Erasmus
The family of Steven
(Motorcycle accident)
1/9/1983 - 3/19/2006
His mother Lisa Harle
The family of Steven Cliff
10/17/1986 - 3/6/2008
His sisters Susan Cliff & Sarah Frederick
The family of Tony
8/8/1980 - 3/28/2007
His sister Allison Thompson
The family of Trevor Lutter
(Respiratory difficulties)
3/25/1999 - 3/19/2008
His mother Holly Lutter
His brother Tyler
The family of Tyler Brengman
(Accidental overdose)
3/13/1984 - 11/13/2007
His parents Steve & Colleen Brengman
His sister Courtney Brengman
His brother Troy Brengman
The family of Veronica Davidson
(Vehicular homicide)
3/19/1973 - 4/18/2008
His sisters Arralea, Sephanie & Samantha
His brothers Julian, Jeremy & Benjamin

The family of Vitoria Reyes
(Major organ failure)
12/31/1994 - 3/11/2008
Her mother Elizabeth Medina
Her sister Bianca Medina
Her brother Giancarlo Medrano

The family of Wade Snyder
(Crib death)
3/17/1961 - 12/5/1961
His sister Toni Schauer
The family of Wyatt
3/27/2008 - 3/27/2008
His mother Christie Benoit

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