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These families have special days in May. Please remember in Prayer….

The family of Anthony Dohme
(Accidental drug overdose)
5/19/1981 - 2/7/2005
His mother Amy Retherford
The family of Alayna Robinson
(Hit by truck)
5/25/1994 - 7/14/2005
Her parents Ken & Lisa Lassey
Her sister Erin
Her brother Colin
Her aunt J Marie
The family of Andrew Lauts
(Hit by train)
11/15/1981 - 5/25/2000
His parents Norma & Bill Lauts
His sister Laura Lauts
The family of Benjamin Mullin
(Auto accident)
His parents Kevin & Donna Mullin
His sister Diane Mullin
His brother Pete Mullin
The family of Chandra Blood
(Auto accident)
5/11/1980 - 8/25/2002
Her parents Barb & Bob Blood
Her sister Tasha
The family of Antonio Garcia Jr
(Drowned while saving siblings)
5/15/1985 - 9/5/1999
His mother Debbie Lopez Garcia
His sister Sandy Garcia
His brother Leonardo Garcia
The family of Brenda Krebs
(Accidental drug overdose)
5/30/1981 - 5/14/2006
Her mother Sheila Krebs
Her sisters Amanda & Teresa
Her brothers Jason, Justin & Tyler
praying figure The family of Carly Ball
5/11/2006 - 5/11/2006
Her mother Mily Ball
Her brothers Koby & Corbin
The family of Christopher Faller
(Viral tumors)
His parents Ronald & Maria Faller
His sister Rachel Faller
The family of Dustin Roalson
5/18/1983 - 6/20/1986
His mother Carol Friedman
His father Rick Roalson
His sister Trisha Roalson
The family of Erica Carlock
10/6/1983 - 5/24/2004
Her mother Sandra White
Her sister Shanika
Her brothers Travis, James & Montrel
Her aunt Brenda Lark
The family of Charles McKinney
11/16/1985 - 5/9/2004
His mother Azarine Crisp
His sisters Denisha, Paris & Trina
His brothers Jason, Joseph & Jeremiah
The family of Christopher Harding
5/18/1986 - 2/2/2006
His mother Crystal Harding
His brother Mark Mazariegos
The family of Christopher Proctor
(Cerebral Palsy/pneumonia)
12/29/1981 - 5/13/1998
His mother Brenda Riley
His sisters Angela & Kimberlee
The family of Christopher Wright
5/23/1981 - 8/17/2005
His mother Charlene Carnell
His sister Sharon Stanton
His brother Daniel Wright
The family of Joseph Stafford
(Drowned while on vacation)
5/1/1999 - 8/13/2001
His parents Joe & Stephanie Stafford
His sisters Sarah & Emily Stafford
The family of Justin Young
(Accidental drowning)
His parents Barb & Carl Young
His brother Jason Young
The family of Joseph Barnett
5/11/2004 - 5/11/2004
His parents Keith & Lori Barnett
The family of Clay Lizer
12/11/1977 - 5/4/1978
His mother Lisa Anspacher
The family of Dean Guyer
(Brain cancer)
5/3/1967 - 6/27/2005
His friend April Allen
The family of Jason Wentworth
(Heart attack after surgery)
5/4/1975 - 2/11/1999
His mother Cathi-Lou Wentworth
His brother Travis Wentworth
The family of Jacob Kuhn
(Placental abruption)
5/5/2005 - 5/5/2005
His mother Tracy Kuhn
His sisters Ashley & Amber Kuhn
The family of Marla Ellis
(Car/truck accident)
4/9/1976 - 5/10/2000
Her parents Tom & Pat Ellis
Her brother Mark Ellis
Her sister-in-law Kristi
Her niece Summer
The family of Daniel Dureck
(Cardiac arrest/Evan's Syndrome)
1/3/1991 - 5/31/2005
His mother Dawn Durick
His sisters Jennifer & Dana
His brother Jeff
The family of Daronte Thomas
5/28/1981 - 12/26/2005
His sister Alandria
His brothers Johnathon & Jason
His aunt Marva Smith
The family of David Santos
5/2/1997 - 8/1/2005
His mother Marisol Santos
His sisters Stephanie & Serena Santos
The family of Joel Jones
(Accidental drug overdose)
5/10/1985 - 1/26/2004
His mother Iris Traw
His brother Ray Jones
The family of Diane Taylor
(Murdered by drunk driver)
5/25/1973 - 10/5/1996
Her parents Larry & Jenny Taylor
Her brother Chris Taylor
The family of Jonathan Ibarra
(Auto accident)
2/13/2004 - 5/16/2004
His grandmother Donna Wheelehon
The family of Justin Rosen
(Premature birth)
5/2/2001 - 5/2/2001
His parents Carol & Rob Rosen
The family of Ken Putnam
(Van rollover)
5/11/1967 - 5/23/1995
His parents Dave & Karen Putnam
His brothers Jeff & Steve
The family of Wendi Wheelehon
(Auto accident)
3/21/1987 - 5/16/2004
Her mother Donna Wheelhon
The family of Michael Bumbaugh
(Cardiac arrest/drug overdose)
5/23/1974 - 10/5/2003
His mother Elizabeth Fischer
His sisters Kim, Dawn, Cindy & Kristine
The family of Serenity Rudd
(Beaten by babysitter)
3/3/2000 - 5/22/2002
Her God grandmother Marita Myles 
praying nun
The family of Kenny Saunders
(Hit on motorcycle)
1/4/1983 - 5/23/2005
His mother Cindy Saunders
His brothers Scott & Andy Saunders
The family of Kimlan Le
(Congenital heart defect/cardiac arrest)
12/10/2002 - 5/21/2003
Her parents Loc & Carolyn Le
Her brothers Liem & Connie
The family of Erica Pilger
(Auto accident)
5/14/1987 - 6/4/2005
Her mother Emma Compton
The family of Erica Ridenour
(Fungal infection)
5/16/1993 - 11/17/2005
Her mother Tonie Ridenour
Her brother Christian Ridenour
The family of Petey Caravella
(Auto accident)
5/26/1984 - 2/8/2004
His parents Pete & Veronica Caravella
His sisters Jessica & Stephanie
His brothers Christopher & Matthew
The family of Patricia Jordan
(Murdered by sister)
6/23/1962 - 5/6/1999
Her mother Genevieve Jordan
Her sister Christina Jordan
The family of Sean Kukoleck
(Heroin overdose)
5/1/1981 - 12/19/2001
His mother Patti Kukoleck
The family of Steve Jelley
His mother Edna Jelley
His sister Linda
His brother Allen  
The family of Lisa Petro
2/17/1987 - 5/18/2004
Her mother Diane Petro
Her sister Diana
The family of Michael Dassing
(Motorcycle accident)
5/31/1981 - 7/4/2004
His parents Terri & Steve Dassing
His brother Stephen
The family of Hanna Gervais
9/21/2003 - 5/10/2003
Her mother Laura Miller
Her sister Hali Gervais
Her brother Joseph Gelfuso
The family of William Seelbach
(Boating accident/drowning)
8/9/1978 - 5/26/2002
His mother Linda Linger
His brother Ryan Seelbach
The family of Hector Martinez Jr
12/29/1970 - 5/11/1996
His parents Hector & Rosemary Martinez
His sister Priscilla Martinez
His brother Jacob Martinez
The family of Orlando Martinez
7/24/1972 - 5/11/1996
His parents Hector & Rosemary Martinez
His sister Priscilla Martinez
His brother Jacob Martinez
The family of Stephanie Bieniek
3/16/1997 - 5/2/2004
Her parents Cheri & Mitch Bieniek
Her brothers Aaron & Tyler
The family of Willem Erasmus
(Heart failure)
1/3/1969 - 5/20/2001
His parents Joedie & Francina Erasmus
His sister Elna van Vreden
The family of Tracy Burford
2/16/1978 - 5/12/2005
His parents Rodney & Debra Burford
His brother Jason
The family of Jack McKinnon
5/3/1983 - 12/10/2005
His mother Valerie McKinnon
His sister Amy
The family of Jonathan & Jamison Lewis
(Twin miscarriage)
5/22/2006 - 5/22/2006
Their parents Julia & Nick Lewis
The family of Joshua Wall
12/27/1979 - 5/1/2006
His father John Wall
His sisters Tabatha & Heather
The family of John Watt
5/18/1982 - 4/28/2003
His mother Jeanne Francoette Watt
His sister Timene & Rejeanne
The family of Kasandra Cruz Barajas
(Choked on piece of carrot)
5/16/2005 - 4/3/2006
Her aunt Ana Hernandez
The family of Keith Lofton
5/3/1978 - 10/17/2000
His mother Lina Lofton
The family of Kenny Norris Jr
5/26/1999 - 4/6/2004
His mother Bonnie Norris
The family of Larry Grigsby
8/1/1975 - 5/7/1998
His mother Barbara Grigsby
His brother Andy
The family of Michael Palacios
(Hit by truck)
9/11/1970 - 5/2/2001
His mother Alba Palacios
His brother Andrew
The family of Oliver Harvey
6/19/1988 - 5/28/2005
His mother Beverly Harvey
His sister Rebecca Harvey
The family of Ray Duvall
5/26/2005 - 2/13/2006
His mother Tress Duvall
The family of Remi Goodall
2/2/2006 - 5/6/2006
Her mother Jessica Goodall
Her brother J Everett Goodall
The family of William Pilger Jr
(Full-term stillbirth)
5/13/1986 - 5/11/1986
His mother Emma Compton
The family of Richard Durrant
4/9/1982 - 5/15/2006
His mother Lorna Kay Durrant
His sisters KaDe & TeraLe
His brothers Jonathan, Bradley, 
Thomas, Brian, Greggory & Jason
The family of Richard Sanchez
(Head injury)
5/15/1964 - 9/18/2005
His wife Vickie Sanchez
The family of Robby Jenkins
(Died while in police custody)
4/5/1981 - 5/24/1999
His mother Cindy Jenkins
His sisters Kristen & Alysa
His brother LJ
The family of Robert Stewart
5/1/1973 - 10/13/2005
His ex-wife Barbara Stewart
The family of Barbara Moore
? - 5/10/2004
Her mother Jackie Moore
Her sisters Kelly & Elizabeth
Her brother Joseph
The family of Trevor Wallace
(Heart attack)
5/10/1983 - 2/25/2005
His mother Lisa Anspacher
The family of Alex Ellert
(ATV accident)
4/24/1991 - 5/17/2003
His mother Carol Keezer
His brother Tyson
The family of Brian Brumbaugh
(Motorcycle accident)
10/9/1983 - 5/2/2007
His mother Marlene Brumbaugh
His sister Janet
His brothers William & Donald
The family of Bill Sullivan
(Colon cancer)
11/26/1986 - 5/8/2006
His mother Ann Sullivan
His sisters Patty & Colleen
The family of Braedon Mahlke
(Surgical complications)
6/6/2003 - 5/19/2006
His mother Mindy Mahlke
The family of Celie West-Burnett
(SIDS/malabsorption/respiratory problems)
5/20/2005 - 7/6/2005
Her mother Mandy West
Her sisters Corrine & Aaliyah
Her brother Elijah
The family of Brit Adams
(Blunt trauma to head)
5/12/1981 - 8/17/1991
His mother Reda Collinsworth Morgan
His brother Sean Fouch
The family of Buc Vickers
(Tractor accident)
5/6/1971 - 2/12/2005
His mother Anne Mitchell
His brothers Bennie & Brad
The family of Clint Reagan
(Accidental overdose)
5/15/1985 - 8/6/2005
His mother Debra Reagan
His brother Blake Reagan
The family of Chelsea Bragg
(Auto accident)
12/2/1989 - 5/3/2006
Her mother Phyllis Bragg
Her brother Justin
The family of Christian Gennusa
12/30/2004 - 5/8/2005
His father Paul Gennusa III
His brothers Paul, Nicolas & Mark
His grandmother Rose Gennusa
The family of Danny Forsness
(Ran over by semi)
1/30/1981 - 5/11/2006
His mother Patricia Forsness
His sister Jennifer
The family of Crystal Houser
(Accidental overdose of prescribed medications)
8/4/1982 - 5/22/2004
Her mother Hope Anderson
Her sister Jasmine Houser
Her brother Dalton Anderson
The family of Curtis Carney
(Blood clot in brain)
10/16/1978 - 5/30/2006
His mother Jeanita VanDerLee
His sisters Kristina, Karen & Nikki
His brothers Phillip, Gene, Ben & Andy
His sons Charles, Curtis Jr, Calvin & Chad
The family of Edward Gennett
(Lung cancer)
11/1/1928 - 5/26/2005
His daughter Patricia Jost
The family of David Perry
(Motorcycle accident)
5/14/1965 - 9/17/2006
His fiancé Veverly Byrd-Davi
The family of David Schumacher
5/9/1958 - 1/6/2007
His mother Marion Schumacher
His sisters Debra, Ginger, Wanda, Laurel & Terri
The family of Hunter Collins
(Backed over by truck)
12/3/1990 - 5/26/2006
His mother Joyce Collins
His sister Jennifer
His brothers Joshua & Todd
The family of Eli Graczyk
5/12/2005 -3/6/2006
His parents Mr & Mrs Jim Graczyk
His sister Emma
His brother Ethan
The family of Eric Connolly
(Auto accident)
5/25/1982 - 12/22/2006
His mother Lori Connolly
His sister Carrie
The family of Sharvion Watson
(Premature birth)
5/10/2006 - 6/10/2006
Her mother Sonja Watson
Her sister Sade Johnson
The family of James Davis
5/1/1989 - 1/14/2003
His mother Joyce Bellinghiere
His sister Tawni
His brother Michael
The family of Jamie-Leigh Britt
(Viral meningitis)
9/14/1987 -5/22/2006
Her mother Judy Britt
Her sisters Stacie & Kelie
Her brothers Kenny Jr., Michael & James III
The family of Jarvion Watson
(Premature birth)
5/10/2006 - 6/16/2006
Her mother Sonja Watson
Her sister Sade Johnson
The family of Jeffery Burnett
3/14/1983 - 5/1/2007
His mother Elizabeth Jordan
His sisters Angel, Kim & Kayla
His brothers Terry & Bryan
The family of Jennifer Davis
5/12/1985 - 9/14/2005
Her mother Jackie Moore
Her sisters Kelly & Elizabeth
Her brother Joseph
The family of Jerry Mannin
5/21/1944 - 9/8/2005
His wife Karen Mannin
The family of Jimmy LeClair
(Auto accident)
5/18/1988 - 6/10/2006
His mother Laurie Creech
His sisters Jamie, Gabby & Stephanie
The family of Jody Emerson
(Car crash caused by drunk driver)
4/30/1981 - 5/11/2006
His sisters Patricia & Jennifer
His brothers Jonathan & Greg
The family of John Eckman
6/13/1969 - 5/15/1994
His sister Jessica Eckman
The family of Jose Luis
5/2/1989 - 4/23/1990
His mother Judith Anderson
The family of Joseph Purvis
(Cardiopulmonary arrest/pneumonia)
4/10/1989 - 5/8/2006
His mother Linda Turner
His brothers Joey & Joel Turner
The family of Joshua Signs
(Accidental drug overdose)
5/13/1986 - 5/17/2006
His parents Donald & Bobbi Signs
The family of Keith Leslie
5/29/1955 - 3/1/2007
His sister Kim Haring
The family of Kevin Aguilar
5/16/1980 - 8/22/2005
His mother Pam Aguilar
His brother Anthony Aguilar
The family of Kevin Kears
4/16/1977 - 5/31/2006
His mother Judy Sancho
His sister Andrea Kears
His brother Jason Kears
The family of Logan Conrad
5/14/2005 - 2/16/2007
His mother Michelle Conrad
His brothers Anthony & Chase Conrad
praying girl The family of Matt Jones
(Motorcycle accident)
11/4/1977 - 5/15/2006
His mom & stepdad Kathy & Donny Roberts
His father & stepmom Sam & Robin Jones
His sister Lisa Reynolds
His niece McKenna
The family of Nathan Stonebarger
(Deer/motorcycle accident)
5/14/1982 - 5/7/2004
His mother Kathleen Block
His sisters Laurie, Angela & Barbara
The family of Nelson Lopez
9/7/1978 - 5/15/2005
His mother Sabina Palacio
The family of Pamela 'Charlene' Martin
(Auto accident)
10/17/1974 - 5/11/2006
Her mother Pamela Hendrix
Her sisters Stephanie & Shanna
Her brothers Charles, Scotty & Jonathan
Her daughters Kylee & Kierra
Her sons Mason & Dustin
The family of Nicholas Carlton
(Auto accident)
8/13/1983 - 5/25/2002
His mother Kathy Carlton
His sister Carrie
The family of R Scott Branson
2/28/1980 - 5/18/2001
His parents Bob & Barbara Branson
His brother Brian
The family of Rebecca Conners
5/12/1984 - 12/10/2005
Her mother Tamara Seguin
Her sisters Samantha, Jennifer, Melissa & Chrissy
Her brother James
The family of Savannah Jones
4/5/2006 - 5/4/2006
Her mother Beth Jones
Her sisters Emily, Brianna & Hannah
The family of Sean Heartmam
(Sudden cardiac arrest)
5/1/1971 - 3/1/2006
His parents Mike & Carol Bannigan
The family of Tikaila Allen-Kane
5/12/1999 - 8/6/1999
Her mother Christina Allen-Fernandez
Her sister Eliana
Her brothers Ezekiel & Frankie Jr
The family of Tanner Moore
12/1/1989 - 5/16/2006
His mother Tamara Moore-Minor
His sister Terra
His brothers Andrew, Chrisopher & Daniel
The family of Taylor Leggett
5/8/2006 - 9/19/2006
His mother Courtney Leggett
His brother Braden
The family of Tyler McKinney
(Auto accident)
5/15/1984 - 9/23/2005
His mother Mary Jane McKinney
His sister Lindsey
The family of Todd Zelinger
(Accidental overdose)
11/16/1963 - 5/25/2007
His mother Bobbi Zelinger
His sister Julie Dornik
His brother Rick Zelinger
The family of Waylon Davis III
(Auto accident)
? - 5/11/2006
His mother Carla Flores
His sister Georgia Davis
His brother Lloyd Davis
The family of Valencia Reynolds
10/17/1970 - 5/17/1992
Her mother Coz
The family of Zachary Alving
(Brain hemorrhage)
1/14/1994 - 5/7/2006
His mother Janet Alving
His sister Athena
His brothers Ryan & Hunter
The family of Marie Holler
(Respiratory failure)
5/31/1931 - 1/5/2000
Her daughter Debra Holler
The family of Cameron Yarbrough-Brenton
10/5/2004 - 5/7/2006
His mother Naomi Brenton
His brothers Cullen & Andre
The family of Justin Manning
(Auto accident)
5/29/1979 - 6/13/2004
His mother Linda Manning
His brother Jason Manning

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