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These families have special days in November. Please remember in Prayer….

The family of Angel Jesus Ruiz
(Rare genetic disorder)
11/12/1990 - 12/31/1990
His mother Blanca Llamas-Varga
His sisters Arantxa & Amaya
The family of Andrew Lauts
(Hit by train)
His parents Norma & Bill Lauts
His sister Laura Lauts
The family of Aniya Redd
(Stomach injury)
Her mother Tikeena Israel
Her great-grandma Lorraine DeShields
The family of David Collins
His mother Jennifer Collins
His brothers Brian & Justin Collins
The family of Bonnie Moore
(Drugs and a weak heart)
11/27/1967 - 11/4/2004
Her mother Barbara Cebert
The family of Brayden Christoffersen
(Unknown cause)
11/24/1988 - 2/15/2001
His parents Kenny & Mitzi Christoffersen
His brothers Chandler, Kooper, Kody & Kort
The family of Cynthia Cruz
(Murder-domestic abuse)
1/13/1969 - 11/3/2001
Her mother Marilyn Acosta
Her sister Elizabeth Acosta
Her brother Lee Green
The family of Janet Berggren
(Auto accident)
Her parents Mr & Mrs Robert Berggren
Her brothers Jason, Brent, Joel, Zachary 
& Seth Berggren  
The family of Henry Torres
11/19/1968 - 1/1/2001
His mother Yvonne Benavides
His brother Michael Torres
The family of David McQuinley
(Gunshot to heart)
11/1/1982 - 11/10/2000
His mother Vonda Knell
His sisters Chrystak & Kristen
His brothers Johnny & Michael, Chris Knell
& Michael McQuinley 
The family of Ezra Trzeciak
(Kidney failure from abdominal infection)
4/9/1973 - 11/19/2003
His parents Clare & Ed Trzeciak
His sister Heloise Trzeciak
The family of Jeff Mudge
1/17/1961 - 11/4/1988
His parents Skip & Jerry Mudge
The family of Jessica Hanna
(Chronic lung disease)
11/19/2003 - 6/13/2004
Her parents Jeff & Toni Hanna
The family of Michael Miglesz Jr
(Cardiac arrest)
6/19/1992 - 11/1/1999
His mother Donna Miglesz
His sister Tatianna Miglesz
His brother Christopher Miglesz
The family of Naja Dewdney
(Massive blood clot between heart & lung)
2/3/1979 - 11/12/2000
Her parents Norma Jean & Jerald Dewdney
Her sisters Lisa, Adrian, Carissa & Melissa
Her brother Jerald Dewdney
The family of Laura Gross
(Auto accident)
1/30/1984 - 11/27/2001
Her mother Susan & John Gross
Her sisters Valerie & Rachel Gross
Her brother Andrew Gross
The family of Lindsey DeWester
(Auto accident)
11/20/1987 - 10/25/2002
Her parents Richard & Julie DeWester
Her brother Cody DeWester
The family of Ashley DeLoach
(Pulmonary artresia)
11/18/1998 - 6/12/1999
Her mother Niki DeLoach
Her sister Olivia DeLoach
Her brother Joseph DeLoach
The family of Spencer Death
11/2/1982 - 1/17/2004
His parents Noreen & Wayne Death
His sisters Shannen & Mikylah
The family of Teague Pope
(Heart defect/sepsis)
11/12/2003 - 4/23/2004
His mother Barbara Arnold
The family of Tommy Gatlin
(Massive heart attack)
11/21/1963 - 4/15/2002
His parents John Gatlin & Pat Grice
His sister Vicki Null
His brother Robbie Gatlin
The family of Adam Devine
(Heroin overdose)
4/21/1981 - 11/18/2003
His mother Patricia Warner-Spruell
His brother Zachariah Warner
The family of Alan Hein
(Severe asthma attack)
7/1/1989 - 11/25/2005
His mother Maria Goodson
His sister Marissa Treadwell
His brother Matthew Treadwell
The family of Amanda Hrasar-Borylaa
(Accidental drug overdose)
10/15/1985 - 11/17/2005
Her mother Dee Boryla-Lett
Her sister McKenna
Her brothers Lucas & Zackary
The family of Alexis Doucette
(Cardiac problems)
9/30/2004 - 11/1/2004
Her mother Lisa Doucette
Her brothers Jake & Logan Doucette
The family of Allen Johnson
11/281914 - 10/28/2003
His granddaughter Angela Silling
The family of Angel Rivera
11/30/2001 - 2/27/2005
His mother Bethanie Rivera
His sister Angelique
His brothers Nathaniel & Abdiel
The family of Andre Peeples
(Trisomy 13)
10/28/2004 - 11/5/2004
His parents Vincent & Angela Brown
His brother Vincent
The family of Andrew & Hannah Stuart
(Premature birth)
11/17/2005 - 11/17/2005
Their mother Dana Stuart
Their sisters Jenna & Shauna Reeves
The family of Ashley Tolliver
1/10/2000 - 11/11/2005
Her mother Jennifer Walker
Her brother Dustin
The family of Anthony Haskew
(Natural causes)
11/19/2004 - 12/4/2004
His mother Christina Miller
His brother Aaron
praying grandma The family of Caitlin Mayes
(Acute lymphocytic Leukemia)
6/30/1986 - 11/27/2005
Her mother Georgia Mayes
Her brother Tristan
The family of Berkeley Garrison
(Struck by car while in crosswalk)
4/22/2002 - 11/18/2005
His mother Koby Reeder
His sister Gwynedd Connors
His brother Cianan Conway
The family of Brian Sims
(Brain Aneurysm)
11/20/1975 - 11/1/2004
His mother Debbie Sims
His brother Kevin
The family of Chad Miller
12/27/1985 - 11/29/2004
His mother Melanie Miller
His brother Randy
The family of Cameron Echols
(Sudden collapse)
11/11/1992 - 7/31/2006
Her parent Britten Echols
Her sister Ashlen Echols
The family of Cary Blank
4/18/1985 - 11/22/2004
His father Carl Blank
His sister Abby
His brother Adam
The family of Chuck Collier Jr
(Auto accident)
11/12/1984 - 4/2/2005
His parents Charles Sr &Kimberly Collier
The family of Charles McKinney
11/16/1985 - 5/9/2004
His mother Azarine Crisp
His sisters Denisha, Paris & Trina
His brothers Jason, Joseph & Jeremiah
The family of Christopher Stewart
11/10/1994 -10/13/2005
His mother Barbara Stewart
His sister Alexandra
His brothers Andrew, Trenton & Conner
The family of Dakoda Weese
(ATV accident)
9/11/2000 - 11/6/2004
His parents Roger Jr & Michelle Weese
His brother Kaleb Weese
The family of Cory Hewitt
(Auto accident)
6/21/1985 - 11/5/2005
His mother Marie
His brothers Bryan & Jarod
The family of Cortney Hensley
(Auto accident)
11/12/1987 - 9/24/2005
Her mother Karen Hensley
Her sister Britney Hensley
The family of Denise Dousman
11/8/1967 - 5/28/2004
Her mother Mona Long
Her sister Kristine
The family of Daniel Jaramillo
(Auto accident)
2/27/1987 - 11/6/2005
His mother Rosa Jaramillo
His brother Fernando Jaramillo
The family of Danielle Cyr
2/6/1978 - 11/2/2003
Her mother Deborah Cyr
Her sister Jennifer
Her brother Adam
The family of Emily Mewes
(Car/bike accident)
4/20/1994 - 11/8/2004
His mother René Mewes
His brothers Trey & Clay Mewes
The family of Dylan Harvey
(Accidental death)
10/20/2002 - 11/16/2003
His mother Deborah Harvey
His sisters Nicole & Kristy-Lee
His brothers Mitchell & Jed
The family of Earl Carls
10/24/1945 - 11/30/2005
His wife Susan Dodd-Carls
The family of Jacob Bull
(Complications from an operation)
11/5/1996 - 4/6/2002
His mother Jeanna Bull
His sister Molly
The family of Erica Ridenour
(Fungal infection)
5/16/1993 - 11/17/2005
Her mother Tonie Ridenour
Her brother Christian Ridenour
The family of Frances Fields
12/3/1950 - 11/30/2005
Her sister Yvonne Gathers
The family of James Meier
11/22/1966 - 4/27/2006
His mother Peggy Meier
His sisters Lynne & Jennifer 
The family of Jacob Carpenter
11/10/1982 - 12/7/2005
His mother Jeorganne Darling
His brother Brendan Carpenter
The family of Jade Gilmore
1/11/2005 - 4/24/2006
Her grandmother Jalaya Gilmore
The family of Jerome Randolph Jr
11/9/1993 - 6/17/2004
His mother Tabbanetia Ballard
His sister Tamaira Ballard
His brother Anthony Ballard
The family of Jason Player
(Shot & killed)
2/12/1980 - 11/19/2001
His mother Dawn Ingram
The family of Jason Rapp
(Pickup accident)
9/12/1981 - 11/10/2000
His mother Heidi Rapp
His brothers Joshua & Cody
The family of Joey Starling
(Aortic Aneurysm)
12/22/1963 - 11/19/1983
His mother Pat Moser
His sisters Kelly & Stacy
The family of Jessica Chase
(Died in sleep)
11/28/1977 - 1/19/2006
Her mother
Her sisters Chanel & Celeste
Her brothers Michael & John
The family of Jessica McGlone
11/30/1977 - 3/20/2005
Her mother Libbie Kline
Her sister Amy Kline
The family of Justin Logan
(Auto accident)
9/21/1983 - 11/19/2005
His mother Linda McCuthison
His sister Lindsey Galvan
His brothers Jeremy, Jacob, Holden & Gerry
The family of Joshua Schenck
(Auto accident)
11/5/1985 - 1/5/2006
His parents Garry Sr & Leslie Schenck
His brother Garry Schenck Jr
His grandmother Rebecca Waterman
The family of Justin Bradbury
11/12/1978 - 7/5/2005
His mother Janice Meints
His brother Jesse Meints
The family of Kara Greengrass-Thompson
(Brain cancer)
1/27/1975 - 11/18/2005
Her mother Rhonda Hughling
Her sister Shanda
Her brothers Eli, Clayton, Chevy & Stoney
Her grandmother JoAnn LoVette
The family of Justin McLendon
(Brain death)
6/1/1993 - 11/16/2005
His mother Tina McLendon
His sister Heather McLendon
The family of Kanda Shiveley
(Cirrhosis of liver)
11/21/1959 - 11/24/2004
Her mother Pat Shiveley
Her sister Lora
Her brother Michael
The family of Kenneth Freibott
(Heart stopped)
12/31/1982 - 11/1/2003
His mother Kathleen Freibott
His sister Lisa
His brother Lenny & Kevin
The family of Katelyn Kelley
11/18/2003 - 11/18/2003
Her parents David & Janisa Kelley
Her sister Larisa Kelley
Her brother Kaleb Kelley
The family of Katie Farley
(Chromosomal abnormalities)
11/12/2004 - 11/12/2004
Her father Kelly Farley
The family of Michael LaChar
? - 11/27/2005
His sister Vicki
His brothers Joel & Wayne
The family of Matt Jones
(Motorcycle accident)
11/4/1977 - 5/15/2006
His mom & stepdad Kathy & Donny Roberts
His father & stepmom Sam & Robin Jones
His sister Lisa Reynolds
His niece McKenna
The family of Michael funk
(Mestatic melanoma)
5/17/1976 - 11/18/2002
His mother Judith Funk
The family of Pamela Mays
7/16/1986 - 11/9/1987
Her aunt Angela Mays Westgerdes
The family of Nathan Holden
(Auto accident)
7/16/1983 - 11/21/2001
His parents Paul & Nancy Holden
His sister Kaley
His brother Alex
The family of Nicholas Pezant
(Drug reaction)
11/8/1984 - 2/5/2005
His mother Denise Pezant
His sister Emily
The family of Rebecca Tullos
(Cancer-Ewing's sarcoma)
11/7/1990 - 2/17/2005
Her mother Cheryl Tullos
Her sister Madelyn Tullos
Her brothers Blake & Clif Tullos
The family of Philip Quinn
(Lava lamp accident)
4/22/1980 - 11/28/2004
His parents Bill & Claudia Quinn
His brothers Chris & Mark Quinn
The family of Rachel Campbell
(Auto accident)
2/13/1986 - 11/14/2005
Her parents Michael & Debbie Campbell
Her sister Elizabeth
The family of Robert Porter
(Vehicle rollover accident)
11/8/2001 - 7/14/2003
His mother Connie Porter
His sisters Heather & Brittany
The family of Robert Teeter
(Massive heart attack)
11/27/1945 - 11/4/1999
His wife Maureen Teeter
The family of Robert Lillard
(Died while in detox)
11/5/1975 - 8/29/2004
His mother Sande Lillard
The family of Sarah Dean
(Auto accident)
4/20/1985 - 11/10/2005
Her mother Wanda Dean
Her sister Rose Charlton
Her brothers Logan & Isaac Dean
The family of Ronnetta Mosby
(Her car hit by school bus)
1/18/1980 - 11/30/2001
Her mother Willette Mosby-Reynolds
Her sisters Joanna & Jasmyn
The family of Ryan Lacey
(Accidental self-inflicted gun shot)
3/20/1984 - 11/15/2005
His parents Bob & Lisa Lacey
His brother Christopher Lacey
The family of Taliesen Bednar
(Accidental self-inflicted gun shot)
11/24/1989 - 2/15/2005
His father Neil Thomas
His sister Breah Slaggert
The family of Shaun O'Reilly
(Auto accident)
11/11/1986 - 8/22/2006
His parents Pat & Susan O'Reilly
His brother Patrick
The family of Steve Frare
(High blood pressure)
11/3/1966 - 1/28/2005
His mother Sandy Frare
His brother Patrick Frare
The family of Tim Sielck
2/4/1967 - 11/7/2005
His mother Gryta Coates
His brother Peter Sielck
The family of Victoria Watt
9/25/1985 - 11/13/2002
Her mother Pauline Watt
Her sisters Elizabeth & Stephanie
The family of Thomas Sweetman Jr
(Heart attack)
11/14/1967 - 1/31/2006
His mother Virginia Sweetman
His brothers Jim & Stephen
The family of Wesley Blake
(Auto accident)
8/29/1988 - 11/12/2006
His mother Carol Blake
His sisters Ashley & Harlee

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