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These families have special days in October. Please remember in Prayer….

The family of Branden Hancock
(Motorcycle accident)
4/4/1977 - 10/26/2003
His father Bob Hancock
His sisters Bronwyn, Autumn & Elisabeth
His brother Bobby
The family of Cheri Holz
(Melas.-severely rare)
Her parents Ron & Diane Holz
Her brother Gary Holz  
The family of Daniel Dostalek
(NEC-Necrotizing enterocolitis)
9/28/2001 - 10/19/2001
His parents Dennis & Cheryl Dostalek
His brother Noah
The family of Jon Johnson
(Auto accident)
His parents John & Shirley Johnson
His brother Dustin Johnson
The family of Gene Adkins
(Auto accident)
12/22/1985 - 10/23/2001
His mother Lori Pierce
His sister Shayla Pierce  
The family of Roxanna Perez
Her parents Fred & Sira Perez
Her brother Fernando Perez III
The family of Steve Jelley
His mother Edna Jelley
His sister Linda
His brother Allen Jelley
The family of Laurie Anderson
10/10/1987 - 8/12/2000
Her parents Teddy & Norman Anderson
Her sisters Rhonda & Leslie Anderson
The family of Lindsey DeWester
(Auto accident)
11/20/1987 - 10/25/2002
Her parents Richard & Julie DeWester
Her brother Cody DeWester
The family of Lee Canova
(ATV accident)
10/17/1986 - 10/26/2000
His father Phil Canova
His sister Abbie Canova
The family of Timothy Croker
(Auto accident)
12/7/1979 - 10/3/2000
His parents Ron & Sheila Croker
His sister Melissa McManus
The family of Lauren McLaughlan
10/1/2003 - 10/1/2003
Her mother Lyndsey McLaughlan
The family of Leann & Marina Shields
10/6/2003 - 10/6/2003
Their mother Andrea Kears
Their brothers Freddie & Robert
The family of Wm Anthony Di Renno
(Passenger in car crash)
1/22/1986 - 10/7/2001
His parents Margo & Steve Di Renno
His brother S Michael Di Renno
The family of Leon Jonas Jr
(Auto accident)
2/17/1961 - 10/26/1990
His parents Skip & Jerry Mudge
The family of Lori Barton
(Auto accident)
10/14/1991 - 7/8/2003
Her mother Pam Barton
Her brother Jesse
The family of Sumerlyn Streeter
(Traffic accident)
6/19/1981 - 10/9/2000
Her parents Jim & Yvette Streeter
The family of Wayne Jonas
(Auto accident)
8/19/1962 - 10/26/1990
His parents Skip & Jerry Mudge
The family of Marc Oliver
(A.L.L. leukemia)
10/20/1982 - 3/12/2004
His parents Virgil & Alyce Oliver
His sisters Loni Angulo & Cheryl Oliver
The family of Brandon Hughes
(Auto accident)
10/16/1980 - 10/29/2000
His parents Steve & Martha Ruch
His sister Stephani Ruch
His brother Jason Hughes
The family of Adam Testa
10/5/1978 - 7/11/2005
His mother Tina Chandler
His sister Alyssa Testa
His brother Nicholas Testa
The family of Matthew Mikolaichik
(Auto accident)
12/27/1986 - 10/4/2003
His parents Barbara & Terry Mikolaichik
The family of Matthew Smyth
(Auto accident)
6/21/1984 - 10/28/2003
His parents Steve & Mary Smyth
His sister Alison Smyth
The family of Michael Bumbaugh
(Cardiac arrest/drug overdose)
5/23/1974 - 10/5/2003
His mother Elizabeth Fischer
His sisters Kim, Dawn Cindy & Kristine
The family of Nickolas Risner
(Severe drug interaction)
10/8/1986 - 8/20/1999
His mother Patty Risner
His father Tim Risner
His brother Rex Risner
The family of Theresa Clyde
(A.L.L. leukemia)
10/23/2002 - 7/20/2003
Her parents Nate & Cathy Clyde
The family of Aditya Chandora
1/13/1989 - 10/1/2002
His godfather Ira Pearlstein
The family of Aidan Hunt
(Heart defect)
6/4/2005 - 10/20/2005
Her mother Kathy Hunt
Her brother Abraham
The family of Alana Burnett
(Auto accident)
10/1/1984 - 12/20/2003
Her sister Amanda Burnett
Her brothers Jeremy & Justin
The family of Alexa Ertel
(Cord accident)
10/17/2005 - 10/17/2005
Her parents Eric & Tami Ertel
Her sister Ericka Ertel
The family of Allen Johnson
11/28/1914 - 10/28/2003
His granddaughter Angela Silling
The family of Amanda Hrasar-Borylaa
(Accidental drug overdose)
10/15/1985 - 11/17/2005
Her mother Dee Borylaa-Lett
Her sister McKenna
Her brothers Lucas & Zackary
angel with butterfly
The family of Amy Braniff
(Complications from pancreatic surgery)
10/29/1970 - 6/28/2005
Her mother Kathye Lustig
Her sister Heather Braniff
The family of Andre Peeples
(Trisomy 13)
10/28/2004 - 11/5/2004
His parents Vincent & Angela Brown
His brother Vincent
The family of Andrew Collingwood
10/31/2005 - 4/21/2006
His mother Rochelle Collingwood
His sister McKenzie
His brothers Anthony & Joshua
The family of Andrew Mistler
(Auto accident)
10/22/1986 - 8/7/2004
His parents Greg & Michele Mistler
His brothers Michael & Chad
The family of André van der Schyff
12/5/1978 - 10/13/2005
His parents André & Annette van der Schyff
His sisters Amanda & Sonja
His wife Jolene
His son Eugene
The family of Anna Adams
(Trisomy 18)
10/4/1983 - 10/14/1983
Her parents Mr & Mrs Adams
The family of Ashlee coleman
(Hit by car)
1/28/1992 - 10/21/2001
Her mother Tammy Coleman
Her brother Kory
The family of Baby Garrity
10/16/1980 - 10/29/2000
Mother Kelley Garrity
The family of Blake Isaacs
(Stillbirth-cord accident)
10/1/1997 - 10/1/1997
His mother Jennifer Isaacs
His sister Ashley
His brother Colin
The family of Boy Dagner
10/9/1979 - ?
His mother Sheri Dagner
His sister Tamara
His brother Randy Dagner
The family of Brian Burke
(Drug overdose-morphine/alcohol)
1/3/1984 - 10/9/2005
His mother Mary Burke
His sister Melissa Burke
The family of Cainan Tucker
(Accidental prescription drug overdose)
2/28/1979 - 10/18/2005
His mother Linda Fisher
His sister Carraine
His brother Travis
The family of Cameron Yarbrough-Brenton
10/5/2004 - 5/7/2006
His mother Naomi Brenton
His brothers Cullen & Andre
The family of Charles Bauman
(Auto accident)
7/27/1982 - 10/28/2005
His mother Grace Bauman
His sisters Brianna & Melanie
The family of Charles Sawyer
(Massive heart attack)
10/1/1967 - 7/23/2004
His mother Allie Sawyer
His sisters Angela & Karen
His brother Robert Sawyer
The family of Christian Faircloth
(2nd trimester miscarriage)
10/29/2005 - 10/29/2005
His parents Bradley & Jill Faircloth
The family of Christopher Stewart
11/10/1994 - 10/13/2005
His mother Barbara Stewart
His sister Alexandra
His brothers Andrew, Trenton & Conner
The family of Christy Niece
(Possibly SIDS)
6/2005 - 10/20/2005
Her mother Christy O'Reilly
The family of Dana Iglesias
(Sudden death)
3/18/1980 - 10/28/2003
Her mother Susan Iglesias
Her sister Michele
The family of Danielle Monkhouse
(Car crash caused by drunk driver)
9/14/1985 - 10/15/2004
Her mother Sue Monkhouse
The family of Danisha Kelley
10/10/2001 - 10/10/2001
Her parents David & Janisa Kelley
Her sister Larisa Kelley
Her brother Kaleb Kelley
The family of Dewayne Mattingly
(Auto accident)
2/26/1976 - 10/30/1997
His mother Catsy Mattingly
His brother Stuart
The family of Diane Taylor
(Murdered by drunk driver)
5/25/1973 - 10/5/1996
Her parents Larry & Jenny Taylor
Her brother Chris Taylor
The family of Dominique Leary-Bradley
(Blocked intestine)
10/7/1990 - 1/21/2003
His mother Patricia Bradley
His sister Nichelle
His brothers Ronnie, Kevin, 
William, Chris & Karl
The family of Donald Pulley
(Intentionally run over by drunk driver)
9/29/1982 - 10/31/2003
His mother Teresa Marlow
The family of Dylan Harvey
(Accidental death)
10/20/2002 - 11/16/2003
His mother Deborah Harvey
His sisters Nicole & Kristy-Lee
His brothers Mitchell & Jed
The family of Earl Carls
10/24/1945 - 11/30/2005
His wife Susan Dodd-Carls
The family of Elizabeth Smith
(Auto accident)
10/9/1983 - 4/26/2006
His parents Dr Dan & Jeanie Smith
His sisters Heidi & Mary
His brother Peter
The family of Emilie Miller
10/14/2004 - 10/14/2004
Her grandmother Tamera Miller
The family of Erica Carlock
10/6/1983 - 5/24/2004
Her mother Sandra White
Her sister Shanika
Her brothers Travis, James & Montrel
Her aunt Brenda Lark
praying The family of Grace Miceli
(Suicidal overdose)
10/27/1984 - 6/8/2005
Her mother Diane Mendolia
Her sister Diana Miceli
The family of Francisco Serrano
(Unknown-possible suicide/murder)
10/10/1960 - 6/16/1996
His sister Linda Brown
The family of Takisha Carlock
10/17/1985 - 10/17/1985
Her mother Sandra White
Her sister Shanika
Her brothers Travis, James & Montrel
Her aunt Brenda Lark
The family of Jake Williams
4/13/1981 - 10/4/2005
His mother Peggy Williams
His sisters Lisa & Jennifer
The family of Jamie Jenkins
(Heart attack)
? - 10/31/2005
His parents Dennis & Darlene Jenkins
The family of Jany Williams
(Vehicular road accident)
3/20/1978 - 10/24/2004
Her mother Janitia Blasse-Warner
Her sister Jaren Williams
The family of Jared Miller
(Single car accident)
4/10/1975 - 10/26/2003
His mother Verbie Miller
His brother Jodie Miller
The family of Jayden Hurst
(CM virus caused by leukemia)
10/18/2003 - 9/14/2005
His grandmother Tammy Bullington
His great-grandmother Sandra Foster
The family of Jeremy Lees
(Auto accident)
10/31/1994 - 4/10/2002
His father Scott Lees
The family of Jessica Matlock
(Auto accident)
10/27/1987 - 6/20/2005
Her mother Brenda Matlock
Her brother Chris
The family of Johan Erasmus
(Medical Negligence)
10/17/1967 - 7/31/2004
His parents Joedie & Francina Erasmus
His sister Elna van Vreden
The family of Sky Pardee
(Accidental drug overdose)
9/21/1978 - 10/16/2000
His mother Jody Pardee
His sister Ariel
The family of Jonathan Sellars
10/25/1986 - 12/3/2005
His mother Deborah Brown
His sister Erica
His brother Julius
The family of Joshua Coleman
(Overdose of Wellbutrin)
10/25/1987 - 2/1/2005
His mother Delana Coleman
His brothers Bill & Nick
The family of Justin Kneifl
(Head-on two vehicle accident)
10/18/1985 - 6/1/2003
His parents Bruce & Rhonda Kneifl
His sister Mandy
His nephew Trinn
The family of Keith Lofton
5/3/1978 - 10/17/2000
His mother Lina Lofton
The family of Keith Mullins
(CHF-enlarged heart due to viral pneumonia)
10/9/1979 - 7/11/2004
His aunt & uncle Melissa & Randy Mays
His foster sister Crystal Stricklett
His brother Jeffery Mullins
The family of Kelly Thompson
(Auto accident)
10/29/1986 - 7/19/2004
Her stepdad Robert Walz
Her sisters Alisa & Anika
Her brothers Christian & Joe
The family of Kenneth Akins II
(Auto accident)
10/25/1987 - 3/5/2005
His mother Sheila Akins
His sister Kayla Akins
The family of Kimberly Johnson
(Auto accident)
10/2/1986 - 3/24/2005
Her mother Belinda Johnson
Her sister Kristie
Her brother Kyle
The family of Kira Willey
(Stillbirth-true knot in cord)
10/30/2005 - 10/30/2005
Her mother Kristy Willey
Her sister Josie
Her brother Kaden
The family of Kris Peterson
6/4/1967 - 10/12/2005
Her mother Virginia Peterson
Her sisters MaryBeth, Debbie, 
Christina & Cassandra
His brothers David & Jonathan
The family of Kyle Miran
(Auto accident)
8/16/1990 - 10/7/2005
His mother Theresa Miran
His brother Sean Miran
The family of Lindsey Graves
(Heart failure/auto accident)
10/2/1983 - 12/15/2003
Her mother Lorie Graves
Her sisters Mariah, DezaRae, 
Meaghan & Savannah
Her brothers Chris & Samuel
The family of Logan Denley
(Sudden Unknown Death in Childhood-SUDC)
10/1/2004 - 2/24/2006
His grandmother Debbie Wallace
The family of Logan Seiler
(Positional asphyxiation)
7/6/2005 - 10/6/2005
His mother Sylvia Seiler
His sister Taylor
The family of Louis Davis
7/1/1991 - 10/15/2004
His father Gary Davis
The family of Marlize de Villiers
(Congenital heart defect)
8/27/2004 - 10/19/2004
His father Francois de Villiers
The family of Marquee Epperly
(Auto accident)
10/28/1988 - 7/16/2005
Her mother Windy Epperly
Her brothers Brandon & Dock
The family of Masen Feldman
(Smoke inhalation)
10/1/2000 - 5/11/2005
His mother Tammie Feldman
His sister Champagne Feldman
His brothers Terry & Steven Aasen
The family of Maurice Long
(Accident with a truck)
9/13/1993 - 10/19/2005
His parents James Jr & Andrea Long
His sister Anna Long
His brother James Long III
The family of Megan Phelps
7/25/1977 - 10/30/2004
Her mother Gay Widmer
Her sisters Merry, Veronica & Jennifer
Her brothers Alek & Ray
The family of Meghan Rivera
10/30/1996 - 2/11/1999
Her mother Cindy Rivera
Her sisters Masisa & Mallory Rivera
Her brother Michel Rivera Jr
Her aunt & uncle Patricia & Jay Barrazza
The family of Michael Hages
10/20/1980 - 1/3/2002
His mother Jeannie Hages
The family of Michael Pepe
10/21/1993 - 1/3/2001
His mother Cecilia Pepe
His sisters Kaitlyn, Kacey & Marissa
The family of Phillip Ford
10/12/1974 - 1/27/2004
His mother Penelope Ford
His brother Phabian Ford
The family of Phillip Turnpaugh
4/19/1987 - 10/19/2005
His mother Niki Turnpaugh
His sister Rachel Turnpaugh
His brother Bryan Davis
The family of Phunki
(Heart failure)
10/12/1968 - 3/16/2006
His 1st cousin Koziba
The family of Randy Berger
(Drug overdose)
10/10/1978 - 8/6/2004
His mother Tammie Hughes
His brother Matt Felgenhauer
The family of Richard Bennett
(Auto accident)
10/9/1985 - 2/23/2005
His mother Rhonda Bennett
His brother Travis Bennett
His grandmother Joyce Weeks
The family of Robert Stewart
5/1/1973 - 10/13/2005
His ex-wife Barbara Stewart
The family of RoseAnne Simonsen
10/4/1984 - 4/2/2004
Her mother Danielle Simonsen
Her sisters Elizabeth & Allie
Her brothers Jesse & Drew
The family of Roy Erwin
(Auto accident)
2/20/1969 - 10/15/1990
His aunt Louise Brown
The family of Ryan Townsend
10/9/1978 - 1/13/2002
His father Bob Townsend
The family of Serenite Pesina
10/25/2005 - 10/25/2005
His mother M Pesina
His sister Chiara
The family of Taylor Gordon
(Auto accident)
10/5/1987 - 5/13/2005
His mother Nan Kushel
His brothers Joshua, Brian & Matthew
The family of Trisha Haggerty
10/29/1970 - 6/13/2005
His mother Natalie Huber Riggs
His sisters Carol, Jennifer & Lindsey
His brother Jeremy
The family of Valencia Reynolds
10/17/1970 - 5/17/1992
Her mother Coz
The family of Valerie Castaneda
(Auto accident)
10/19/1985 - 4/15/2004
His mother Cathie Castaneda
His sister Stephanie
His brother Jesse
The family of Xanthe Pressland
10/1/2002 - 10/12/2005
His mother Jackie Pressland
His brother Declan

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