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These families have special days in September. Please remember in Prayer….

The family of Matías Borro
(Auto accident)
9/19/1989 - 1/26/2003
His mother Dana Basso
His sisters Julia & Ana
His brother Juan
The family of Douglas Berg
9/17/1983 - 6/1/2003
His mom & step-dad Larry & Andrea Claycamp
His sister Lisa Wallace
His brother Daniel Berg
The family of Elliott Storey
(Auto accident)
6/9/1983 - 9/24/2001
His mother Sheila Storey
His sister Mindi Storey-Johnson
The family of Benjamin Mullin
(Auto accident)
9/1/1985 - 5/23/1995
His parents Kevin & Donna Mullin
His sister Diane Mullin
His brother Pete Mullin
The family of Matthew McClelland
(ATV accident)
9/19/1981 - 8/18/2000
His parents David & Joyce McClelland
His sister Marcia McClelland
The family of Joshua Walker
(Heart surgery)
7/9/1977 - 9/28/1977
His mother Capri Walker
His brother Phillip Walker
The family of Paula Normore
(Ski-doo accident)
9/10/1986 - 10/19/2000
Her mother Betty Normore
Her brother Brent Normore
The family of Kaelin Epps-Rollins
(Multiple organ failure)
9/23/1996 - 2/8/2002
Her mother Tamika Epps
The family of Shawn Walker
(Suicide by hanging)
9/14/1974 - 12/29/1999
His mother Capri Walker
His brother Phillip Walker
The family of Tommy Richardson
9/23/1973 - 4/19/1994
His mother Pamela Richardson
His sister Melissa
The family of Ellie Bannister
(Neuroblastoma cancer)
9/24/1997 - 6/14/2001
Her parents Lee & Debbie Bannister
The family of David Beck
(Auto accident)
9/20/1977 - 9/12/1998
His mother Carole Dumas
His sisters Kristy Beck & Kathy Hastings
His brother John Hastings
The family of Daniel Dostalek
(NEC-Necrotizing enterocolitis)
9/28/2001 - 10/19/2001
His parents Cheryl & Dennis Dostalek
The family of Jessica Norelius
(Auto accident)
9/2/1984 - 1/7/2002
Her parents Tammy & Roger Norelius
Her sisters Jennifer Taylor & Jodell Johnson
Her brother James Norelius
The family of Joseph Siemons
(Car crash caused by drunk driver)
9/25/1981 - 4/25/2003
His parents Carol & Glenn Siemons
His sisters Karen Tripician & Amanda Siemons
His brother Michael Siemons
The family of Isaiah Clyde
9/13/2001 - 9/13/2001
His parents Nate & Cathy Clyde
The family of Justin Young
(Accidental Drowning)
9/17/1995 - 5/21/1998
His parents Barb & Carl Young
His brother Jason Young
The family of Kerry Welborn
(Suicide accident)
4/1/1979 - 9/16/2003
His parents Harold & Sheila Reece
His sister Beth
angel with harp The family of Michael Games
9/27/1979 - 12/25/2003
His mother Pam Etheridge
His brother Cecil
The family of Domonique Godbee
(Unknown illness)
1/30/1987 - 9/22/2005
His mother Kimberly Godbee
His sister Doriane Godbee
His brother Drake Godbee
The family of Aaron Lorsomran
(Ruptured membrane)
9/1/2006 - 9/1/2006
His mother Angela Lorsomran
His brothers Andrew & Alexander
The family of Abigail Anderson
7/11/2003 - 9/29/2004
Her mother Nicole Anderson
The family of Adam Benson
(Auto accident)
9/5/1986 - 6/15/2004
His mother Angie Benson
His sisters Ashleigh, Amy, Amanda & Abby
The family of Adam Kane
(Plane crash)
9/26/1988 - 4/27/2006
His aunt Marian Kane
His sisters Bernadette, April & Tara
His brothers Paul & Tom
The family of Adam Jordan
9/11/1985 - 7/13/1988
His mother Cathi Jordan
His sisters Jody & Sarah
His brother Nicholas
The family of Alexa Kujawa
9/21/1998 - 9/21/1998
Her mother Anne O'Connor
Her sisters Lauren, Imelda & Hillary
The family of Alexis Doucette
(Cardiac problems)
9/30/2004 - 11/1/2004
Her mother Lisa Doucette
Her brothers Jake & Logan Doucette
The family of Amanda Soper
(Heart/lung failure-diabetes)
9/19/1980 - 3/3/2006
Her mother Linda Johnson
Her brother Tony Soper
The family of Andrew Petrokubi
(Auto accident)
6/20/1982 - 9/26/2005
His father Jim Petrokubi
His sister Julie
The family of Antonio Garcia Jr
(Drowned while saving siblings)
5/15/1985 - 9/5/1999
His mother Debbie Lopez Garcia
His sister Sandy Garcia
His brother Leonardo Garcia
The family of Bradley McNeil
(Lung failure/motorcycle accident)
10/9/1975 - 9/9/2004
His parents Edward & Jutta McNeil
His sister Anja McNeil
The family of Brandon Jasper
(Premature birth)
9/28/2005 - 9/28/2005
His mother LaQuenda Banks
His sister Nicole Banks
The family of Brett Arnes
(Hit by car)
9/17/1971 - 2/1/2006
His mother JoAnn Kochoff
His sister Tori
The family of Brian Klocke
(Auto accident)
4/19/1980 - 9/30/2004
His father Greg Klocke
he family of Brian Hilliard
2/7/1983 - 9/2005
His mother Eileen Reichler
His sisters Sherry, Stephanie & Vicky
His brothers James & Richard
The family of Brianne Valenzuela
(Illness following bone marrow transplant)
12/29/1998 - 9/30/2005
Her parents Mike & Kathy Valenzuela
Her brothers Christopher & Matthew Valenzuela
Her grandmother Susan Leal
The family of Cameron Blackburn
(Tractor rollover accident)
9/6/1988 - 6/18/2003
His parents Stephen & Susan Blackburn
His brother Corey
The family of Cameron Townsend
8/3/1976 - 9/30/2001
His father Bob Townsend
The family of Christopher Milford
(Stillbirth-unknown cause)
9/26/1978 - 9/26/1978
His parent Pat Flynn
His brother Matthew Milford
The family of Corrina Parslow
(Auto accident)
1/15/1987 - 9/29/2005
Her mother Michelle Drury
The family of Cortney Hensley
(Auto accident)
11/12/1987 - 9/24/2005
Her mother Karen Hensley
Her sister Britney Hensley
The family of Courtney Arnold
(Cystic fibrosis)
9/21/1984 - 6/25/2006
Her mother Joy Everhard
Her brothers Brian Jr, Gregory & Steven
The family of Dakoda Weese
(ATV accident)
9/11/2000 - 11/6/2004
His parents Roger Jr & Michelle Weese
His brother Kaleb Weese
The family of Danielle Monkhouse
(Car crash caused by drunk driver)
9/14/1985 - 10/15/2004
Her mother Sue Monkhouse
The family of Daniel Dopps
(Rodeo accident)
9/14/1985 - 8/7/2005
His mother Ramona Dopps
His sisters Shannon & Stephanie
The family of David Cratsenberg
(Unknown-Died while swimming but did not drown)
2/12/1977 - 9/5/2005
His parents Steve & Sharon Cratsenberg 
His sister Lisa Cratsenberg-Olson
His brother Chris Cratsenberg
His wife Meredith
His daughter Isabelle
His son Nathan
The family of Danny Myles
9/30/1962 - 6/1/1978
His sister Marita Myles
His brother Earl Myles
The family of Devon Riley
(Cystic fibrosis)
9/15/1990 - 3/13/2006
His mother Tracey Hart
His sister Minia
His brother Dylan
The family of Donald Pulley
(Intentionally run over by drunk driver)
9/29/1982 - 10/31/2003
His mother Teresa Marlow
The family of Duane Michael
(Motorcycle accident)
1/3/1982 - 9/22/2005
His mother Dana Michael
His sister Korrine
His brother Desmond
His grandmother Diane Walch
The family of Dustin Hartsough
(Auto accident)
9/1/1986 - 1/19/2005
His mother Michele Hartsough
His sister Samantha
His brother Tyler
The family of Dylan Fookes
6/18/2004 - 9/29/2004
His mother Allyson Fookes
His brothers Cameron & Niko Fookes
The family of Riley Duclos-Roach
(Stillbirth @ 43wks)
9/26/2003 - 9/26/2003
His aunt Terra-Lynn Coggan
His brother Xaiver
The family of Elijza & Angel
(Miscarriage @ 10wks)
Their aunt Terra-Lynn Coggan
Their brother Xaiver
The family of Grace & Hope
(Miscarriage @ 12wks)
Their aunt Terra-Lynn Coggan
Their brother Xaiver
The family of Felicia Munoz
(Auto accident)
9/23/1987 - 2/13/2005
Her mother Anna Gonzales
Her sister Eva
Her brothers Felix & Steven
The family of Francisco Deluna
(Auto accident)
? - 9/6/2005
His parents Francisco Sr & Maria Deluna
His brother Michael
His teacher & family friend Angelina Smith
The family of Olivia Deluna
(Auto accident)
3/5/1991 - 9/6/2005
Her parents Francisco Sr & Maria Deluna
Her brother Michael
Her teacher & family friend Angelina Smith
The family of Erin Sheer
(Drug overdose)
9/25/1977 - 5/25/2005
Her mother Georgia Sheer
The family of Gregory Palmer
(Auto accident)
7/23/1987 - 9/29/2004
His mother Lori Stevens
The family of Hearld Wright
9/9/? - 9/19/?
His sister Violet Smith
The family of Hanna Gervais
9/21/2003 - 5/10/2003
Her mother Laura Miller
Her sister Hali Gervais
Her brother Joseph Gelfuso
The family of James Dickerson
(Auto accident)
9/30/1986 - 3/6/2004
His mother Beth Dickerson
His sisters Erica & Janelle
The family of Jamie-Leigh Britt
(Viral meningitis)
9/14/1987 - 5/22/2006
Her mother Judy Britt
Her sisters Stacie & Kelie
Her brothers Kenny Jr, Michael & James III
The family of Jason Korn
(Friendly fire-Operation Iraqi Freedom)
9/19/1971 - 4/3/2003
His mother Sally Davenport
His brother Jerry White
The family of Jason Rapp
(Pickup accident)
9/12/1981 - 11/10/2000
His mother Heidi Rapp
His brothers Joshua & Cody
The family of Jason Stone
(Heart failure)
? - 9/28/2005
His mother Sharon Blackmon
The family of Jayden Hurst
(CM virus caused by leukemia)
10/18/2003 - 9/14/2005
His grandmother Tammy Bullington
His great-grandmother Sandra Kay Foster
The family of Jeffrey Goodale
2/25/1975 - 9/28/2004
His mother J Williamson
His sister Stacy Shuman
The family of Jennifer Davis
5/12/1985 - 9/14/2005
Her mother Jackie Moore
Her sisters Kelly & Elizabeth
Her brother Joseph
The family of Jennifer Dey
(Cardiac arrest)
9/15/1972 - 2/3/2006
Her husband Bryon Dey
The family of Sky Pardee
(Accidental drug overdose)
9/21/1978 - 10/16/2000
His mother Jody Pardee
His sister Ariel
The family of Kathy Schmelzle
(Motorcycle accident)
9/15/1986 - 4/19/2005
Her parents Pat & Patty Schmelzle
Her sister Cynthia
Her brothers Jeremy & Jim
The family of Justin Decker
(Auto accident)
3/19/1988 - 9/23/2004
His parents Tina & Marty Decker
His brothers Jordan & Jeremy
The family of Justin Logan
(Auto accident)
9/21/1983 - 11/19/2005
His mother Linda McCuthison
His sister Lindsey Galvan
His brothers Jeremy, Jacob, Holden & Gerry
The family of Kaylyn Miketa
(Tree broke and fell on her)
9/4/1998 - 4/18/2002
Her mother Kelley Collins
The family of Kimberly Lane
(Auto accident)
11/28/1991 - 9/25/2005
Her friend Pastor Linda Skiles
The family of Lauren Zinsavage
9/5/1988 - 8/18/2004
Her mother Beverly Brooks
Her brother William Zinsavage Jr
The family of Lestie Brewer
(Auto accident)
9/4/1978 - 2/8/2005
Her parents Gene & Carol Cook
The family of Luz Serrano
12/20/1925 - 9/15/1994
Her daughter Linda Brown
The family of Matthew Colby
(Second impact syndrome)
5/29/1984 - 9/28/2001
His mother Kei Colby
The family of Maurice Long
(Accident with a truck)
9/13/1993 - 10/19/2005
His parents James Jr & Andrea Long
His sister Anna Long
His brother James Long III
The family of Michael Palacios
(Hit by truck)
9/11/1970 - 5/2/2001
His mother Alba Palacios
His brother Andrew
The family of Micheal Holl II
9/16/1998 - 9/16/1998
His parents Susan Lowe Austin & Richard Lowe
His grandmother Jackie Larmay
The family of Michelle Towne
3/24/1967 - 9/11/2005
Her mother Sally Balderson
Her father Glenn Lay
Her sister Tiffany Chavez
The family of Philisha Ford
(Asthma attack)
9/24/1973 - 9/15/2004
Her mother Penelope Ford
Her brother Phabian Ford
The family of Gabriela Vazquez
(Complications of spina bifida/hydrocefylus)
8/16/2005 - 9/30/2005
Her mother Mandy Vazquez
Her sister Anastasia
The family of Richard Sanchez
(Head injury)
5/15/1964 - 9/18/2005
His wife Vickie Sanchez
The family of Ryan Casteel
9/13/1984 - 7/31/2005
His mother Rhonda Luneack
His sister Gina
The family of Ryan Davies
(Auto accident)
9/19/1983 - 7/25/2005
His mother Amy Sterling
His brothers Shawn, Clint, Philip, 
Bryce, Patrick & Grayson
The family of Sabrina Bays
(Medical negligence)
6/6/1996 - 9/17/1999
Her mother Amy Bays
His brother Logan
The family of Sarah Lovin
(Acute pneumonia)
7/14/2003 - 9/6/2004
Her parents Keith & Paula Lovin
Her sisters Nicole & Megan
Her brothers Marty & Chris
Her grandmother Kathy Thompson
The family of Tommy Higdon
(Choked on vomit in his sleep)
9/19/1981 - 5/2/2004
His mother Roxanna Kerns
His brother Chad
The family of Veronica Hagman
9/5/1982 - 2/21/2005
Her parent Erland Hagman
Her sister Melissa
The family of Victoria Watt
9/25/1985 - 11/13/2002
Her mother Pauline Watt
Her sisters Elizabeth & Stephanie
The family of Zachary Newman
(Premature birth)
9/10/2005 - 9/10/2005
His mother Amanda Newman
The family of Ildefonso Gonzalez
(Given medicine by medical staff that stopped heart)
9/6/2004 - 12/14/2005
His mother Yolanda Ramos-Gonzalez
His sisters Kaytie, Ingrid, Cynthia & Victoria

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