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Below is a list of families whose child, ages from 3yrs and up , has died as the result of medical negligence. The families you find here have consented to being contacted to receive and provide support in this way. Please feel free to contact as many as you would like. Every effort is made to make sure the e-mail address for each family is current. But, as it often happens, sometimes addresses change for different reasons and without notice.

If you have lost a child under these circumstances and would like to be included on this page so that others may correspond via e-mail, just complete our Pen Pal Request form.

We ask that you respect the intent of these page by contacting them only if you would like to correspond on a regular basis to support them or to request emotional support. No soliciting please.

e-mail: jackiebrown108@hotmail.com
lost her 14yr old son, Steven, on 5/14/2003 as the result of heart failure.

e-mail: ally.ward@ntlworld.com
lost her 16yr old son, Jon, on 8/20/2000 as the result of a head injury. "I am almost at the end of a grueling legal battle to prove that my son died as a result of the lack of care he received in a local hospital. I would especially welcome correspondence from anyone who is, or has been in the same situation."
e-mail: annhardee_@hotmail.com
lost her 21 yr old son, Tim, on 4/17/2004 as the possible result of a heroin overdose. "My 21 year old son died one week ago today. He was a college student, but struggled to grow up and find his place in this world. We were told it was a heroin overdose. We will not know until we get the toxicology report in 6 weeks. What we do know is that he had trouble breathing, so they shoved him into his girlfriends car and told her to get out of there. She drove around for an hour while my baby died in her backseat. My husband and I feel like we cannot survive, but we must because we have 2 other children. My other children have my husband's quiet personality, but Tim had my outgoing personality. There were times that Tim was down and called himself a loser, there were about 150 of his friends at the funeral. I wonder if he knew how much he was loved?"
e-mail: daydreamer2940@hotmail.com
lost her 24yr old son, James, on 6/18/2004 as the result of a prescribed drug interaction. The doctor prescribed two medications that should not have been mixed. "It's been 6months since my son died. I miss him so much and would love to have someone to talk to."
e-mail: adsadek@yahoo.co.uk
lost her 29yr old sister, Amany, on 2/14/2005 as a result of a possible pulmonary embolism. "I lost my sister, Amany, after she came to visit me with my mum. I live in the UK. They live in Egypt. We had a lovely 40 days together. She was a healthy young woman of 29yrs who never had a serious illness. But after her return to Egypt, she started to suffer from breathing difficulty and gave different symptoms and most of the doctors who saw her told her she had no problems or maybe it was a cold. She suffered for 5 days and then died. I believe if she had a proper treatment, she would be with us now. She was my only sister and I miss her so much. Feel free to contact me."
e-mail: jtalkowski@aol.com
lost her 28yr old daughter, Melissa, on 5/6/2005 as the result of a pulmonary embolism. "My daughter, Melissa, died at 28 from multiple blood clots lodged in her lungs that were not diagnosed even though she was receiving medical treatment at the time. I am a nurse and feel extreme guilt that I have saved the lives of others but did not save my own child. I am willing to talk to anyone who can understand the depth of my pain, sorrow and guilt."
e-mail: sarahholburncst@hotmail.com
lost her 16yr old daughter, Kyla, on 1/3/2005 as the result of a sudden death. "I am a single mother of 3 grown children and a 16 year old teenage Kyla who mysteriously went missing after dropping of a cat on Sun evening of Jan 02/05. After frantically doing an all day search on Jan 03/05 till 1 am with my 29 year old daughter Alyssa our search ended with homicide detectives at our door at 1:25am to tell us she had been found in a nearby town. Three men have been charged with Indignity to a human body. They transferred her body from her ex boyfriends home to a laneway and left her in front of a dumpster. The man driving was a 34 year old who was sentenced July 25th and received 9 months already having served 3 months and get double time so he will be free in October 2005. The ex-boyfriend is still free on bail and he is pleading guilty on Sept 28th 2005. I live with this every day and each time I go to court which is sometimes 2 times a month its like starting all over again. I can't stop this hurt. Now I find out that is no law against not getting help for someone who needs medical assistance. Boy do our laws suck. The victims are the ones who suffer not the offender, as they are protected. It is just nice to talk with people who understand as I am learning people who have not lost a child just don't understand."
e-mail: lillard@hky.com
lost her 28yr old son, Robert, on 8/29/2004 when he died while in detox. "My son went into a detox center. A place that was supposed to be safe and to help him. Well, we got a call the next day to say to us that he was on his way to the hospital with little hope. The next call we received...he was dead. Well, to find out he died there and they didn't even know how long he had been dead with no doctors on duty....the lies they told! All I do is ask God for help. Without him here, there is no hope. My only child is gone."
e-mail: patdeleo@comcast.net
lost her 29yr old son, Joseph ('Jody'), on 4/20/2005 as the result of a seizure. "My son, Jody, was in Harborview Hospital for a routine test where they took him off his seizure medication for 7 days to induce a seizure. Jody was monitored for 24hrs a day as they knew that he could be in trouble if he had a seizure. Jody didn't have a seizure by the 7th day so the doctor started him back on his medication and then sent him home. He lived alone and that very night he had a seizure in his sleep and died. The hospital didn't make sure that he was up to his normal level before releasing him. When the autopsy was performed, he had only 10mg versus the 3000 he needed in his system to prevent a seizure. "
e-mail: yohamity@hotmail.com
lost her 20yr old son, Owen, on 2/27/2000 as the result of a methadone overdose. "My son was prescribed methadone. Owen didn't use drugs. I still don't know why he was given this drug."
Howard & Jennifer
e-mail: jennywa@sbcglobal.net
lost their 11yr old daughter, Carlene, on 6/12/1998 as the result of an illness and medical malpractice. "We would like to hear from others who lost their child this way and needs a friend who understands."
e-mail: sebastian211@verizon.net 
lost her 37yr old son, David, due to medical malpractice.
e-mail: djeano@att.net
lost her 7yr old son, Michael, on 11/1/1999 as the result of complications from severe cerebral palsy.
e-mail: sherylwaterson@hotmail.com
lost her 16yr old daughter, Talisa, on 9/20/2005 as the result of a brain hemorrhage due to prescribed platelets not being given. "We, the family, have had no help since my daughter's death. The hospital's concerned have gone very quiet. Although they did offer to meet, however I cannot do that yet. I certainly don't need any medical patronizing at this time. People say that time will heal--but at times I feel so lost and angry. Awaiting the response of a second complaint letter to the hospital. Anyone else in the same boat?"
e-mail: yournanny2@yahoo.com
lost her 35yr old daughter, Laurie, on 4/25/2006 as the result of a ruptured celiac artery. "My daughter died from a ruptured celiac artery. I do not have the coroner's report yet. She had intestinal bypass surgery approximately 3yrs prior to her death. I feel it is medical negligence but have no proof yet. She was 35yrs old and it is very difficult."
e-mail: morhouse13@msn.com
lost her 10yr old son, Michael, on 4/12/2006 as the result of cardiac arrest after surgery due to muscular dystrophy. "Our son, Michael, was autistic, mentally retarded and had muscular dystrophy. He was a very sweet and affectionate little boy. He loved people and taught everyone who knew him unconditional love. He was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at age 6. The doctors told us there was nothing to worry about until his late teens. They should have done a full exam of his heart when he was diagnosed and before any surgeries. They didn't do either. they should have taken better care of him during and after surgeries. Again they didn't. We found out after he died that recovery time after surgery was just as dangerous as during surgery. he had to get his adenoids out because of sleep apnea. After the surgery he had way too much potassium in his system which could not be brought down. He died of cardiac arrest at the age of 10. For a few years before he died, he would have what we could only call "episodes". He could not tell anyone how or what he was feeling. Because of this, any time he had an episode we didn't know what was happening. All we knew was that it was that it was extremely scary and frustrating. No doctor saw  one of these episodes so they would say there was nothing they could do until they saw it. An emergency room doctor even blew it off and said it was a behavior problem. His heart would beat way too fast, up to 150 beats per minute, he would get clammy and have a hard time breathing. The doctors should have taken us seriously and checked it out. It they did, maybe they would have figured it out what was going on and he may still be alive. I would like to know if anyone has lost a disable child and would like to talk."
e-mail: agsfreestone@aol.com
lost her 20yr old daughter, Diane, on 10/20/2004 as the result of an amniotic fluid embolism. "My daughter died 10 week after giving birth to her second son. Doctors say she was in a coma for that time. We say different. Dian, was on a tracheotomy and when she was put into a side ward, no one knew how to clean/unblock the trachy. My daughter's partner had to show them. Diane's only way of communication was to move one of her legs. She would follow you around the room with her eyes and smiled when you walked into the room. Not someone in a coma I would think. What troubles me is, why do the doctors say that she was in a coma for 10 weeks when she clearly wasn't. Why did they consider moving her to Astley Ainsley, a place where they can really work on you to get back some normality. We have been fighting with the medical board ever since. No one will take responsibility for her death and we feel someone should. It's coming up on 3yrs since Diane's death and the medical board will only listen to arguments for 3yrs after a death. Diane and I were not on great speaking terms when she died and this hurts me so much. She was my only child and she leaves behind 2 sons. Diane never had a chance to see her second son.
e-mail: lauraleeodell@hotmail.com
lost her 15yr old daughter, Jessica on 1/11/2001 as the result of a surgical error.
e-mail: sebastian211@verizon.net
lost her sons, Michael & David. "My son Michael died. He was killed by a truck driver. My son, David died because of a doctor's negligence."
e-mail: mistyeyed0901@aol.com
lost her 22yr old daughter, Stephanie, on 2/13/2007 as the result of a prescription drug interaction. "My daughter is gone and my life will never return to normal. Everywhere I go reminds me of her. I can't listen to music because every song makes me think of her. She was my best friend. She left me two children to love but she is the mommy and she should be here with them--not me. I have a broken heart and I feel so alone. If you have gotten your life back together after a loss, please share your thoughts with me. Thank you."
e-mail: carolinasugar69@aol.com
lost her 19yr old son, Brandon, on 4/30/2008 as the result of a possible prescription drug interaction. "I'm looking for anyone that is going through the same thing and wants to be pen pals. My son's doctor gave him a prescription and we think that he has a drug interaction. We are still waiting for the results of a toxicology screen."


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