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Below is a list of families whose child, ages from 3yrs and up , has died as the result of suicide. The families you find here have consented to being contacted to receive and provide support in this way. Please feel free to contact as many as you would like. Every effort is made to make sure the e-mail address for each family is current. But, as it often happens, sometimes addresses change for different reasons and without notice.

If you have lost a child under these circumstances and would like to be included on this page so that others may correspond via e-mail, just complete our Pen Pal Request form.

We ask that you respect the intent of these page by contacting them only if you would like to correspond on a regular basis to support them or to request emotional support. No soliciting please.

e-mail: salicescot@aol.com 
lost her 22yr old son, Colin, on 3/29/1999 as the result of suicide.

e-mail: lkr@pwrtc.com
lost her 23yr old son, Jim, on 1/8/2000 as the result of suicide and would love to correspond with anyone going through the same things that she is.
e-mail: Tears4Chris@aol.com
lost her 26yr old son, Christopher, on 8/31/2000 as the result of suicide.
e-mail: sandicox_1@hotmail.com
lost her 25yr old son, Jeffrey, on 12/14/1999 as the result of suicide.
e-mail: jonessherley@hotmail.com
lost her 25yr old son, Andrew, on 7/26/2001 as the result of suicide. "I lost my husband just over a month after loosing my son Andrew.Some times I never know how I am going to make it."
e-mail: spiritsky@dwave.net
lost her 26yr old brother, Thomas, on 6/27/2002 as a result of suicide by hanging. "I would like to talk to someone who is familiar with the murder/suicide issue. My brother strangled his girlfriend and then hung himself 3 hours later and I haven't dealt with any of it yet because I am scared but I feel I need someone to talk to now. Please if there is anyone out there, please write to me. Thank you"
e-mail: paulinewatt12@hotmail.com
lost her 17yr old daughter, Vicki, on 11/13/2002 as the result of suicide. "I would like to talk to anyone who has been through a similar situation."
e-mail: norma39@hotmail.com
lost her 21yr old son, Adam, on 11/3/2001 as the result of suicide.
e-mail: lkr@pwrtc.com
lost her 23yr old son, Jim, on 1/8/2000 as the result of suicide and would love to correspond with anyone going through the same things that she is.
e-mail: seapby@presbytery.org
lost her 22yr old son-in-law, Devlin, as the result of suicide.
e-mail: deelee1@qwest.net
lost her 18yr old son, Marc, on 7/28/1989 as the result of suicide. "Surviving a child is the hardest event any parent faces. Surviving a suicide is harder still. If there are others that understand, please e-mail me when you can. I will answer all."
e-mail: rmcdonal@wac.com
lost his 11yr old son, Sean, on 5/26/1999 as the result of suicide by hanging.
e-mail: penguin_butt_2003@hotmail.com
lost her 20yr old son, Corey, on 7/13/1998 as the result of hanging. "It has been 5 years and yet not one minute has passed.
e-mail: dollyduckie@netzero.com
lost her 42yr old son, Steve, on 10/6/2004 as the result of suicide. "I would love to talk to other parents whose child have committed suicide."
e-mail: paulinewatt12@hotmail.com
lost her 17yr old daughter, Victoria, on 11/13/2002 as the result of a suicide by hanging. "I lost my daughter with no indication that she had been thinking of taking her own life. She was only 17 and her whole life was before her. We really have no idea why she did not want to live. It came out of the blue."
e-mail: lisabohlin@sleepyeyetel.net
lost her 21yr old son, Nathan, on 4/13/2004 as the result of a suicide by hanging. "Much help is needed to make people aware of mental illness. We need to reach these people and let them know that they are loved and that there is help 'out there.'"
e-mail: paperdoll45404@yahoo.com
lost her 23yr old daughter, Kelly, on 7/1/2004 as the result of possibly mixing Tylenol and Benadryl to commit suicide. "The coroner states that Kelly has done this. But after a year has gone by, we may have found out differently. I know she would never leave her son, Cody. A certain person has said things that have brought Kelly's situation more to light. God says, "patience is a virtue!"
e-mail: mykrisit@aol.com
lost her 38yr old daughter, Kris, on 10/12/2005 as a result of taking her own life.
e-mail: cathy85242@hotmail.com
lost her 15yr old daughter, Melissa, on 12/14/2005 as the result of suicide.
e-mail: sky196320032002@yahoo.com
lost her 20yr old son, Johnnie, on 7/20/2000 as the result of suicide by gun shot. "My life has not been the same without my son. He was my only child. I know it's been six years now but I am dying inside and no one even knows."
e-mail: melm@moldingcorp.com
lost his 24yr old son, Michael, on 5/26/1989 as the result of suicide by gunshot. "It has been a loss that I can't get past. I blame myself for being a bad father and was there for him. I should have helped him more to get over his depression and given him more support. I don't have any excuse. Now I have cancer and a spinal cord tumor and hope some day soon to be with him again. He was 24 and had his whole life to live. I feel guilty to wake up every day and he is not able to enjoy his life now."
e-mail: milopeace2u@yahoo.com
lost her 29yr old son, Milo, on 9/28/2004 as the result of morphine poisoning. "I lost my only son, Milo, to what I believe was suicide on September 28, 2004. The exact cause of death was morphine poisoning. It was my medication that I was using to treat my illness. Milo had been diagnosed as being Bipolar and also had A.D.D. plus Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He continually struggled but was a fighter. He was an A.C.E. certified physical fitness trainer and was in superb physical condition. But unfortunately he took whatever he felt was necessary to dull the pain. I will never know if his death was an accidental overdose or if he was simply too tired to continue the fight any longer. His last words to me were, 'I love you, Mom.'"
e-mail: alliann18@hotmail.com
lost her 22yr old daughter, Lisa, on 5/6/2007 as the result of suicide. "My daughter jumped from a railway viaduct. At age 22, she was a personal trainer but I think that she was bipolar but never told anyone."
e-mail: mikeg_9@hotmail.com
lost his 23yr old son, Jonathan, on 4/7/2004 as the result of suicide. "Jonathan was  my oldest child. We had our rough times as he grew up. He was one who pull our family together doing things as a family. For someone who always like to keep hi  family arm length away.  He would call at lease 3 times a week check on what going on. Plus coming over couple times a week too. Sure miss him a lot and hearing his voice. Saying what's going on or what's up. But last 5 months we came very close again. So grateful for that."
e-mail: lorfalk_01@hotmail.com
lost her 38yr old son, Mark, on 12/27/2001 as the result of suicide. "My son Mark took his life by cutting his wrists. We all miss him so much. He played bass guitar and was a beautiful singer and was a very gentle and loving guy. I would like to talk to anyone who has lost a child through suicide. I think we can all help each other. Thanks so much.....Lorraine"
e-mail: cdnjewel@shaw.ca
lost her 26yr son, Michael, on 1/29/2004 as the result of suicide. "I have just lost my 26 year old son to suicide. He was on medication for depression and oxycontin for pain from injuries which occurred from a previous suicide attempt. He became addicted to oxycontin and finally it over took his life along with the depression and all the pain he had inside. I am lost I love him so much and no parent should ever have to survive a child. I am having a very hard time dealing with it all. I miss him so very much I feel like there is a huge hole in my heart. I ache so bad and I cry all the time. I am raising and have had his 6 yr old daughter since birth. I am very fortunate to have a part of him left with me but that does not make the pain any easier. Mike was trying so hard to get help but he slipped through the cracks...just like so many others. I need to find help and peace within myself. I need to feel my sons arms around me ...to see his smile."
Charlene & Steve
e-mail: beaches532@aol.com
lost their 28yr old son, Chad, on 7/15/2001 as the result of suicide.
e-mail: yborgas@eaglecreek.com
lost her 25yr old boyfriend on 9/24/1996 as the result of suicide. "I lost my boyfriend Michael almost 8 years ago. I have since gotten married and have a 3 year old son, but not a day goes by that I don't think of him and miss him terribly. I dream of him often, I see his face, I see him smile and I hear his voice, but when I awake I know his not here and I feel the pain all over again, sometimes its unbearable. I'm devastated that he decided to end his life. We had no clue. I go through all "the what if's" or "only if I did this". I would give anything to have him back. I'm here if anyone would like to talk."
e-mail: judymic1005@msn.com
lost her 24yr old son, Ryan, on 10/28/2003 as the result of a contact gunshot wound. "I lost my son 8 weeks ago as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. So many questions!!"
e-mail: tamis44@sbcglobal.net
lost her 20yr old stepson, Donald, on 4/2/2004 as the result of suicide by an overdose of oxycontin and painkillers. "Donald never felt he fit in anywhere. I feel I failed in trying to get him help as well as his father does. The hardest part is my husband is shutting me out. He refuses to talk about it, get counseling, or any kind of help. I welcome any and all suggestions."
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