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Below is a list of families whose child, ages from 3yrs and up , has died as the result of some form of violence. The families you find here have consented to being contacted to receive and provide support in this way. Please feel free to contact as many as you would like. Every effort is made to make sure the e-mail address for each family is current. But, as it often happens, sometimes addresses change for different reasons and without notice.

If you have lost a child under these circumstances and would like to be included on this page so that others may correspond via e-mail, just complete our Pen Pal Request form.

We ask that you respect the intent of these page by contacting them only if you would like to correspond on a regular basis to support them or to request emotional support. No soliciting please.

e-mail: tsmilife@aol.com
lost her 21yr old son, Gary, on 1/19/1991 in the Persian Gulf War.

e-mail: gnorwood@texramp.net
lost her son, Syd, on 6/8/1993 as the result of murder.
e-mail: jeanniejames@yahoo.com
lost her 17yr old daughter, Jerae, on 10/7/2001 as the result of murder. "My daughter was 7 months pregnant when she was murdered. She was bound by duct tape and thrown in the trunk of her car. The car was set on fire but did not completely burn. The carbon monoxide took her life. Her father, sister and myself are devastated by our loss and still long for her daily."
e-mail: candy522@bluelight.com
lost her 25yr old son, Dennis, on 5/7/2001 as the result of murder.
e-mail: jblcb@hotmail.com
lost her 29yr old son, Steven, on 5/8/2001 as the result of murder.
e-mail: mikayla@clarityconnect.com
lost her 22yr old son, Christopher, on 10/19/1997 as the result of being murdered.
e-mail: MDADAD@aol.com
lost her 18yr old son, Adam, on 3/11/2001 as the result of murder.
e-mail: 1hairdoc@comcast.net
lost her 23yr old son, Richard, on 7/26/1997 as the result of murder. "I want to say how very sorry I am for your loss. There is no greater pain than that of burying you child. I know. I speak from experience. My sister died on June 3rd, 1997. My oldest son was murdered on July 26, 1997. Three months later, my mom died. I grieve for all of them but I must say that losing a child is the WORST! I can go on and on. I'm sure you know what I mean. Please e-mail me so we can talk about our children. I would truly like to get to know you. Sincerely Feeling Your Pain, Karen."
Catherine & John
e-mail: khaska@yahoo.com
lost their 11yr old son, David, on 8/21/1996 as the result of a gunshot.
e-mail: ktall24@hotmail.com
lost her 6yr old son, Isaiah, on 8/31/2003 as the result of being mauled by pitt bulls. "I am having a hard time saying good-bye. I am filled with rage and guilt. I would like to talk to someone who understands."
e-mail: buderfleye@charter.net
lost her 17yr old son, Christopher, on 12/21/2001. "I'm not clear exactly what happened that caused Chris' death. It was a combination of a few things. An overdose, suicide or a man's bullet. But no matter what - I love him and I miss him!"
e-mail: jseyler1@houston.rr.com
lost her 21yr old daughter, Abby, on 5/4/2005 as the result of murder by gunshot. "My 21yr old daughter was taken out in the country and killed. They (police) have arrested one man as of 5/10/2006. I understand that two car loads of people were there. She was shot and left to die. Is there anyone out there who understands?"
e-mail: rattan307@carib-link.net
lost her 18yr old son, Anthony, on 12/26/2005 as the result of kidnapping, robbery and murder. "My beautiful 18yr old son was taken away by kidnapping, robbery and murder last Boxing Day. He was a 2nd yr pre-medical student and he was very bright and talented--gifted as well. He loved life and people with a passion. He formed and played the lead guitar in his rock band in high school. He was a joy to behold & an ardent youth group leader. He always found time to help anyone in distress and in trouble. Altruistic--a good Samaritan at heart. His loss has brought a permanent hole in our lives. We are waiting for the day we will meet him again. I know there are people out there who have painful losses as well but I have learned that each loss is unique in its own way. I take comfort in the fact that in his short 18yrs that he lived, he enjoyed a quality of life and received and gave more love than some twice his age. He is truly a precious child."
e-mail: msturtle57@yahoo.com 
lost her 18yr old son, Chad, as the result of being murdered by his older brother.
e-mail: cloudyloudy@aol.com 
lost her 6yr old son, James, as the result of being stabbed 73 times. "I need someone to talk to. I feel anger and pain and everything else that goes with the loss of such a beautiful boy. Can someone who has been through a similar thing please e-mail me? Maybe we can help each other. I know I need it right now.
e-mail: rochelle_english@prenthall.com
lost her 25yr old son, Dennis, on 5/7/2001 as the result of murder. "I just need someone to talk with that has been where I am now."
e-mail: nancyewhitty@hotmail.com or stupergran@yahoo.ca
lost her 27yr old daughter, Tanya, on 9/16/2001 as the result of murder. "I would like to email someone who has been through the same situation and perhaps we can discuss how to bear the unbearable."
e-mail: ccarico@tampabay.rr.com
lost her 39yr old son, Michael, on 11/27/2002 as the result of a car crash caused by a girl who ran a red light. "The girl was never charged. Is there anyone else who has been through this and how do I handle it?"
e-mail: jenihummer37@aol.com
lost her 36yr old daughter, Patricia "Cookie", on 5/6/1999 as the result of being murdered by her sister. "I would like someone else who lost a child through murder within the family to write to. I feel very alone still even though it has been 5 years since this happened. I lost all of my friends as they could not handle it or begin to understand the grief I was going through. I was and am a Christian still though my faith was tried through this as I could not understand as a child of God how this could happen to me. My husband is also a Christian and was at that time and my daughter who was killed was also and loved the Lord and served him so this made no sense to me at all. I just need someone to talk to.  I do not know what else I could have done to prevent this horrible thing from happening, because love was not enough. Know I care."
e-mail: justcris38@yahoo.com
lost her 19yr old son, Joseph, on 10/31/2002 as the result of being shot. "I just want to find someone who can share my pain and assure me I'm not losing my mind."
e-mail: feliciadorsett@yahoo.com
lost her 17yr old son, Thomas, on 6/30/2000 as the result of being beaten.
e-mail: anniemelhuish@tiscali.co.uk
lost her 18yr old son, Daniel, on 3/1/2003 as the result of murdered with a hammer. "My son, Daniel, was attacked last year with a hammer. He was hit on the side of the head, which crushed his skull and left him hospitalized in a special neurological unit but his fight was lost and he died 5 days later."
e-mail: sdaztecangel@hotmail.com
lost her 15yr old son, James, on 9/29/2003 as the result of murder by a hit-and-run driver. "I will not call this an accident for it was not! The now convicted felon took his car, drove unsafely and killed my son. His weapon was a 3000 pound car! He is a murderer as far as I am concerned."
e-mail: vjknell2000@yahoo.com
lost her 18yr old son, David, on 11/10/2000 as the result of a gunshot to the heart.
e-mail: cherris_starynyte@yahoo.com
lost her 19yr old son, Christopher, on 7/21/2003 as the result of murder by stabbing. "I'm Looking for other parents that have lost a child by a violent act. Doesn't matter what year you are on this journey, perhaps we can still help one another. I have a LOT of anger and guilt over my son's death, which makes it even harder to deal with. I have a verrrry hard time trusting people, therefore I may need some time to build a foundation with anyone, in order to open up about details of his death. It's an ugly story, and I fear my son being judged wrongly. I never will know really what happened, because the law never helped Chris and I, and too many lies have been told, and secrets covered up. I struggle with reason to go on all the time, yet this world constantly drags me along with it."
e-mail: dworley@cartmellhome.org
lost her 19yr old son, Christopher, on 9/24/1994 as the result of being shot 5 times. "Chris was at the wrong place at the wrong time. A group of kids were acting out a scene from the movie "Menace to Society". They were drinking, smoking pot and had to make a hit. Chris did not even know the group. The person who shot him got 99 years and will be eligible for parole in 2023. Chris does not come up for parole and at the age of 19 was given the death sentence. 10 years later, the hurt is still there just more tolerable."
e-mail: brooks253@aol.com
lost her 15yr old daughter, Lauren, on 8/18/2004 as the result of murder by a bullet in the heart. "Losing a child is one of the worst things in the world that any parent should have to go through. I would love to keep in touch with other parents who know just how I feel. Thanks you!"
e-mail: chavis287@yahoo.com
lost her 27yr old son, Gregory, on 7/6/2004 as the result of murder. "My first born son, Greg, was killed by four men who hid in his ditch and shot him point-blank. The "feud" started a few months ago when his dog was stolen out of his yard by these men. He confronted them about it and tried to get his dog back. After that the men started harassing him and his family. He tried to make peace with these people and thought he had. I tried to warn him but he didn't take it seriously and thought the feud was over. Now I've lost him and the pain and grief is overwhelming. As a mother, I've always tried to protect my children no matter how old they were but I couldn't protect him that night and the guilt is terrible. If anyone is feeling the same, please write. I would love to hear from you."
e-mail: jenihummer37@aol.com
lost her 36yr old daughter, Patricia, on 5/6/1999 as the result of being murdered by her sister.
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