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Below is a list of families whose child, ages from 0 - 3yrs, has died as the result of Medical Negligence.The families you find here have consented to being contacted to receive and provide support in this way. Please feel free to contact as many as you would like. Every effort is made to make sure the e-mail address for each family is current. But, as it often happens, sometimes addresses change for different reasons and without notice.

If you have lost a child under these circumstances and would like to be included on this page so that others may correspond via e-mail, just complete our Pen Pal Request form.

We ask that you respect the intent of these page by contacting them only if you would like to correspond on a regular basis to support them or to request emotional support. No soliciting please.

e-mail: sherrypsiloveyou@yahoo.com
lost her 1 week old daughter, Lauren, on 10/21/2001 as the result of fetal distress due to the delay of a C-Section by the doctor. "It has been two years since I lost my beautiful baby girl, but sometimes the pain feels like it was yesterday. I would like to hear from parents who have lost a child in a similar situation. God Bless to all of you who are corresponding on this board."

e-mail: tmng8@aol.com
lost her 3yr old daughter, Jessica, on 5/25/1995 as the result of medical malpractice and immunodefiency. "Jessica was very much alive; though suffering from frequent illnesses and physical handicaps; when this pharmacy technician made a " MISTAKE " and caused my beautiful angel to earn her wings way before her time."
e-mail: userjose829@aol.com
lost her infant daughter, Lexie, on 12/6/2004 as the result of a stillbirth caused by placenta abruption. "If the doctors would have done a c-section, my baby would still be alive."
e-mail: simplegd@aol.com
lost her 3 day old son, Jimmy, on 7/11/2004 as the result of a smooth brain. "My son was born with a smooth brain. He died 3 days after he was born. We had an autopsy done and are still awaiting the results."
e-mail: ruby104204@yahoo.com
lost her 3 month old son, Brian, on 1/28/2004 as the result of RSV and medical negligence. "I lost my child to the negligence of doctors and also a heart defect. If you have had your child pass away to something similar please write me. If you just want to talk, I'm here because I need someone to talk to for any reason. Please write."
e-mail: tmng8@aol.com
lost her 3yr old daughter, Jessica, on 5/25/1995 as the result of medical negligence. "Jessica was a ray of sunshine that this pharmacy tech wiped out with his "mistake". It's been almost ten years, but I still miss her terribly."
e-mail: madabby@adelphia.net
lost her 22 month old son, Jacob on 3/5/2001 as the result of bacterial pneumonia and meningitis.
e-mail: sammyh2000@comcast.net
lost her 1 month old daughter, Emily, on 5/23/2003 as the result of necrotizing enterocolitis. "I lost my daughter when she failed to pass meconium and was still released from the hospital. We, then, discovered that she had an intestinal blockage that perforated her bowel causing NEC."
e-mail: angelhailee@yahoo.com
lost her 2wk old daughter, Hailee, on 8/29/2005 as the result of lack of oxygen to the brain caused by a uterine rupture. "I was 35wks pregnant with Hailee when I went in at 3am with really bad pain. They ignored my pain and waited until 8am to do an ultrasound. They her heart rate and I believe if they would have just listened to me I would still have my sweet angel here with me. I need support. I guess the only way to get it was online because no one knows how I feel. It's a DEEP sadness."
e-mail: tlcoggan@hotmail.com
lost her infant nephew, Riley, sometime between 9/17/2003 and 9/26/2003 as the result of a stillbirth at 43.2wks. "Riley was born still at 43.2 weeks on September 26, 2003. Riley was to be induced September 15th but because of delays and lack of communication amongst the doctors and residents who provided the care on September 17th pitoson was administered to begin the induction. The doctor arrived 1 1/2hrs later, did an internal exam and ordered the pitoson stopped due to the advance state of the pregnance. Because of the pitoson, Riley began to exhibit signs of fetal distress which went ignored. He tested positive for Hemolytic Disease which was not followed up on and was only brought to our attention after we purchased his medical records and reviewed them. We were shocked by what they contained."
e-mail: blessingz4me@yahoo.com
lost her 19month old daughter, Alysha, on 6/5/2004 as the result of aspiration due to a dry pinto bean. "My daughter went into an area emergency room with difficulty breathing. The physician told me there was nothing else they could do. I elected to have an autopsy done. During the autopsy, the Medical Examiner found a pinto bean lodged in her esophagus."
e-mail: gregbays@sbcglobal.net
lost her 3yr old daughter, Sabrina, on 9/17/1999 as the result of medical negligence. "The neurologist that was supposed to be treating our daughter after a fall at home was MIA for 24hrs. By the time the neurology group stopped by the pediatric ICU to see her, she was being intubated and on a downward spiral. I need someone to vent with and who has walked in my shoes."
e-mail: joejoegracie@yahoo.com
lost her infant daughter, Hanna, on 5/10/2003 as the result of cancer.
e-mail: myangelvinnie@yahoo.com
lost her 15 month old son, Ildefonso, on 12/14/2005 as the result of medical negligence. "My baby boy's precious little life was taken suddenly due to medical neglect. My husband and I took our baby, numerous times. to his pediatrician, the hospital and to our insurance and we were sent away every single time. My son's life story can be found at http://myangelvinnie.memory-of.com. Please feel free to view my lil boy's web page. If you like, we can help each other through this very long and rough journey. May God bless."
e-mail: clamph05@eircom.net
lost her 10 day old daughter, on 7/18/2003 as the result of late onset sepsis. "My beautiful daughter, Jessica was born at 34wks. After having a planned c-section it turns out the hospital calculated my due date wrongly. She developed late onset sepsis and died at 10 days old. Her immune system was not strong enough to fight the infection she got from her ICU environment. If she had been full term, she would not have been in ICU and would not of needed IV's or treatment which is how she contracted the infection. I can not come to terms with losing her in this way."
e-mail: krickett3@aol.com
lost her 3 day old son, Joey, on 10/3/1991 as the result of medical negligence. "My son Joey was born on Oct 1, 1991 at 28 weeks due to medical negligence. He only lived for 3 days but he will forever live in my heart."
e-mail: angel_eyes_002004@yahoo.com
lost her10 month old son, Isaiah, on 6/30/2006 as the result of hemorrhagic necrosis of the small intestine and other contributing factors. "My son Isaiah was born with many problems but, he was doing great considering all the odds against him. He was born with spina bifida, hydracephalus, dextracardia, scoliosis, broncho trachia malasia, chronic lung disease and arnold chiari malformation. He had 5 surgeries in the first 2 months of his life. He was such a strong little boy. I brought him home on oxygen, feeding tube and heart and lung monitors. the doctors told me he would never eat from a bottle, move his legs, talk, or anything so basically they gave me no hope. But, God did miracles for my son. two weeks after i had him home he was eating from a bottle and starting to thrive. He was still very small. he only weighed 5 lbs at 3 months old. But, he was a fighter. For months he did everything the doctors said he would never do. eat baby food, roll over and even sit up.. He was my little miracle!!!!! On April 18, 2006 was the worst day of my life. that morning was as usual hectic getting him fed and ready for a day out. he was a good baby not crying just calm and happy as he always is. then something changed. he was just looking up at the sky and laughing and happy but, the second he wasn't outside and couldn't see the sky he was crying..I didnt realize it until after he passed away but, i think he knew.. he clung to me all day and was wanting me to hold him or rock him. I thought he was just teething again but, I was so wrong.. around 4pm that afternoon we went to Walmart I got home around 4:30pm and began to feed him and then.... he stopped breathing. He had done that before and I thought it was just him choking but we couldn't get him to breathe. We called 911 and they again tried to help him. They took him in the ambulance and my husband followed ..he asked the paramedic is my son okay the man said yes he is breathing on his own and stable. We then followed them to the ER where we soon found out that he wasn't okay he was never breathing and that he was gone. My husband and I were so confused we didn't understand why?... why? our baby?......we went through all his medical records to try to find any sign ..we couldn't find anything ..We got the Autopsy and found out that he died from hemorrhagic necrosis of the small intestine. and SEPSIS... We were shocked ..we continued searching and found that when he was born he had this problem and the doctors never told us. They knew he had sepsis and never treated him for it. he had it the day he was born 10 months earlier and never told us... I was so angry... He had 16 doctors he seen every week why?.. didn't they tell us?....To this day we don't know why?.. but, there is nothing we can do unless we can prove that they did know and if they knew and treated him would he of lived."
e-mail: brandozluvn@yahoo.com
lost her 11 month old son, Brandon, on 3/25/2007 as the result of upper and lower respiratory tract infection and myocarditis. "My beautiful baby boy, Brandon, passed away on Mary 25, 2007 from what doctors told me for months was the common cold. He developed a viral infection and succumbed to myocarditis--inflammation of the heart muscle. I watched my beautiful son fall into cardiac arrest in front of me and his 10yr old sister. I had previously brought Brandon to his doctor several times and the E.R. only to be told that it was a cold and no further tests were given and we were were sent home each time. I am currently seeking a lawsuit. If you have similar circumstances or just can relate to such a devastating loss of our child, please contact me."
e-mail: msmarksmarks@yahoo.com
lost her infant son, Percy, as the result of medical malpractice. "Please someone. I need to talk to someone that can understand and that went through the same ordeal as me."
e-mail: achyeng@yahoo.com
lost her infant son, Albert, on 11/27/2007 as the result of a lack of oxygen from the lungs. "Please assist me because I am now desperate."
e-mail: sailajahere@rediffmail.com
lost her daughter, Vaishnavi, on 3/15/2008 as the result of an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. "We have lost our darling daughter, Vaishnavi at 11 months of age because of a wrong diagnosis and now understand how it hurts to lose our precious little one to the negligence of the so-called professional medical team. I am looking for someone who can understand what we are going through and have a mutual understanding of our crisis."
e-mail: abaker610@hotmail.com
lost her 3 day old daughter, Penelope, on 6/24/2008 as the result of a brain bleed caused by vacuum-extractor misuse. "She was my perfect baby girl. I can't sleep anymore and I would like to talk to someone else who ahsbeen through the same thing."

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