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Below is a list of families whose child, ages from 0 - 3yrs, has died as the result of a stillbirth. The families you find here have consented to being contacted to receive and provide support in this way. Please feel free to contact as many as you would like. Every effort is made to make sure the e-mail address for each family is current. But, as it often happens, sometimes addresses change for different reasons and without notice.

If you have lost a child under these circumstances and would like to be included on this page so that others may correspond via e-mail, just complete our Pen Pal Request form.

We ask that you respect the intent of these page by contacting them only if you would like to correspond on a regular basis to support them or to request emotional support. No soliciting please.

e-mail: lauralove96@aol.com
"Nearly three years have passed since my son's death and to many around me, with the exception of me, it is now a closed chapter. I would be interested in talking with anyone in any stage of the never-ending grief process to possibly offer hope to the newly bereaved that the days will at some point not seem so long and dark and to those further along about living life and still loving...and grieving our precious gifts no longer physically with us, but forever in our hearts."

e-mail: violinist5@juno.com
lost her infant daughter, Lauren, on 7/31/2000 as the result of an unknown cause.
e-mail: nicoleburdette@hotmail.com
lost her infant daughter, Kiersten, on 11/24/1997 as the result of a stillbirth. "My daughter Kiersten died almost 5 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't think of her. No one in my family talks about her, people act as though she never existed. I am so tired of this pain in my heart. I have a 3 year old daughter now. I love her to death but feel so guilty about being so sad all the time. I don't know what to do anymore. I am looking for someone to talk to about it."
e-mail: jhk11@aol.com
lost her infant son, John, on 2/1/2002 as the result of a stillbirth. "I miss my baby all the time. I just wish he could of stayed here with us. I wish there was a way to hold him and kiss him again. I miss you, Johnny. OXOXOXOX. Love, Mommy"
e-mail: daynjrrus@aol.com
lost her infant son, Donald, on 8/29/1985 as the result of a stillbirth and apparent cord accident. "Little Donald....Mommy, Daddy and your little sister Liana miss you every day. Donald, Jr. you are irreplaceable."
e-mail: jhk11@aol.com
lost her infant son, John, on 2/1/2002 as the result of a stillbirth due to an unknown cause.
e-mail: raeyn_legacy_fund@yahoo.com
lost her infant daughter, Raeyn, on 11/9/2002 as the result of a stillbirth due to an unknown cause. "Raeyn Jolie...Our Raeyn Drop. She is deeply lived and missed. Raeyn was born an angel on Nov 9, 2002 @ 22wks. gestation. There has been no cause determined. My life turned upside down but that little girl has blessed me with so much in her little life. I can't wait to hold her again, in Heaven. Mommy" 
Nat & Cindy
e-mail: nat.clemmons@us.army.mil
lost their infant daughter, Nataleigh, on 1/29/2004 as the result of stillbirth.
e-mail: suzy33@verizon.net
lost her infant son, Richard, on 6/9/1995 as the result of a stillbirth caused by a true knot cord accident. "I was 38 weeks pregnant and had just had an appointment 2 days earlier where I was told by the doctor that the baby wasn't very active and I was worried. She told me not to worry that babies slowed down in the last trimester and I had two other children so I didn't worry. Two days later, he stopped moving and we went in for a no-stress test and they couldn't find the heartbeat. I wanted to die also but kept going for my other two children."
e-mail: khyl_mummys_angel_2005@hotmail.com
lost her infant son, Khyl, on 5/19/2005 as the result of a stillbirth due to an unknown cause.
e-mail: alantina@kiva.net
lost her infant daughter, Tyra, on 7/18/1989 and her daughter, Alyassa, on 5/24/1990 as the result of stillbirths due to an unknown cause. "I was 18 when Tyra was born and I was 19 when Alyassa was born. At that time, nothing was known about this disorder. My doctor didn't know why this happened. I carried Tyra to full term. She died two days before my due date. I was told that this was unlikely to happen again but it did. Alyassa was born at 28weeks with no reason why. In 1992 I gave birth to a little boy with no problems. In 2000 I went into the hospital with DVT in my leg. I then was tested for Factor V Lieden. I was told I can not have any more children. I do miss my little angels but I know they are still with me in my heart and all around me. They are watching over their little brother."
e-mail: wdancol@aol.com
lost her infant son, Jak, on 6/28/2005 as the result of a stillbirth due to an unknown cause. "My arms ache for my precious baby. I have to carry on for my other 2 beautiful sons. They keep me going but I'll never forget my beautiful angel."
Lynne & John
e-mail: lm_colombe@yahoo.com
lost their infant daughter, Elza, on 7/16/2005 as the result of Intrauterine fetal demise. "This was our first child together. We have a 10yr old from Lynne's previous marriage. We were looking forward to this child very much and she is sadly missed. We are willing to talk to others about their experiences and receive ideas on how to remember our daughter--ideas for creating memories."
e-mail: naybutterfly1@yahoo.com
lost her infant son, Donavan, on 5/8/2005 as the result of a stillbirth caused by a ruptured umbilical cord. "I realized that I hadn't felt my son move since the morning of May 8th and went to the hospital in the early evening to make sure everything was okay. We were told during an ultrasound, 'Sorry, can't find a heartbeat.' How could this happen? I was induced and 24hrs later delivered my beautiful 5lb 3oz baby boy. Donavan is so very missed! I am currently 8wks pregnant and would love to talk to other women that have experienced this horrible loss of a stillbirth."
e-mail: tammydudick@yahoo.com
lost her infant son, Ryan, on 8/1/2005 as the result of a stillbirth due to an unknown cause. "I lost my son, Ryan, at 32wks due to a stillbirth. The cause is unknown but genetic testing found I have a gene mutation which could cause clotting in the placenta. I have two daughters. Sarah is 5 1/2 and Megan is 4. I don't know what I would do without them. I have struggled with Christmas, thinking about how it would have been his first. I felt like I was dealing okay with his death but the holidays have really hit me hard. I miss him so much and have to be strong for my girls."
e-mail: tseptember22@aol.com
lost her infant daughter, Alexa, on 10/17/2005 as the result of a stillbirth due to a cord accident. "We lost our infant daughter at 39wks. I went in for my last appointment before being induced and there was no heartbeat. I had felt movement that morning. How had we lost her that quickly? How could I have not known that something was wrong? What could I have done to save her? I was her mother and I should have taken care of her. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her body and neck multiple times. She weighed 9lbs 4oz and was 21" long. She was perfect. Everyone around me is moving on with their lives and act as though nothing has happened and that she never existed. My husband goes to work and lives his life from day to day like nothing has happened. When I cry he doesn't respond. I am overcome with sadness and grief. I wanted so much to give Ericka a sibling to grow up with. I would love to hear from others who have experienced or are in the process of experiencing this type of loss. Any advice, wisdom or kind words would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you Alexa's Mommy"
e-mail: hadenough1982@aol.com
lost her infant daughter, Jessica, on 2/23/2006 as the result of a stillbirth due to an unknown cause. "I never got the chance to see her open her eyes or cry for the first time. I was 38wks and in 6 days I was going in for a scheduled c-section the next day. I was sent to the hospital with contractions. They couldn't find a heartbeat and went ahead with the c-section that day. She was a beautiful baby girl - 10lbs 3oz. and 21inches long. Jessica will always be loved by her mommy and daddy."
e-mail: epashman@yahoo.com
lost her infant son, Eli, on 10/7/2004 as the result of a knot in the umbilical cord. "I really dislike the term "stillbirth"--it reminds me that I am now part of some horrific club that sounds as bad as it is. We lost our son, Eli, at 38 weeks due to a knot in the cord. I was at the doctor's office only 3 days before with labor pains and all was perfect. We had a beautiful girl 11 months later. We also have a 4yr old. I am "moving on" but find it difficult to let go of the trauma and hurt. All of my friends continue to have children and this makes it even tougher for me. People and family do not want to bring it up anymore and they hope and pray that we are healed. It is this scab that is always there under the surface with each conversation I have with family and friends. It is very tough. I am sure that you all agree. I would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation."
e-mail: bradysmommy1@hotmail.com
lost her infant son, Brady, on 6/22/2006 as the result of a stillbirth due to an unknown cause. "I've recently experienced the loss of my angel, Brady. I was diagnosed as having an incompetent cervix which caused my membranes to rupture. My angel held on for a week and two days before my body believed that it was supposed to go into labor. I just don't understand 'why' and I feel like my body betrayed me. How could my body not be 'strong' enough to keep him safe for as long as needed? As many say, I never suspected anything was wrong or could go wrong. Also as many say, I did everything the 'right way'. I kept all my doctor's appts., took my prenatal vitamins, gave up Pepsi and everything else that I was told to do. All I'm left with now is that I've lost my sense of purpose in life. Everything I did revolved around what Brady needed and what was best for him and now that he is gone, I just feel lost. I would be glad to offer an ear to anyone that needs it. Feel free to contact me anytime. You are all in my thoughts and prayers every day and I am truly sorry that we are brought together under such tragic circumstances."
e-mail: anickling@cogeco.ca
lost her infant son, Chase, on 3/2/2006 as the result of a stillbirth. "I lost my first child in March of this year. My water broke at 26wks for no apparent reason. My pregnancy was normal and this trauma was unexpected by us both. I remember my doctor telling me that we were going to induce labor and that I should not get my hopes up that my son would be born alive or survive very long after the birth. 20hrs later, my son was born breach and did not survive. I am feeling very lost and like my life is on hold now. My relationship is suffering, my life feels very hollow and I don't seem to know how to make myself feel normal again no matter how good my intentions. I would like to talk to other people who have gone through this tragedy to help me feel less isolated and alone. I welcome any advice and support from other parents."
e-mail: csc77@cox.net
lost her infant son, Tayler, on 7/6/2006 as the result of a stillbirth caused by a cord accident.
e-mail: bslocum21@yahoo.com
lost her infant daughter on 2/15/2007 as the result of a stillbirth caused by a bacterial infection. "I was almost 5 months when I found out my baby was dead inside of me--possibly from salmonella--and I didn't even know it for 4 weeks."
e-mail: cphillips452@hotmail.com
lost her infant daughter, Ella Claire, on 7/3/2007 as the result of stillbirth. "I lost my beautiful baby girl Ella Claire a few weeks ago. She was stillborn July 3, 2007 due to unknown causes. I was 38 weeks pregnant and was going to be induced in a few days. Her movement had slowed so I got worried and went to the hospital early. I never imagined in a million years they would say what they said. I am still so shocked. I thought this happened to drug addicts.... I am so confused and lost thinking of what went wrong. I have another daughter Ava and they would have been 13 months apart. My little almost twins.  I lost my perfect family and lost part of my soul this month."
e-mail: stacyl316@hotmail.com
lost her infant son, Michael on 1/6/1991 as the result of a stillbirth due to an unknown cause.
e-mail: stephaniewil3631@aol.com
lost her infant daughter, Katlyn, on 4/28/2003 as the result of a stillbirth caused by placental abruption.
e-mail: twoangelsofmyown@aol.com
lost her twin daughters, Leann and Marina on 10/6/2003 as the result of a stillbirth where the cause is unknown. "I recently lost my twin baby girls at 32 weeks. No known causes were found as to why Leann and Marinas hearts stopped beating. I'm looking for someone who shares the same pain I'm feeling. No one around me seems to understand the sadness that I'm feeling. Thank you."
e-mail: stdel@netpenny.net
lost her infant daughter, Kelly, on 1/27/2003 as the result of a stillbirth caused by maternal diabetes. "Needing someone i can share my story with that understands. Everyone else seems to want to let her memory go."
e-mail: mariongracearnold@msn.com
lost her infant daughter, Abigail, on 11/9/2003 as the result of stillbirth caused by holoproscencephaly. "I would like to correspond with anyone who went through this, especially people who have decided to carry after finding out their child was to die at birth."
e-mail: marichmay15@aol.com
lost her infant son, Rhylen, on 5/27/2005 as a result of stillbirth caused by a cord accident. "It was supposed to be a regular prenatal visit. I was 39 weeks pregnant. When the doctor checked for a heartbeat, he was gone. I miss my Angel Rhylen very much! He is and will always be missed my mommy and daddy. I ask God every morning to give me the endurance to go on. I know it will be a long road but my Angel Rhylen will guide me....(if you feel the same, please let me know)..."
e-mail: walksonwater@comcast.net
lost her infant daughter, Jameson, on 9/10/2001 as the result of stillbirth. "Jameson was born sleeping on September 10, 2001. She is greatly loved and sadly missed by her big brother, Jared, and her new baby brother Jacob (born 3/04). A moment in my arms--a lifetime in my heart--love to my baby girl."
e-mail: trishobrien@topmail.ie
lost her infant daughter, Danielle, on 6/13/1995 as the result of a stillbirth caused by Downs syndrome and heart failure. "It has been nearly 13 years and it still feels like I just gave birth. I never got counseling."
e-mail: saradallas87@hotmail.com
lost her infant son, Austin, on 5/21/2001 as the result of a stillbirth caused by hypertension. "I lost my son at 27 weeks and they told me he had died almost 4 weeks before and I didn't even know. I have two wonderful children and they are my world but I can't seem to focus on them right now."
e-mail: melwat1006@yahoo.com
lost her infant son, Matthew, on 3/12/2008 as the result of a stillbirth caused by a cord accident. "My son was born and they tried to save him but they could not. I never saw him alive because they performed an emergeny c-section to try to save him. He did not make it. He died from complications of a cord accident. He is missed every second of every day."
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