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Below is a list of families whose brother or sister has died as the result of an illness. The families you find here have consented to being contacted to receive and provide support in this way. Please feel free to contact as many as you would like. Every effort is made to make sure the e-mail address for each family is current. But, as it often happens, sometimes addresses change for different reasons and without notice.

If you have lost a child under these circumstances and would like to be included on this page so that others may correspond via e-mail, just complete our Pen Pal Request form.

We ask that you respect the intent of these page by contacting them only if you would like to correspond on a regular basis to support them or to request emotional support. No soliciting please.

e-mail: paperdoll45404@yahoo.com
lost her 24yr old brother, Timmy, on 12/13/1985 as the result of complications from spinal meningitis due to a hospital error at 4months of age. "My brother, Tim, was handicapped and also my best friend. He was 24yrs when he left us. We all miss him so much! I feel very special that God chose us to care for him. I miss his smile and laughter and teaching him everything. I taught him to write him name. I felt he was no different from me or anyone else. Will answer anyone back who wants to talk."

e-mail: mtreadwell02@yahoo.com
lost her16yr old brother, Alan, on 11/25/2005 as the result of a severe asthma attack and brain death due to a lack of oxygen to the brain.
e-mail: ousleymommy@adelphia.net
lost her 28yr old brother, Shad, on 3/31/2005 as the result of complications from pancreatitis. "My brother was only sick for 2 weeks so this was VERY unexpected."
e-mail: luvofmarilyn@hotmail.com
"I had a rare sickness called Reyes Syndrome when I was 3yrs. I had died while in my coma and had been brought back to life by an amazing doctor who is my angel. I believe I was saved to educate and comfort parents and others that have or had a child suffering from this quiet sickness. Please contact me if you want to talk. I have more than enough comfort and support to go around."
e-mail: patch102@hotmail.co.uk
lost his13 month old brother, Paul ("PODG") on 4/24/2008 as the result of a rare virus. "My brother, Paul, was the funniest, happiest and well-likened babies that you could ever imagine to meet in your life. On Thursday, April 24th of this year he died suddenly. The doctors from the hospital say that it was a very rare condition of which I'm not sure of the name. I found him that morning and since them I've had the most horrible and sickening feeling that I have ever felt. I love PODG more than anything and will never stop thinking about him."
e-mail: jarnoldmsw@aol.com
lost her best friend, Kelly, on 6/13/2008 as the result of unexpected cardiac arrest.

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