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Below is a list of families whose infant brother or sister has died as the result of a stillbirth. The families you find here have consented to being contacted to receive and provide support in this way. Please feel free to contact as many as you would like. Every effort is made to make sure the e-mail address for each family is current. But, as it often happens, sometimes addresses change for different reasons and without notice.

If you have lost a child under these circumstances and would like to be included on this page so that others may correspond via e-mail, just complete our Pen Pal Request form.

We ask that you respect the intent of these page by contacting them only if you would like to correspond on a regular basis to support them or to request emotional support. No soliciting please.

e-mail: an_angels_big_sis@yahoo.com
lost her infant brother, Richie, on 2/9/1994 as the result of a stillbirth. "I lost my brother more than twelve years ago and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about him. No one is willing to speak about him but I know that he was our baby. I love him with all my heart and am blessed to have him in my life--even as an angel."

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