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apology to aborted child

Mother to Aborted Child

Oh dear, unborn child, in misery and ignorance
I let them take you from me.
"A mass of tissue, that's all," they said.
"Twelve weeks doesn't form a baby."
Later, I saw a silver pin of two tiny feet and ten perfect toes.
"The exact size and shape, ten weeks after conception." the wearer said.
My heart was pierced, the pain like a knife.
That's a baby I cried -- they lied to me!
I opened my pamphlet. The pictures staggered my mind.
In twenty one days a baby was taking shape.
Oh, God! How can You forgive me? I let them take a baby, not tissue.
Thrown in the garbage or used for experimentation or cosmetics.
I see a child cuddled in his mother's arms.
Mine would have been about the same age now, I think.
Tears run down my cheeks and I fall to my knees.
I want to scream out loud but silently sob.
Then, softly a hand on my shoulder and a gentle voice,
He died for all sins, even this.
On the cross He covered us all as he said, 'Father, forgive them,
they know not what they do.'
That means all who repent and kneel at the cross and ask Him --
He takes your guilt and washes you in His blood,
He can heal the wound of your heart.
The scar too, will grow dimmer as you walk with Him.
God loves you and opens His arms to you through Jesus."

by Shirley I. Monty



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