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ghost racer's race

Ghost Racer's Race

His engine spills the thunder but you can't hear a sound
His tires burn smoke clouds but never touch the ground
The green flag then drops, passing others--a breeze
As the curves tightly gripped at tremendous speed
The others drop back as gears shift through and through
The race--so exhilarating, the heartbeats--so true
He roars round and round till the checkered flag waves
With great will and might it's life's trophy he craves
Though there are flat tires, blown engines, bad gears
The Ghost Racer prevails for he has no more fears
Then the Man from up above drops the checker abrupt
He calls the Ghost Racer, Park the car and come up
From where he has come no one can guess,
But to where he's to go he will surely be blessed
Ghost Racer's race has come to an end
But let the crowd know he'll be back again
And through every race he'll be two laps ahead.


In Loving Memory of Dustin Hart
(Killed in car accident the day before his 3rd year of racing began)
12/10/1980 - 5/21/1999

Sadly missed by
His mother, Connie, his sister Daceyn and his son Tahren Hart


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