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only lent to us for a time

Only Lent To Us For A Time

A beautiful story is told of a devout Christian home in which were twin boys who were greatly beloved. In the absence of the father, both boys suddenly died. When the father returned, not knowing the sorrow in his home, the mother met him at the door and said, "I have had a strange visitor since you went away."

"Who was it?" asked the father.

"Five years ago," his wife answered, "A Friend lent me two precious jewels. Yesterday He came and asked me to return them to Him. What shall I do?"

"Are they His?" asked the father, not dreaming of her meaning.

"Yes, they belong to Him and were only lent to me."

"If they are His, He must have them again if He desires."

Leading her husband to the boys' room, the wife drew down the sheet, uncovering the lovely forms white as marble. "These are my jewels," said the mother. "Five years ago God lent them to me, and yesterday He came and asked for them again. What shall we do?"

With a great sob, the father said, bowing his head, "The will of the Lord be done."

That is the way to find God's comfort. He has a right to take from us what He will, for our joys and treasure belong to Him and are only lent to us for a time. It was in love that He gave them to us, it is in love that He takes them away. -J. R. Miller

from Under Construction, Pardon the Mess

In Loving Remembrance of

Baby Martin miscarried March 27, 1995
Baby Martin miscarried May 3l, l994
Baby Martin miscarried July 23,199l
Baby Martin miscarried March 28, 1990
Baby Martin miscarried August 2, 1989
Kevin Martin August 1, 1985 - May 20, 1988 -- farm accident
Baby Martin miscarried February 1982
and with love and appreciation for Loren Jay born October 30, 1996 a
precious gift to Dennis & Gloria Martin and their sons Owen & Galen.

Reprinted from Bereaved Parents Share II, May l997; PO Box 460; Colton, OR 97017-0460


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