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raymonds song
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Raymond’s Song

                        FROM DAD WITH LOVE
                            November 4, 1999

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Eyes deep blue, heart so true
Warm and kind
But with your own mind,
Love you had, for all you knew.

Life gave naught, but you found grace,
A friend to all, you won the race.
Your world and mine, so intertwined,
Forever in my heart and mind.

Love and laughter filled the air,
When you came home to put it there.
Tender pats, and hugs just right,
Told me how you felt each night.

Quiet words, between us two,
Kept our love, bright and new.
Each day you came and called me Dad,
My world complete, for I was glad.

Quiet wonder at your feats,
Your successes were such treats.
As each day, you learned and grew,
My life was filled with love anew.

A fine young man, you are my son,
Now with God, the only One.
Though love now, is from afar,
One day I’ll be, where you are.

From now until we meet again,
I’ll say your name to ease the pain.
When memories come, brightly in,
I’ll hold them close, they’re you within.

Upon the hill above our home,
The place you rest is all your own.
Let peace and quiet ease your rest,
Beneath the trees you liked best.

Farewell my son, my loving boy,
Go with God, be filled with joy.
As I wait my time to come,
I’ll count the days until we’re one.


  In Loving Memory of our Beautiful Son & Brother
            Raymond C. “RC” Martindale
  Born March 23, 1980 ~ Died September 7, 1999

Forever Loved, Forever Young, Forever Remembered

  The Martindale Family
Alan & Veona; Mom & Dad
Jason, Lillian & Leanne; Brother & Sisters

Copyright Alan C. Martindale 11-4-1999


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