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dana's story

Dana's Story

On December 20,1997 I was in a head on collision with my husband and our 18 month old son. We were on our way to finish our Christmas shopping and to take our son (Chance) to see Santa Clause. Sadly we only got 13 miles away from our home and I lost my family in that car accident. My husband was killed instantly and my son lived on a respirator for 10 days. He died on December 30,1997. I also was injured very badly and also on a respirator for 10 days. I came home on Jan. 2 1998. I did make it to my son funeral but did not go to my husband's funeral because his parents went ahead and did it with out waiting on me or my son to see if we were gonna make it or not. We both were at MUSC. I remember everything that happened that day. I remember the car coming right for us and my husband veered off to the left to try to miss him and sadly he come back over the same time. When I came to it was so quite. I could not move from my waist down and could not turn around to see my husband. I did turn my head and could see our son slumped over his car seat with his eyes closed and not moving. I went to screaming for some one to help us and a lady come out to me and I told her to call my daddy and Mama for them to meet us at the hospital and my husbands parents. I gave her there phone numbers. That day will haunt me the rest of my life. I made it. People tell me God left me here for a reason. I did record me talking to my son and begging him to get better so he could come home with me, my sisters did it for me and took it to my sons room and played it for him over and over. I have remarried and have a son who is 2 and a daughter who is 9 months old. So God has blessed me with a family. I treasure every minute of there lives and love them more than anything. There is still that empty spot that misses my first son and wishes he were here with me and his brother and sister. He would be 5 today. I sent a picture of me and my children and the pooh was my son that got killed and has on the clothes from that day. I have never washed them clothes to this day. There is a lot more to this and would love to share it with everyone. Oh when my son died that Tuesday on the 30th my family was trying to figure out who was gonna tell me and how they were gonna tell me. I asked for my mom and dad to come in my room and mom got one of my hands and daddy got the other and I looked up at them and said My son has gone home and is not suffering no more, I sang Amazing Grace and prayed. My daddy said he had never heard anyone prey liked I did that night. They didn't have to tell me God did. they had taken me off the respirator that same day cause I had been on it for to long and was starting to get pneumonia. They were gonna take me up to see my son but he had done gone to heaven.

by Dana Brown

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