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letter to emily

Letter to Emily 

by Gary Raknerud

Hi Emy!

     It's just mom and dad saying hello. While you were down here, we weren't always sure you understood everything we were saying. But now that you are in heaven, your understanding is complete and perfect, so there are a few things we would like to say. You already know this, honey, but it helps us to say it anyway.

 Thank you for being our little girl.

Thank you for a year and a half of amazing joy.

Thank you for the privilege it is to love you and to be loved by you.

Thank you for your beautiful smiles, your long tight hugs, and your big wet kisses.

Thank you for your infectious happiness.

Thank you for those precious moments when we could lay beside you each night, unable to look away from your beautiful face.

Thank you for all the times we would just lay around enjoying each other, splitting a bag of marshmallows or gummy bears.

Thank you for the time you spent chasing your brother and bugging the dog.

Thank you for the treasure of memories you gave us.

 Our time seemed  so short, but then all time on this earth is short compared to the eternity of heaven. Our time was short, but it was so full. I'm so glad that nothing between us was ever left unsaid, no promises were ever broken, no hurtful words were ever spoken, not a wasted moment was ever spent between us. I take great pride in the fact that I am permanently wrapped around your finger, and that maybe we were spoiling you, just a little.

 Maybe you are wondering why everyone is crying. We are crying because we miss you, Emy. We understand so very little down here. It's hard for us to imagine your perfect joy, and that you know happiness beyond our understanding. So honey, we cry for ourselves. We must seem pretty silly, huh, crying while you are surrounded by perfect joy, bouncing on Jesus' knee. It's just that time moves more slowly down here, Peanut. It's hard for us to remember that this time we spend apart is less than a blink of an eye compared to the eternal joy we will spend with you in heaven—but we need to remember that—above all else, we need to remember that. So in the meantime, honey, we will cry a little less and smile a little more as we get ready to join you. Until then we will probably talk to you and Jesus a thousand times each day. It won't be long honey, so you get busy and pick out a nice, comfy spot for us, so we can all lay down, snuggle up, and split a bag of gummy bears.

 Love always,
Mom, Dad, Zach and Baby Brother

 In Loving Memory of 
Emily Raknerud


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