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nicholas' story

Nicholas' Story

By Grandpa Urichich

      There was this little boy up in Heaven who heard a little girl on earth tell her mother that she wanted a baby brother. The little boy looked down at the little girl and liked what he saw  about the girl’s family so he went to God and asked if he could go and be that little girl’s brother. 
     God said he would like to send him to be with that family but He had other plans for the little boy. The boy just smiled and said “okay”, because, that’s just the way he is.  A few weeks later he heard the same little girl tell her mother that she had named her brother Nicholas. When the little boy in Heaven heard this he thought what a cool name, and he went to God again to ask if he could possibly be with this family and be called Nicholas.  God  saw the love and desire in Nicholas’ eyes and He said “I’ll make you a deal”.  “You can only be there for three months and then, I’ll have to have you back here with me,  but if you will do three things for me, I’ll let you go”. “The first thing is you have to do is get everyone in that family to love you more than  they love themselves.  The second part of this deal is you must get the people who love you most to grow and become better people, thereby strengthening the family unit.  And the third thing is you must take some of the pain of losing a loved one with you when I bring you back”.   Little Nicholas looked at God for a second and then asked if He had a plan.  When God said yes, Nicholas replied that he was ready to go.  He didn’t question  God’s plan because, that is just the way he is.
     On  May 3, 2002, Nicholas was called back to Heaven by God.  When Nicholas saw God he asked Him if he had fulfilled his part of the deal.  God, with a small tear in his eye that only a father who is so proud of his son could understand, said to Nicholas that he had done his job very, very well.  Nicholas smiled and thanked God for the time he got to spend with his new family. Because, that’s just the way he is. 
     God turned and walked away and thought to Himself,  “Yes Nicholas, you did very very well down there.  Everyone whose life you touched came to love you more than you can ever know.  The personal growth in those people was absolutely amazing.  Grandmas who had never taken a day off work were giving all their time to take care of you and your family.  A Grampa who would not hold any small baby was now holding you and giving you comfort. The other Grampa learned how to relate to people with disabilities. (You just look them in the eye, smile and say hello).  The Aunt who once passed out in a hospital waiting room was now giving comfort to you with your blood running in tubes under her arm. The father who never had any patience with fools or their foolish actions, took to this less than perfect boy and gave you love and comfort and promised you that he would help you be the most that you could be.  And the mother who when your life started and the health problems manifested themselves,  once asked how she was going to cope with all this, plus taking care of your two sisters,  now realizes that she can cope with anything.  And because of the circumstances of your hospital stay, you really did take some of the pain of losing a child with you.  Yes Nicholas,  you really did very , very well.                                                                                                        Nicholas was born on Feb. 5,  2002 with Downs Syndrome and some heart defects related to the Downs.  From the moment he was born everyone seemed to want to hold him and comfort him.  The heart defects left him short of oxygen and it was obvious he knew something was wrong.  But he hardly ever cried.  And when he did it was to let someone know he was hungry.  Feeding him usually took about one and one half hours because he was so weak that he would fall back asleep before he was finished.  At approximately two months old, he caught Bronchialitus  and ended up on oxygen.  A trip to Ann Arbor Michigan at Motts Children’s Hospital confirmed the need for immediate open-heart surgery.  After the main surgery to repair some of the heart defects he had to have his chest opened up in the recovery room and some tubes put in the heart and lungs so he could be put on life support. There were a lot of ups and downs for the next ten days but on Friday, May 3,  another operation was done to try and give the heart more time to recover by using the lungs to help push and oxygenate the blood.  He died two hours after the surgery.  His two sisters did get to say goodbye to him while he was still here.  He had laid in the recovery room ten days with his chest open and more tubes in him than it seemed possible.  The doctors would bring him out of his unconscious state occasionally and he would hold our fingers with his hand (his little fingers were white because he was holding on so tight) and he would roll his head and look at whoever was talking to him.  His dad said he was in his Jesus pose, because he didn’t like his arms to be confined and would stick them straight out like he was nailed to a cross.  Knowing what he was going through helped all of us accept the fact that he had to go back with God.                                                        
     I don’t know  where this story came from or how it came to me, but I think maybe God just got tired of me telling Him that His plan sucked.  And if there is a moral to this little story  I suppose it would be God saying to me “if I can do this much good with one not quite perfect little baby in three short months, then how can you say my plan sucks.  Most people don’t accomplish this much their whole life”!!!!                                                                                      

This story is dedicated to Nicholas Urichich,  who died two days short of three months, doing what God asked of him.   
                                                                 Grandpa U



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